Douluo’s Auxiliary System Upgrade Chapter 554


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“How many secrets does Star Dou Great Forest have? Why didn’t I find you before?”

When Lin Feng said these words, Brigitte’s whole body was instantly tense, and her mind was a little down.

Although she is covered with a veil, she is slim and has a very outstanding temperament.

When I was inquiring about information in these crowded places, I was often approached by people.

So when Lin Feng walked over, she subconsciously thought that the other person was the same as those before, and wanted to come over and strike up a conversation.

Then she will properly release a trace of spirit power coercion, so that the other party will retreat in the face of difficulties.

But now, Lin Feng’s simple sentence has blown her up.

How come? how can that be? ! She was discovered? !

No matter how he feels it, in Brigitte’s eyes, except for being handsome, Lin Feng is just an ordinary human being without the slightest fluctuation in spirit power.

But it was such a person who calmly discussed Star Dou Great Forest with her.

And in terms of words, this person obviously knew that she came from Star Dou Great Forest, and even knew her to a certain extent.

In an instant, she diffused the spirit power within a radius of two meters, isolating everything here from the outside world.

Although she knows in her heart that there is a high probability that this person has already seen her identity, but she still has a trace of luck before the other party can fully identify it.

Thinking about it, Brigitte said in a daze: “There are still many secrets in Star Dou Great Forest. I wonder what secrets you are talking about?”

In fact, the first half of Lin Feng’s speech did not make Brigitte’s heart change too much, mainly the second half.

That ‘why didn’t I find you before’, this sentence is too intriguing.

What kind of identity is this handsome young man in front of you?

At least it is definitely not an ordinary person, otherwise it is impossible to say such a thing.

And her 500,000 years of cultivation base can’t be seen, this guy is definitely stronger than her!

People from God Realm? Or what super powerhouse?

She didn’t think about Thanos, because she was still very clear about Thanos’s logo, a white clothed and white mask, too classic.

As for Lin Feng in front of him, the people around him did not react at all to his appearance, and most likely he was a lesser-known super powerhouse.

Actually, where did Brigitte know that Lin Feng was not recognized because he used a Spirit Ability called ‘weak hidden’.

The effect of Spirit Ability is very simple, which is to weaken your own sense of existence and make people subconsciously ignore you, even if you see your face, you will forget it.

This is what Lin Feng learned from a Spirit Master in Heaven Dou Arena. After his improvement, this Spirit Ability can be used, and it can even achieve an invisible effect.

And under the control of his powerful spirit power, Lin Feng can make everyone except Brigitte ignore him in the entire tavern.

“Of course it’s the secret about your identity.” Lin Feng smiled and sat beside Brigitte.

With a wave of his hand, a glass of beer not far away automatically flew into his hand. This scene surprised Brigitte.

How did this happen? Without the slightest fluctuation in spirit power, the beer would fly over automatically, which really surprised her.

Is it a special spirit tool technology? Or is there any mechanism on the table?

Just when Brigitte was thinking about this, Lin Feng grabbed the wine glass with a calm expression and took a sip.

“I’m very curious, I’ve been to Star Dou Great Forest several times, and even dealt with the 100,000-year Spirit Beast in it, and asked a lot of questions, but for so many years, I haven’t noticed that in this forest There is even a powerful Spirit Beast that hasn’t been discovered!” Lin Feng put down the wine glass, remaining calm and composed while handling pressing affairs said.

He was observing Brigitte’s reaction from beginning to end. After all, the other party was too mysterious, and such a Spirit Beast powerhouse appeared out of thin air, Lin Feng was a little curious.

“You…who are you?!” Brigitte stared at Lin Feng with a pair of beautiful eyes, with a deep doubt in her voice.

At this point, she can be 100% sure, and the young man in front of her must have discovered his identity.

And he can’t see through the other party, which means Lin Feng also sees his cultivation base.

In this case, the other party leaned forward with a relaxed look. This can only show that the opponent’s strength is outrageous, and at least he is sure to restrain her.

At this moment, Brigitte was a little flustered in her heart, but she did not reach the state of being without a master.

