Douluo’s Auxiliary System Upgrade Chapter 494


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One hundred thousand catties, Lin Feng remembers that in the original work, this is the weight that gods can lift.

Although this kind of data is only for reference and has little practical significance, Lin Feng’s ability to reach this level at this time can be regarded as a proof of his strength.

At this time, a deep voice also rang in Lin Feng’s mind.

“Exceeding the assessment expectations, the assessor successfully lifted Shen Yinzhu, showing extraordinary strength, and the body was strengthened to the utmost extent. The third wave of body refinement was advanced and overcompleted, and the affinity of Sea God increased by percent. Twenty, the current total Affinity degree has reached 30%!”

The reward this time is the same as the second test. It rewards Lin Feng Sea God’s affinity. He still blocks it and packs it together.

At this moment, the huge wave stopped, and everyone stopped the assessment and came to the shore.

Even Bo Saixi came to the shore with shock on his face.

“High Priest, what happened to Brother Feng? Why did the waves stop when he picked up the pillar?” Tang San panted and solemnly asked.

Other people also watched it, and they were all very curious about this issue.

“He… After he pulled up the pillar, he completed the assessment ahead of time, so the waves stopped in a short time.” Bo Saixi said.

Up to now, she has not figured out why Lin Feng has such a powerful force.

This is too abnormal, it is simply outrageous. It is outrageous that a Spirit Master who looks about twenty years old can move Shen Yinzhu!

“so that’s how it is, Brother Feng’s strength is really great.” Everyone said with emotion.

Because they don’t know how heavy Shen Yinzhu really weighs, they don’t at all realize what it means to move Shen Yinzhu, but simply know that Lin Feng is strong.

At this time, Lin Feng completed the test. He didn’t stay on the pillar much, but made a leap and fell in front of everyone.

“Lin Feng, you are really a magical Spirit Master. It’s amazing to be able to move Shen Yinzhu!”

Although Lin Feng is extremely mysterious, even this mystery surprised Bo Saixi, but she did not explore these ideas in the slightest.

Because from her and all the Spirit Masters on Sea God Island, Lin Feng is the successor of Sea God and the one chosen by Sea God.

With this identity, Bo Saixi and the others have unconditional trust in Lin Feng.

As long as he is not doing anything stupid against Sea God, they won’t be too concerned.

So now, even if Lin Feng is mysterious or outrageous, Bo Saixi will not ask more questions.

“Fortunately that’s all, I suddenly felt that I was able to move this pillar, and then it seemed that Lord Sea God gave me strength, and finally I succeeded, and I also successfully completed the third exam!” Lin Feng said with a smile.

The excuse he gave may not be believed by Bo Saixi, but it is not important, the main thing is that he said it.

In this way, even if the matter is qualitative, whether it is Bo Saixi or Tang San, they all ‘understand’ the whole story and won’t ask more.

“Lord Sea God grants strength, Brother Feng, your luck is very good. If I were also blessed, that would be great.” Ning Rongrong said immediately.

She was full of envy, and she probably believed Lin Feng’s words.

The words of Xiao Wu and Tang San, simply don’t believe this. They have been with Lin Feng for a long time, and they can probably tell which Lin Feng said are true and which are false.

Obviously, the sentence just now was false, so they just listened to that’s all.

“Tell you down, and bless you. I think the blessing is about the same for me.” Ma Hongjun laughed heartily.

Ning Rongrong did not refute either, but was coldly snorted, “Fatty, when I am amplifier in the future, I will ignore you and let you play alone!”

“Don’t! Don’t Rongrong!” Ma Hongjun immediately complexion changed, “The big brother made a mistake just now. Lord Sea God will definitely bless you and let you pass the assessment in advance.”

“It’s late! If that’s the case, you can talk to Lord Sea God.” Ning Rongrong remained unmoved at all.

Ma Hongjun: “…”

This guy Fatty owes his mouth. Everyday all quarrels with people. Most of the time, it’s Oscar, but other people have a lot of time. After all, this guy has a stinky mouth, talks a lot, and is often beaten.

