Douluo’s Auxiliary System Upgrade Chapter 556


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After hearing Da Ming’s question, Brigitte thought for a moment.

Then he said: “This matter is related to the safety of the Spirit Beast clan. I can’t tell the specific things, but I can tell you the basics.”

“Star Dou Great Forest ……”

After talking about two minutes, Brigitte expressed two meanings overall.

First, their Spirit Beast clan cannot be born at present, so there is no way to tell the situation in detail.

Second, I hope Da Ming can go back to Star Dou Great Forest with her to meet other clansman.

Leaving aside the first one, Lin Feng had expected it a long time ago. After all, Brigitte is too mysterious. This Spirit Beast clan must be a hidden one.

And the second point, let Da Ming follow them. This should be the task that Brigitte wants to accomplish the most.

Maybe she didn’t confirm it in advance, but after meeting Da Ming and them, it became the highest priority goal.

After all, from Brigitte’s mouth, Lin Feng probably knows that there are not many people in this Spirit Beast clan.

At this time, after seeing Da Ming, based on the concept of being a Spirit Beast, Brigitte wanted to take Da Ming back to ‘recognize the ancestor and return to the family’.

After hearing these words, Da Ming did not immediately agree, but looked towards Lin Feng.

Obviously, at this moment, Da Ming wants to hear Lin Feng’s opinion on this important event.

This is not to say that Da Ming has no opinion, but that he is not alone with cumin now, there are too many things he needs to take into consideration.

To bear the brunt, he cares about the feelings of Little Wu, Er Ming, and Little Shadow.

As for Lin Feng, it is even more important. After all, these people, including himself, are led by Lin Feng.

In this case, he asked Lin Feng to make his own decision. There is nothing wrong with it.

Upon seeing this, Lin Feng gently shook the head and said: “Until the situation is clear, you can’t follow it.”

What they heard so far was Brigitte’s one-sided words.

Although Lin Feng estimates that the probability of her lying is not great, he can’t guarantee that it is 100% true before knowing the actual situation.

What he said at this time actually cut off the possibility that Brigitte wanted to take Da Ming back.

On the way here before, Lin Feng knocked on the side specially, wanting to see if she could take herself to the hidden place of the Spirit Beast clan.

And Brigitte made it clear that it would not work, so what he said at this time also made Brigitte cut off the idea of ​​taking Da Ming back.

At this time, Lin Feng looked towards Brigitte and said, “As long as you can tell the location of your Spirit Beast clan, then let us explore it so that Da Ming can go with peace of mind.”

This is not an excuse Lin Feng specifically used to know the location, he really thought so.

Now Da Ming is a senior teacher of the Great Xia Spirit Master Academy, who is a high-end talent of Great Xia Empire, and he doesn’t want him to get involved in dangerous places.

hearing this, Brigitte did not hesitate, and shook her head directly: “Lin Elder, this matter is too important for me to make a decision.”

“Well, since we don’t know much about both sides now, I will go back first, and ask Lord Beast God, how about discussing later?”

If Brigitte could take the lead, she might tell Lin Feng directly about their situation.

After all, from the Great Xia Empire, Brigitte has seen too many qualities that others do not possess.

The most important thing is that Great Xia Empire is not just talking about it, but putting everything into practice.

There are also live examples like Little Wu and Da Ming. In this case, it is difficult for Brigitte to doubt.

But this kind of thing she can’t call the shots, she has to go back and ask Di Tian for instructions.

“Yes!” Lin Feng nodded.

He also knows that Brigitte can’t be the master, and it’s useless to talk about it, so let her go.

And when the other party left, Lin Feng didn’t need to follow him up. He put a doppelganger directly on him.

As long as the other party returns to the hidden place, Lin Feng will be able to know its location.

When the time comes Lin Feng will take the initiative, whether it is to look at it in the past or as a back hand just in case, it is a good choice.

“Three days, at most three days, I will give Lin Elder a reply.” Brigitte said with a positive face.