After all, she is sure to escape in the hands of the god level powerhouse, even if Lin Feng in front of her is really an envoy, she is not afraid.

And here is the Commerce District with the most traffic in Great Xia City. If there is a war, it is estimated that a large number of innocent humans will die.

Even if it is a divine envoy, she shouldn’t do anything to her, otherwise it will affect Daxia Empire’s senses on God Realm too much.

So at this time, Brigitte was more surprised.

He desperately wanted to know who the man in front of him was and why he knew about her.

“Lin Feng, Daxia Alliance Elder, have you heard of it?” Lin Feng did not hide anything, but said with a slight smile.

Lin Feng does not have too much prejudice or hostility towards the Spirit Beast family.

He is more of a kind of curiosity, and at the same time, he also has the idea of ​​contact.

After reaching his current level, Lin Feng didn’t feel much about the treasures on Douluo Continent.

Compared with these, he cares more about creatures!

To be precise, it is a creature with wisdom, because this kind of creature produces the strength of faith.

On Douluo Continent, apart from human beings with wisdom, the other is Spirit Beast.

And compared to humans, the number of Spirit Beast is too much, especially the low-level Spirit Beast, the number is very terrifying.

Let’s not talk about the large forests. In the ocean, the number of Spirit Beasts is in the hundreds of millions.

If Lin Feng can develop a way to enlighten Spirit Beast and then develop it into his own believer, then the speed of strength of Faith will be terrifying extremely fast.

So after discovering Brigitte at this time, Lin Feng was curious but also a little surprised.

Take Da Ming and Er Ming as examples, and then establish a good relationship with Brigitte in front of him, which will greatly promote his future plans.

At this time, Lin Feng’s idea is very simple, that is, to understand Brigitte’s information, it is best to figure out the Spirit Beast situation of the entire continent.

The next step is to get closer to them and finally start the plan.

After all, you have to eat one bite at a time. If you can’t come up, you have to talk to Brigitte about the plan, so the other party will probably treat him as a fool.

So what Lin Feng has to do at this time is to get to know both parties first.

“Lin Feng?” Brigitte nodded and said: “Have heard of it! The deacon of the Marvel family, the big brother of the Alliance Leader Tang San of the Great Summer Alliance!”

This is not just as simple as I have heard. When Brigitte inquired about the news, she learned a lot about Lin Feng.

It can be said that Lin Feng’s weight can be ranked in the top five if you want to give the characters a weight ranking on the entire continent!

Not only is he a deacon of the Marvel family, but his own research is enough to shock the entire Douluo Continent.

So Brigitte has a special knowledge of Lin Feng’s situation.

Seeing directly at this time, she was a little unbelievable.

Mainly in her impression, although Lin Feng is an alliance Elder, but the positioning is similar to Yu Xiaogang, a research-type talent, basically there is no record of his shots.

But at this time, she couldn’t see Lin Feng’s strength at all. This must be Tilted Douluo above Level 99.

A small deacon of the Marvel family is so powerful, then what kind of existence is this Marvel family? !

At this moment, in Brigitte’s mind, the Marvel family has become a giant.

But at the same time, the tension in her heart was slightly relaxed.

On the one hand, she thinks that Lin Feng is impossible to shoot her here, on the other hand, she can feel that Lin Feng’s words are kind.

And at this time, Lin Feng exuded a breath of life force intentionally or unintentionally.

This kind of energy is very attractive to Brigitte, so at this moment, Brigitte has a slight affection for Lin Feng.

“So what’s your name?” Lin Feng asked with a sip of beer again, smiling.

“Bigi.” Brigitte said subconsciously nodded.

“It’s a good name.” Lin Feng put down the wine glass, said with a smile: “Now, you must know a lot about me, but I don’t know anything about you, so now, you can and May I talk about your situation?”

“For example…Where are you from?”

Lin Feng did not use overwhelming words, but the kind of guidance.

At the same time, he constantly exudes a sense of affinity, which can reduce the vigilance of the other party and let the other party involuntarily tell the truth.

After all, Lin Feng could see that Brigitte still had a lot of vigilance in his eyes.

If you ask too quickly or ask too much, Brigitte will be disgusted.

