Douluo’s Auxiliary System Upgrade Chapter 555


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Just when Brigitte was thinking about things, Lin Feng was also thinking about it.

Obviously, Brigitte’s series of questions is a test for him.

After thinking about it, Lin Feng said: “Perhaps in your opinion, Spirit Beast and human beings are opposed to each other and there is no way to reconcile them, but in my eyes, these are just appearances.”

“Whether it is Spirit Beast or human beings, they are all creatures on Douluo Continent. We just need to work hard to find a reasonable way. In the end, the two can definitely coexist!”

“This is not just my personal opinion. Our Great Xia Alliance is also committed to this. As long as you look carefully, you can find that the Great Xia Alliance has no hostility towards Spirit Beast.”

With that, Lin Feng paused, and then continued: “There shouldn’t be many Spirit Masters going in and hunting Spirit Beasts in major forests now.”

“Why is this, do you know?”

At this moment, Brigitte is thinking about what Lin Feng said, and what it means.

Suddenly heard a question, she almost subconsciously shook the head and said: “I don’t know.”

There is no Spirit Master in the major forests. Brigitte cannot verify this problem, but Star Dou Great Forest did not see the human Spirit Master, which she can be sure of.

And after this period of understanding, Brigitte probably also knows that the main reason why there is no Spirit Master in Star Dou Great Forest is the Great Xia Empire.

But what is the specific reason? This Brigitte is also very curious.

Lin Feng smiled and replied: “It’s very simple. On the one hand, it is because of the emergence of man-made spirit ring, and on the other hand, it is Empire’s policy!”

“The man-made spirit ring we invented is not just a simple spirit ring. It can be adapted to the corresponding Spirit Ability according to the Spirit of the Spirit Master, and can be controlled independently in terms of age.”

“In this way, as long as it is a Spirit Master using an artificial spirit ring, everyone can get a perfect spirit ring match!”

“Because of these advantages, once the artificial spirit ring was launched, the Spirit Master on the entire continent was shocked. Now that the production capacity has kept up, Spirit Master’s world has quickly become popular!”

“Of course, no matter how good the man-made spirit ring is, if there is no national level control, it is inevitable that someone will continue to hunt Spirit Beast.”

“So Empire gives encouragement in terms of policy. As long as the Spirit Master is below the Spirit Emperor level and is at the full level, you can receive a man-made spirit ring for the corresponding number of years in each major league branch for free.”

“Even Spirit Master above the Spirit Emperor level, as long as you use the man-made spirit ring for the first time, you can get a half price discount!”

“At the same time, as long as the Spirit Master has used the artificial spirit ring, you can also enjoy the free use of many items in the alliance, such as sparring square, cultivation room, etc.”

“With the vigorous promotion of Empire, there will be almost no Spirit Master going to the major forests.”

Seeing Brigitte’s serious thinking look, Lin Feng did not continue to speak, but took a sip of wine and waited quietly.

After a while, Brigitte said with a smile: “If it is what you said, then Great Xia Empire is really friendly to Spirit Beast!”

Although there is no confirmation, Brigitte feels Lin Feng’s sincerity.

Lin Feng also said with a smile: “For up to one year, Spirit Masters in the entire Empire will develop the habit of using artificial spirit rings. Only then will the relationship between humans and Spirit Beast begin to undergo a qualitative change. !”

Spirit Bone, this thing is much more sophisticated than a spirit ring, Lin Feng can’t copy it like a spirit ring.

So in a short period of time, he has no way to fundamentally prevent someone from hunting Spirit Beast and then acquiring Spirit Bone.

However, the number of Spirit Bone newly added to Spirit Master’s world every day is too small compared to the newly added spirit ring.

And Spirit Bone is different from spirit ring, it can be inherited, not a one-time consumable.

In this way, as long as Empire is well controlled, the hunting of Spirit Bone can still be controlled.

“I have said so much, it can be regarded as an expression of the goodwill of the Great Xia Alliance.” Lin Feng said with a smile: “Then Brigitte Young Lady, I wonder if you can tell me that you are here at Great Xia this time. What is the purpose of City?”

Lin Feng has vividly and thoroughly expressed the word politeness in such questioning.

Otherwise, with his strength, he can control Brigitte by surprise, and then restrain him in the body, just like Qian Daoliu and Bibi Dong.

“This…” Brigitte was subconsciously vigilant.