“I hope so.” Lin Feng smiled and said.

“Nalin Elder, let’s say goodbye.” Brigitte cupped the hands.

Lin Feng also said, “Farewell!”

Seeing this, Brigitte moved towards Da Ming and they nodded, and then quickly moved towards the north city gate to rush away.

Along the way, no one stopped, Brigitte quickly exited the city gate.

After going to the nearby forest, Brigitte’s holding heart slowly settled down.

Although in my heart, Brigitte trusts Lin Feng, but Great Xia City is a human city, and there are a lot of Tilted Douluo, which is very dangerous for Brigitte.

So she was very nervous in the middle, and only felt safe after she came out.

After looking back at Great Xia City, Brigitte didn’t delay, and after looking for the direction of Star Dou Great Forest, she rushed away.

At this time in the Beicheng District, Little Wu and the others are pestering Lin Feng to ask all sorts of questions, wanting to know more.

Lin Feng doesn’t know much about this, so he can only say some guesses.

“Wait, wait three days, then Brigitte should come again. By then, she should know everything.” Lin Feng said while looking into the distance.

“Well, you can continue to class, Master Thanos’s experiment still needs me to record data.”

After that, Lin Feng didn’t wait much, and left quickly.

At the same place, Little Wu and Da Ming discussed eagerly.

After all, this matter is too important to them. They had never thought before that there was such a Spirit Beast powerhouse on the continent.

The sudden appearance of Brigitte made Da Ming’s world view a little broken.

While shocked, they were also very curious.

Spirit Beast clan? What kind of existence is it? Does it have many powerful Spirit Beasts like Da Ming?

Just when they were discussing spiritedly, Lin Feng had already aggregated and analyzed the data collected by doppelganger.

Of course, this analysis is not the ontology of Lin Feng, but also the doppelganger.

His ontology is acting as a mental force ‘transit station’ to keep his doppelganger in Great Xia City from being connected with the avatar.

Lin Feng has a range for his doppelganger and avatar operations, and this range is his mental force radiation range.

At present, his mental force coverage can almost reach one third continent.

This is a state in which Lin Feng compresses mental force to Extreme and then extends it in one direction.

If it is two-way, just like Lin Feng is now, with the ontology as the center, moved towards all around diverging mental force.

Then the range of mental force is a big circle, and the incarnation and doppelganger are two points on the arc.

And this coverage is not very large, it can only reach half of the original, that is, one-sixth of the continent.

Although this distance is not much for the entire continent, it is enough for him to successfully connect between Great Xia City and Star Dou Great Forest.

At this time, Lin Feng’s body is between the two, the doppelganger stands quietly in the Great Xia City, and the avatar arrives in the Star Dou Great Forest, sensing Brigitte’s position.

Her speed is very fast, it only took less than ten minutes from Great Xia City to Star Dou Great Forest.

Then, Brigitte quickly passed through the periphery of the forest, and then entered what Lin Feng thought of the forest ‘core circle’.

Then, Brigitte did not stop, but continued to move towards the depths of the forest.

This deeper is also within the scope of Star Dou Great Forest. Lin Feng actually inspected the area over there. He walked around and found nothing.

And now, Lin Feng senses that Brigitte is moving towards the east quickly and keeps walking.

About ten minutes later, Brigitte suddenly slowed down.

At this time, Lin Feng felt that Brigitte’s position was already on the edge of the eastern part of the continent. It was very remote, and further east would be the deserted mountains and the sea.

The main prosperous place of Douluo Continent is on the west side of the continent. Because of the topography, few people go to the east side.

It is precisely because of this that Lin Feng subconsciously ignores that side.

When he traveled to continent, there was nothing too pass through.

It really didn’t expect now, the hidden place of the Spirit Beast clan is so deep.

But then again, is this location fake, just a confusing one?

After all, this discovery was too smooth, Lin Feng felt a little trance.