At this time, Bo Saixi said: “Lin Feng, congratulations on passing the third exam. Now you have two choices. The first is to start the Fourth Trial directly, and the second is to choose to rest. You can come back anytime within a year. Accept the Fourth Trial!”

“I choose the second one!” Lin Feng said without hesitation.

“Very good.” Bo Saixi said: “I will be here this year. You can come to me anytime.”

“En!” Lin Feng nodded.

Soon, he moved towards everyone and said: “I have passed the third exam, and I am going to travel around on the island recently. Please continue to stay here and pass the test. When you all pass, we will go to Fourth together. Trial!”

“Good Brother Feng!” Everyone responded.

There was no too much nonsense, Lin Feng left here directly.

In the same place, after Lin Feng left, everyone spent a little time recovering themselves, and then continued the days of tidal body refinement.

As for Lin Feng, he didn’t immediately leave Sea God Island at all, but came to the island of the island and began to continue climbing stairs.

In the previous third test, although the pressure on the body was quite sufficient, it was not given to EXP.

This made Lin Feng feel very uncomfortable, so he returned to Seagod’s Light, squeezed himself and gained EXP.

However, as his own strength gets stronger, this kind of pressure from Seagod’s Light gradually has no effect on him.

Of course, this effect is still there before the summit.

In this way, Lin Feng started his tower climbing plan.

And this is not all of his plans, but one of them, because Lin Feng will look for the Deep Sea Demon Whale King in the future.

Apart from this, he will return to Heaven Dou City from time to time to control the development of the situation.

When he fought Bibi Dong in Spirit City, the guy’s strength improved extremely fast.

Although the specific strength is not clear, compared with the original work, it must have changed greatly. Lin Feng is worried that Bibi Dong may become a god in advance.

In that case, things will be a bit more complicated, so Lin Feng has to improve his strength by another stage before Bibi Dong becomes a god.

By then, even if she is truly a god, Lin Feng will not be afraid.

In this way, Lin Feng’s EXP has been slowly increasing over time.

He never stopped looking for Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s plan.

But it seems that this whale should not be killed right now, he has never found it.

He even went with Tang San once, but the end result was still the same, simply couldn’t find the whale.

However, Lin Feng did not give up searching. After all, Deep Sea Demon Whale King is too attractive to him. Even if he can’t find it, he has to keep searching.

Just like that, six months passed in a blink of an eye.

Nothing major happened on the Spirit Alliance during the period. Everything was going on as usual, especially during these few monthly exams, Lin Feng personally participated in it, earning a total of 1 billion EXP.

If you count Seagod’s Light, he has a total of 8.6 billion EXP. As long as he comes to 1.4 billion, he will be able to get another 1,000,000 years spirit ring.

After talking about yourself, let’s talk about other people.

In six months, everyone except Tang San had passed the third exam.

Their reward is not the affinity of Sea God, but the actual spirit power level and the number of years of spirit ring.

Speaking of which, the rewards for the third exam and the second exam are the same. Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun are all Level 1 spirit power plus five hundred years.

The words of Xiao Wu and Ning Rongrong are Level 1 spirit power plus one thousand years of age!

As for Xue Qinghe, although he did not receive a reward in the end, his spirit power level has already reached Level 79 due to tempering.

It’s not just him, at this moment, Tang San and Xiao Wu have reached Level 79, distance to breakthrough Spirit Douluo, only a line apart!

Because of the absence of Immortal Medicine, their cultivation has also begun to have a bottleneck, and Level 79 this time has been stuck with them for a while.

There is Dai Mubai again, he is now Level 74, very powerful.

As for Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong, both of them are 70 Level 3, and they are the same as Dai Mubai. At this time, they both hold a god-bestowed spirit ring in their hands.

The spirit ring they have now is very simple. Of course, Lin Feng took the two to hunt Spirit Beast and got it.

In the end, there are Ma Hongjun and Oscar, one at Level 69 and the other at Level 68. It will take some time to reach Spirit Saint.

But after they reach level 70, Lin Feng will also help them find a suitable high age Spirit Beast.