But soon, her mind turned sharply, and finally she said: “I came out to search for information.”

“Our Spirit Beast clan is generally asleep. It hasn’t been out for 10,000 years, so I was sent out to inquire about the news.”

What Brigitte said was only the most basic knowledge, and did not involve the location or the comfort of the Lord, so she did not hide it.

“so that’s how it is.” Lin Feng nodded.

This is similar to what he guessed. After all, Brigitte appeared too suddenly, without the slightest warning, it should be falling asleep or something.

After all, the life of Spirit Beast is very long compared to human beings, and it is normal to sleep deeply.

“Lin Elder.” Brigitte said suddenly: “You said before that there are also human beings transformed from Spirit Beast in the alliance. I wonder if I can see it?”

At this time, Brigitte had believed about what Lin Feng said.

Finally, if she had the opportunity to meet these Spirit Beasts transformed into human forms, what she said to Lin Feng, the trust level is estimated to be as high as 98%.

“Of course, you can come with me.” Lin Feng laughed.

Afterwards, he didn’t talk nonsense and got up and moved towards the tavern and walked outside.

Lin Feng did not take Brigitte away quickly, but slowly walked out of the Commerce District, bypassing the inner city, and finally moved towards the northern experimental area.

The Spirit Master Academy of the Great Xia Empire stands in Beicheng District and is divided into three levels: primary level, intermediate level, and advanced level.

Little Moon, Little Shadow, Er Ming, they are all here at the primary level Spirit Master Academy, and Little Wu and Da Ming are also teachers here at this time.

Not only them, but Grandmaster, Oscar, Ning Rongrong, and Dai Mubai are also teachers of Academy.

However, they are not resident teachers, but are similar to special professors, who only teach the last class every week or half a month.

Good luck today, Lin Feng sensed that Little Wu, Da Ming, and Little Moon were just together and they seemed to be taking a practical lesson.

Lin Feng led Brigitte directly moved towards there.

And along the way, Brigitte observed many situations around her. On the one hand, she was shocked by the prosperity of Great Xia City, and on the other hand, she was yearning for the happiness of everyone.

Almost everyone on the road has a happy smile on their faces. This kind of thing makes Brigitte yearn for too much.

After all, the situation of the Spirit Beast clan is too bad. Before they even dared to come out, they were afraid of being ambushed by the people of God Realm.

And now, in Great Xia City, the happy expressions of these people are in sharp contrast with the situation of Di Tian and Xiong Jun.

“They are just ahead.” Lin Feng said with a smile.

hearing this, Brigitte immediately looked ahead, her face uncontrollable with anticipation.

She is expecting what Lin Feng said is true. She is also looking forward to the situation after the peace between mankind and Spirit Beast, she is looking forward to the appearance of the new clansman.

At this moment, Da Ming and Little Wu also sensed their arrival.

After all, Lin Feng didn’t cover himself, but walked generously with Brigitte.

At this time, Brigitte had already taken off her veil, revealing her allure look.

“Big brother! Big brother came to see Little Shadow!” Little Shadow was the first to spot Lin Feng and ran over with excitement.

Then, Little Moon and Er Ming also happily rushed forward, “big brother! big brother! Can you bring us something delicious!”

“Eat, eat, eat! Just know to eat, I didn’t eat today!” Lin Feng reprimanded.

These Little Brats are especially good for eating, especially snacks. They love them the most.

Usually, Little Wu, Tang San and Ah Yin are very fond of these children, and they are basically responsive, so the whole few people have gained a small circle.

While reprimanding the three of them, Lin Feng’s mental force moved and called Little Wu who was teaching in another classroom.

At this time, Da Ming also came over.

He greeted Lin Feng first, and then stared at Brigitte closely.

Er Ming and Little Shadow are transformed into human figures, their own strength has to be re-cultivation, so they did not feel it.

But Da Ming is different, he immediately discovered the difference between Brigitte!

And faintly, he felt a familiar feeling from Brigitte.

Could it be…this person is a Spirit Beast just like himself?

When Da Ming’s mood was ups and downs, Little Wu quickly ran over.

Although there was a class there, Lin Feng called her, there must be something important to say, so Little Wu did not hesitate at all and rushed over.

“Brother Feng, why did you come to the Academy? What a rare visitor!” Little Wu said with a hint of complaint.

