Douluo’s Auxiliary System Upgrade Chapter 533

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Sea God Temple.

bo saidong is sitting on the throne, looking at the Angel God and Rakshasa god, who came to the lobby in front of him, and he pushed.

“Two came to my temple, what is the so-called?”

in god realm, god a lot, generally in addition to Major Event, some unkreeding god do not meet with a few hundred years.

They have a long life, and hundreds of years are nothing to do, they have passed.

Obviously, BO SAIDONG is not familiar with Angel God and Rakshasa GOD, so there is nothing to understand, why they will come over.

and see Bo Saidong’s doubts, Angel God and Rakshasa god understand that inheritance on Douluo Continent should have no effect, or you should understand the purpose of both of them come.

thinking, Angel God is open, “Douluo is the situation, I am in Douluo World’s god position Guardian suddenly lost induction, no sign.”

“I am also!” The Rakshasa God on the side also said: “I am very hard to find a suitable inheritor, Didn’t Expect lost induction.”

“I heard that Douluo World Sea God Island just got two extremely geniuse god position inheritor, how is their situation?”

The reason why the two people come over and find the Sea GOD, except for the other party, there is a very important reason outside of the Douluo World.

That is the SEA GOD just got two extremely geniuses, so that shortly after this thing, their Inheritor and Guardian lost contact.

Because of this, they suspect that the situation of Douluo World is related to Sea God.

“them?” Bo Saidong Slightly FRowned, induced.

He heard the two people say that Douluo World was in the case, and immediately worried, fear Lin Feng and Tang San were also in danger.

But after induction, he found that there is no smile, everything is normal.

These two inheritor, that can be said to be hoped by BO SAIDONG, and at this time, it is found that there is no danger, and the whole person is SIGHED in relief.

thinking, he said: “My two inheritor conditions are normal, there is no loss, you can induce, what are you going?”

Angel God and Rakshasa god are almost simultaneous at the same time, and it seems that there is no situation, this is still alert to Bo Saidong.

“I don’t know.” Angel God Shook The Head, then said: “Our god position inheritance is special, no believer can detect news, and there are still many believers on the side of Sea god island, so we I want to see if there is any discovery here. “

I heard this, BO SAIDONG also thought of this.

he Nodded and Said: “You wait, I will ask.”

The voice falls, bo saidong, Raipay Down Divine Vestige at Sea God Island, calling to Bo Saixi.

and at this moment, the Saix Light on the SEA Golden Light is a surprise, “Divine Vestige!”

did not hesitate, he immediately came to the sea god statue of the Sea God Temple, quietly accepting God’s instructions.

“Can there be a turmoil around recently?”

In fact, this kind of thing, SEA god generally does not ask, after all, as God, they are to keep mysterious feelings.

If you have a small thing like this kind of chicken fry, it will be too lofty.

But today is more special, there are two gods, plus things about his two inheritor, so he has to figure out the situation.

back to Lord Sea God, SEA GOD Island has no turmoil, SEA Beast surrender, very stable. “Bo Saixi respected.

She thought it was the Lord Sea GOD patrol the sea, so it was very excited.

“What about the two Seagod Nine Trials? What is the situation now?” Bo Saidong continued.

There is no abnormality around Sea God Island, which is likely to come from the mainland.

before, he knows that Lin Feng and Tang three two have left Sea God Island, so he is urgent to know that Lin Feng is their current situation.

“Back to Lord Sea God, your two checkmen are being practiced on Douluo Continent, and strive for the eighth exam.” Bo Saixi continued to reply.

“Specific situation?” Bo Saidong said.

“This … is not clear, please ask Lord Sea God forgiveness!” Bo saixi slightly.

is that sea god island is too far from the mainland. Lin Feng did not call them, so they are not very clear for the situation on Douluo Continent.


Finished, Bo Saidong collected Divine Sense directly.