When the time comes, thanks to the huge age of Spirit Beast, they will soon reach the 70th Level 3 like Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong.

Of course, the most important thing for them now is not the spirit power level, but the spirit ring years.

Because of the spirit power level, this will be achieved by their own cultivation in the future.

As for the age of the spirit ring, this thing cannot be changed by the Spirit Master. Only the power of God can increase the age of the spirit ring.

Now, when the rewards for the second and third exams are added together, everyone’s spirit ring is all purple going up, and the yellow spirit ring is invisible. This is undoubtedly a huge improvement for everyone.

Everyone, like Lin Feng, returned to Seagod’s Light and started climbing stairs to exercise themselves and let their potential be squeezed out more quickly.

At the same time, everyone is looking forward to the Fourth Trial in the future, wanting to see what kind of rewards will be available.

At this time, in the desperate situation of the angry waves, only Tang San was supporting it in the tide.

After half a year, his control over spirit power is getting higher and higher.

Because the surging waves are not fixed, each impact is a completely different experience, so in order to completely resist these, Tang San is constantly using spirit power to disperse and resist.

Not only him, everyone has passed this third test, and the control intensity of spirit power is rapidly increasing.

In addition to control, their cultivation ability has also been strengthened.

After all, after everyone has adjusted to a period of time, they will lie on the pillars to accept the shock all-weather.

In this case, if they did not continue to restore the spirit power, they would not be able to hold on for so long.

By the way, this tidal shock also has the effect of enhancing its own mental force. Although the effect is not very strong, the effect is still very impressive after such a long time.

Especially at this time, Tang San’s Mysterious Heaven Skill within the body has been performing spontaneously, interlaced with spirit power control, and the Mental Sea is shaking.

Suddenly, the morning sun rose, and the horizon of the grey dawn, connected with the sea, seemed very beautiful.

Tang San is not at all to enjoy the beautiful scenery, but to concentrate attention completely, capturing the fleeting Purple Qi in the sky!

Like this kind of thing, Tang San basically knows how to do it everyday all, but he has never let go of the cultivation of Purple Demon Eye.

And this time, when he absorbed Purple Qi with his eyes as usual, there was a sudden bang in his head.

The mental force in his mind exploded directly and started moving towards the ocean.

In just one breath, the mental force in Tang San’s mind turned into a huge Mental ocean.

Tang San knew that his mental force breakthrough, and with that, Purple Demon Eye also reached the highest realm.

With a sweep of his eyes, he can see the island on the edge of the sea, and even the leaves and birds on the island, all of which he can see.

And his mental force, under a glance, the entire Sea God Island scene appeared in his mind.

As if he was already incarnation as a giant, overlooking the entire Sea God Island from a high altitude.

And under the rolling thoughts, he could clearly feel everything on Sea God Island.

At this time, the majestic voice rang in his head, “Exceeding the assessment expectations, Mental was awakened, the third wave of body refinement was over-completed, Sea God affinity increased by 15%, and total Affinity scored 100%. No. 25!”

This time, Tang San’s performance is very eye-catching, but compared to Lin Feng, it is still a bit worse, so the affinity of Sea God is reduced by 5%.

At this moment, Lin Feng did not know when he appeared beside him, then put his hand on Tang San’s back, and put away the power of Sea God.

“Brother Feng, what are you doing?…” Tang San looked confused, wondering why Lin Feng suddenly appeared next to him.

Lin Feng said: “Little San, mental force this thing, it’s better not to scan randomly, it’s impolite, you know?”

Just now, Tang San’s mental force scan was too obvious, he immediately sensed it, so he rushed over.

“Oh.” Tang San nodded, taking down these words.

Not far away, Bo Saixi also sensed the huge Mental power just now, and she was shocked again.

mental force is something that Titled Douluo can cultivation. Bo Saixi himself has reached Level 99. After adding special opportunities, mental force ushered in a qualitative change.

But now, how old Tang San is, didn’t expect even reached this level.

Also, Lin Feng seemed to sense this. Obviously, his mental force was stronger than Tang San.

These two people shocked Bo Saixi, who deserved to be the successor chosen by Lord Sea God.


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