Recently, Lin Feng was too busy. A few of them hadn’t seen each other in private for a long time. The last time they met, it was at the cooperation conference between God Envoy and Great Xia Empire.

And it was a public place, and it was all about Great Xia Empire.

So see Lin Feng at this time, Little Wu will be happy while still carrying a bit of complaint.

Coughing twice, Lin Feng said with a smile: “What a rare visitor, this is not too busy.”

Afterwards, he straightened his face and said, “Little Wu, the one standing behind me, her name is Brigitte, she is also a Spirit Beast incarnate, but she is not the incarnation of 100,000 years The adult kind, but like Da Ming, the transformation ability gained after breaking through 100,000 years of shackles.”

Upon hearing this, everyone looked towards Brigitte with a curious expression.

The latter also took a step forward, suppressing the excitement in his heart, and said slightly nervously: “Hello, my name is Brigitte.”

In fact, Brigitte also had a trace of tension in her heart when she was walking with Lin Feng moved towards Beicheng District.

After all, the more you walk into the city, the more dangerous she is.

If Lin Feng sets up an ambush and she wants to escape, the difficulty will be greatly increased.

So this time, she is betting!

Betting that Lin Feng is telling the truth, betting that the intimacy Lin Feng gave her is not deceiving.

And now, she is obviously betting right!

When she saw Da Ming, Er Ming and Little Wu, Brigitte was so excited that she didn’t know what to say.

After all, this meaning to her is too extraordinary.

Spirit Beast and human beings do not exist together. This is the concept of since ancient times, and the time between the two opposing each other is really too long, long enough to be carved in the bones of people.

And now, from the Great Xia Empire behind Lin Feng and Little Wu in front of them, Brigitte sees the hope of coexistence between the two.

“Are you also a Spirit Beast?” Little Wu gave Brigitte a suspicious look.

Then the spirit power surged and moved towards Brigitte spread away.

Brigitte’s concealment skills are too strong. Outside of Lin Feng and Da Ming, even Little Wu, who reached Titled Douluo, did not see the slightest.

On Brigitte’s side, if other Spirit Masters probed her, she would definitely hide herself.

But at this time it was Little Wu who was investigating, the same Spirit Beast, she did not resist, but took the initiative to exude her own breath.

Little Wu was taken aback, looked at each other with Da Ming, and almost said at the same time: “The Emerald Swan!”

Hearing this word, Lin Feng’s eyes felt a little stunned.

Just talk about how Brigitte has a strong life force on her body, it turns out to be the emerald swan.

This is a Spirit Beast with extremely exuberant life force. It can also fly and has first-class life-saving ability.

And Spirit Beast such as Emerald Swan is extremely rare. Lin Feng has only seen its name in books, and has never seen a living one.

“How can such a powerful Spirit Beast have never been seen in Star Dou Great Forest before? Does it come from elsewhere?” Da Ming wondered slightly.

Da Ming and Er Ming, as the overlords of Star Dou Great Forest, still know a lot about the forest.

In their perception, there is a 100,000 years Spirit Beast sleeping in the forest, but as strong as Brigitte, it is impossible to appear!

Unless… These Spirit Beasts sleep for an extremely long time, beyond what they imagined.

Little Wu shook the head said: “It shouldn’t be from another place. I felt the breath of Star Dou Great Forest in her body.”

There are more than ten large and small Spirit Beast forests on the continent, not to mention the small forests, but the Spirit Beasts in the large forests generally have heavy marks on their bodies.

And from Brigitte, Little Wu sensed the breath of Star Dou Great Forest.

Da Ming hearing this on the side also took a closer look, and quickly nodded and said: “Yes, it came from Star Dou Great Forest.”

Then, Da Ming asked: “Brigitte, right, can you tell us a general situation? In our knowledge, there is an impossible Spirit Beast like you in Star Dou Great Forest.”

Although Brigitte’s strength is a bit stronger than Da Ming and Little Wu, but after reaching 200,000 years, the difference in strength is actually not that big.

In addition, they now represent the Great Xia Empire, so they put themselves on an equal attitude when speaking.

hearing this, Brigitte didn’t feel that there was anything wrong.

But for Da Ming’s question, she is thinking about whether she should say it or not.

After all, this matter is about the Lord and the safety of the entire Spirit Beast clan.

Although Da Ming and Little Wu are Spirit Beast, they cannot be explained before they are familiar.


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