After the conversation of these sentences, he can definitely, and the situation of Douluo World is certainly in the mainland, and the sea is as calm.

apart from this, Bo Saidong is not clear, but he has a premiere, this so-called situation, the probability and Lin Feng also related to Tang San.

After all, two people are too genius, especially the lin feng, that Aptitude is simser that if you can condense God position, it is estimated that there is hope to reach Level 1 god in the millennium!

even 10,000 years, there is also a wish to impact Divine King.

This kind of person is destined to overlooked.

“How? I found out?” Seeing the Bo Saidong seems to have communicated with the lower bound, Rakshasa god is asked.

bo saidong shook the head, “No found, but there is no abnormality in the sea, the big probability is what happened in the mainland.”

“We are also the same guess.” Angel God and Rakshasa GOD said.

then asked by Angel GOD: “Can we apply for the GOD Realm Committee?”

“Don’t think!” Bo Saidong put his hand: “The purpose of the GOD Realm Committee is to make decisions for Major Event love!”

, now it is only a you two people That’s all, it is impossible to rise to an important thing, and the committee also has a regulation, because of personal things, you must use the committee. “

hearing this, Angel God looks, “Then we can’t do anything?”

The situation of the GOD Realm Committee they know, just said that it is only subconsciously, for That’s all.

“Don’t be nervous, I am now going to find someone on the mainland, I have to have news!” Bo Saidong comforted.

god realm’s Time Flow Speed ​​and Douluo World are different, a day in heaven, down one year.

How long does it take to say if Bo Saidong said, then it really doesn’t take long.

The voice falls, he again Divine Sense down, finds BO Saixi.

He didn’t talk nonsense this time, let Bo Saixi to the mainland and listen to the situation.

After all, this is too important, even if it is a sea god island without Peak Douluo guardians, you must also inquire.

After such BO SAIXI receives the task, the speed Moved Towards Douluo Continent rushed.

and these, Lin Feng didn’t know, at this time, he is constantly shuttle in the forest, the mountains.

On the one hand, it is a signal tower, and on the other hand, it is to explore this Douluo World.

Lin Feng used to think through the entire continent, but in fact, he is just all the city That’s all.

The situation in Douluo World is like an ancient times in the past, a large area, but most of them are deserted alpine and forests, and human living only accounts for the ultra-small part of the mainland layout.

The road is also very small, can’t catch up with the modern bustling.

At this time, Lin Feng walks in this forest, walking in the mountains, or can see some fresh spirit beast and herbs.

The book is not in the book, novelty, so that Lin Feng feels very interesting.

At the same time, Spirit City’s transformation plan is also in full swing. Most of the Tang San are all relatives, but it is full of fullness.

There is also STAR Luo Empire, which has been almost completely convinced, and the Spirit Master Alliance in major cities has begun to build.

is right, Heaven Dou City’s laboratory has begun to move.

Tang San in Spirit City, the first construction is the laboratory, not only one replication, but also has expanded a lot, so that Grandmaster is more convenient to experiment.

It has passed three days.

When LIN Feng reached the dragon big forest, he suddenly waited with the mobile phone carried.

is accurately said that the mobile phone that is the identity of the tyrant sounds.

To know, because of the identity of the tyrant, there is generally no special urgent matter, or someone will call him.

The phone is ringing at this time, and there is definite thing to happen.

The phone is just like Lin Feng, the phone just turned on, Tang San’s voice passed, “Master Thanos, you come back soon, Sea god island High Priest to Great Xia City ! “

“I know.” Lin Feng said with the sound of the tyrant, and then hangs up the phone.


This is a fresh thing.

After all, she is the High Priest of Sea God Island, which is to protect Sea god island as the first task. It seems that since the day of the High Priest, I have not left Sea God Island.

But now she not only left Sea God Island, but also came to Great Xia City!

There is no such thing as this, what is the reason?

Holding curiosity, lin feng doesn’t stay more, fast Moved Towards Great Xia City rushes.