However, what Lin Feng didn’t expect was that Brigitte’s face changed instantly after hearing his words.

With a vigilant face, he asked, “What do you want to do?”

While speaking, Brigitte is ready to go full of spirit power. If Lin Feng’s answer cannot satisfy her, she will run away quickly.

After all, the words Lin Feng asked really touched her bottom line.

That is their most important task to protect the lord. At this time, Lin Feng asked them where they were. How could she say that?

“Why are you suddenly so excited? If you don’t want to say it, you don’t need to say it.” Lin Feng’s tone was still calm, without the slightest fluctuation.

While talking, Lin Feng beckoned and he grabbed a glass of cocktail.

Brigitte’s reaction at this time was actually what Lin Feng expected.

He was in Star Dou before. After turning around in the big forests of Sunset and Panlong for several times, no trace of Brigitte’s powerhouse was found. It was obvious that they had deliberately hidden it.

Of course, there is a reason why it is hidden.

At this time, Lin Feng asked the other party directly about the reason. Brigitte’s reaction was normal.

“A cup?” Lin Feng shook it and passed it over.

And Brigitte stared closely at Lin Feng’s eyes. After looking at it for a while, she took the wine glass.

When Lin Feng was talking just now, Brigitte had been observing him.

In a few seconds, all Lin Feng’s reactions were remembered by her.

She saw the sincerity in Lin Feng’s eyes and had no other thoughts, so in the end, Brigitte did not choose to leave directly.

And the most important thing is that in Lin Feng’s body, there seems to be an invisible energy attracting her.

That kind of energy is very special, and Brigitte feels that if she gets it, it will be of great benefit to her.

“I don’t have any malice, just want to know about your Spirit Beast.” Lin Feng lightly said with a smile after seeing Brigitte take a sip of wine.

“In the Great Summer Alliance, there are actually several human beings transformed from Spirit Beast. We get along very well with them, so we have no hostility towards Spirit Beast.”

“And I also developed a man-made spirit ring this thing, the purpose is to prevent Spirit Master from hunting Spirit Beast, our big summer alliance wants to establish a friendly and mutual assistance relationship with Spirit Beast!”

Lin Feng’s two sentences, they really speak to Brigitte’s heart.

In the first sentence, there are several Spirit Beasts in the Alliance, which Brigitte does not know at all.

Because Lin Feng simply didn’t know much about it, Lin Feng specifically told Brigitte at this time, it was also because the other party was Spirit Beast, otherwise he would not say anything about other Spirit Masters.

In the second sentence, Lin Feng raised the attack of the man-made spirit ring, and Brigitte was suddenly awakened.

That’s right!

The person in front of me has researched the existence of man-made spirit ring. She didn’t find a Spirit Master in Star Dou Great Forest before, which is the credit of the person in front of me.

At this time Lin Feng said again that his purpose is to establish a friendly relationship with the Spirit Beast clan.

For Brigitte, these words are really pleasant to hear.

For a time, Brigitte’s popularity with Lin Feng really went up.

“Why do you Daxia Alliance want to have sex with the soul? Until now, Spirit Master and Spirit Beast are completely opposed to each other. Why does Daxia Alliance do this? What drives you?” Brigitte Weiwei grim asked.

This question is too important to her, because it means what she can say next.

At the same time, she also wanted to see what Lin Feng said, those Spirit Beasts transformed into human beings.

If Daxia Alliance really wants to make peace with the soul and has a very correct attitude, she thinks this may be an opportunity.

After all, the target of their Spirit Beast clan members’ revenge is God Realm, not the humans on Douluo Continent.

As for them hunting down those Spirit Beasts, this is nothing to them.

Because in Brigitte’s idea, only the murderer who has reached 200,000 years can be called clansman. As for the Spirit Beast of 100,000 years, they are not qualified enough.

So if you can really cooperate with the Great Summer Alliance at this time, it will be of great benefit to the Spirit Beast clan.

Of course, because of the need to avoid God Realm, this cooperation can only be done secretly.

The most important thing is that the location of their old nest still needs to be kept secret. They need a layer of camouflage.


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