At this time, the Spirit Master, which is constructed in IN A Frenzy, under the total command of Tang San, is constantly planned.

and SuPreme Pontiff Palace is wrong, it should be called the alliance hall.

In this alliance hall, Tang San, Ning Rongrong, and Little Wu they, they have gathered together, entertaining Bo Saixi.

is one of the three PEAK DOULUOs that have been on the mainland, and it is also the High Priest of Sea God Island, and their Spirit Master Alliance has to reflect their own hospitality.

even Tang Chen is also accompanied by the guest.

Of course, this is not a Tang San request, but he actively entertains.

Since Bo Saixi appears, he has always stared at her and has been in love, and it is very enthusiastic.

and Bo Saixi also shocked the emergence of tang chen, after all, the other party disappeared too long, I thought he was dead.

Nowadays, it is still a bit shocking in Bo Saixi.

At the same time, she is still a bit in their heart, fortunate Tang Chen is still alive, otherwise the two will never see it again.

deep in One’s Heart, Bo Saixi or like Tang Chen.

as a high prop of Sea God, her Involuntarily, some things, not she can do.

, especially this, Lin Feng and Tang San immediately want to make Seagod Nine Trials, she will sacrifice themselves.

In this case, Bo Saixi does not dare to happen between tang chen, otherwise the last tang chen will definitely be hurt.

Now, he can have a goodbye to see him once.

Thinking of these, for Tang Chen’s enthusiasm, Bo Saixi’s response has always been very flat.

tang chen feels a harmful resistance from her, but he doesn’t care, as always, the enthusiasm.

Of course, enthusiasm is passionate, and there is still something to talk.

After the Tang San gave the tyrant called, he immediately asked the Bo Saixi’s intention.

The other party has not started to answer, Lin Feng and the ingredients appeared in the hall.

From the Dragon Big Forest to Great Xia City, that is still very far, Lin Feng can come back in a minute, and it is still a lot of strength.

See this, Tang three they thought Lin Feng near Great Xia City, essentially Didn’t Expect them rushed over from Panlong Dayun.

Tang San’s look is normal, but also standing up Moved Towards to ask a good.

is BO SAIXI, and the whole person is somewhat unexpected.

Because Lin feng appears from the Bo Saixi, but she didn’t notice it.

To know, she is the Peak Douluo of Level 99, when she was in Sea God Island, she knew the power of the tyrant.

but absolutely didn’t Expect, is powerful to avoid her perception.

tang chen See this, Sound Transmission War: “The strength of Elder may have reached a hundred levels, FAR Exceeds, I, etc.!”

For the tyrants, Tang Chen has already woken up, so this high evaluation is given.

and Bo Saixi, you can’t confuse your face.

She understands that Impossible is God, because the movement of god position is not small, even if it is god realm, it will be induced.

However, everything in the mainland is too quiet, so she knows the impossible to become God.

is precisely because of this, Bo Saixi is getting shocked.

Because according to Tang Chen said, it is definitely god level strength, and it is also heard of Tang Chen to wear, and she also heard of the Past Few Days to the mainland. I broke the Bibi Dong and Qian. DAOLIU.

bibi dong and does not mention, the Qian Daoliu is one of the three PEAK DOULUO.

It is easy to get a lot of life, and that strength is still very terrifying.

If the tyrants have not reached a hundred levels, they have god level strength, then he is the existence of transcending rules!

This kind of people are too Terrifying. If there is no accident, continue with CultiVation, maybe there is a great possibility to condense God position!

and this evaluation, she has only Tang Chen with Tang Chen.

But the evaluation at that time was only a small possible That’s ALL, and in the sterilization, she felt that probability is very big!

The shock is shocked, soon, Bo Saixi Came Back to His Senses is officially said: “Sea God island High Priest, Bo Saixi!”

This kind of self-introduction is an extremely official self-introduction, and it is generally registered with two Spirit Master duel.

The tyrant is not proud, NODDED said: “Spirit Master League Elder, Kill!”


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