His doppelganger is actually hard to find now, because it is too concealed. As long as he does not actively attract energy, he is a dead thing.

This ‘doppelganger’ is like a grain of dust on your body, is it too difficult to attract attention?

But Lin Feng, the Spirit Beast clan, has never seen it before. Does the ghost know what special methods they have to detect?

If Brigitte had discovered his “tracker” long ago, the place he was leading at this time might be fake.

Even Brigitte is a little more cautious, even if she didn’t notice Lin Feng’s small movements, she might make a false shot first to prevent someone from following her because of her vigilance.

Thinking of this, Lin Feng didn’t feel impatient at all, but waited quietly.

At the same time, in the deepest part of Star Dou Great Forest, Brigitte has already come to the hidden world of their Spirit Beast clan.

As Lin Feng said, she was still a little cautious.

At this moment, Brigitte was not anxious to go in, but changed direction and backed a little bit.

After that, he changed directions and went a little bit forward.

After going back and forth several times, Brigitte finally entered the big formation.

After that, Brigitte couldn’t suppress the joy in her heart, and quickly moved towards the center.

As for the outside world, Lin Feng’s mouth turned up slightly, “It should have really entered the hidden world.”

Before, he could sense that Brigitte was deliberately scurrying in the forest, perhaps to mislead others, or to try something, or to go in like this.

Anyway, at this moment, it should be completely entered into the big formation.

Because Lin Feng can really sense it, there is a special energy Switch in it, and even his mental force induction has been weakened a lot.

But after all, Lin Feng is too strong, and this feeling has not been cut off, just a little intermittent that’s all.

At this moment, Lin Feng did not head there after knowing the location.

After all, not long ago he asked Brigitte to go back to discuss first, and he suddenly appeared at this time, which was a little unbelievable.

As for secret observation?

This is not a good strategy either, because Lin Feng doesn’t know anything about the Formation. What if he enters and is discovered or triggers some kind of mechanism?

Although Lin Feng is certain that he will not have life safety, it is always bad for an accident.

Thinking of this, Lin Feng continued to stay, feeling quietly.

He has to stay for an hour or two. As long as Brigitte has not made a large-scale change, then Lin Feng can be almost certain that the place is the hidden place of the Spirit Beast clan.

While Lin Feng was waiting, Brigitte also met Di Tian and the others.

“Brigitte, you’re back! It’s very good that you can come back safely!” Wan Monster King greeted him happily.

Di Tian They also appeared one after another, expressing joy for Brigitte’s safe return.

After all, Brigitte’s safe return means that there is not much danger to the outside world.

Especially with a smile on Brigitte’s face, she must have learned some good news from the outside world.

Thinking, after everyone greeted them, they quickly asked about business.

“Biggie, what’s the situation outside now, is it dangerous? And is the previous movement the reason for God Realm? And…”

Several people have to ask a lot of questions, and Brigitte did not answer immediately.

Instead, he suppressed the excitement in his heart moved towards Di Tian and said: “There is not much danger to the outside world. Although there are a lot of Tilted Douluo, they are currently under the jurisdiction of the Great Xia Empire.”

“Great Xia Empire? What Empire is this?”

This unfamiliar Empire name obviously made everyone wonder, and they all looked curious.

“The Great Xia Empire is a strong Great Influence that suddenly unified the continent recently. The reason why the people of God Realm went down is because of this Great Xia Empire.”

“In the Empire…”

Brigitte quickly talked about the Great Xia Empire, and everyone listened to sucked in a breath of cold air.

What a joke? In just one month, the Great Xia Alliance destroyed the two Empires and Spirit Hall and then unified the world.

Although they don’t know much about the human World, they still know the title Empire.

A country is only eligible to be called Empire if it is strong enough to a certain extent, and the Great Xia Alliance wiped out the two empires in just one month, which is really amazing.

And the messenger of God Realm went down for the Great Xia Empire, and the two sides even negotiated cooperation.

There are also man-made spirit rings and various policies that favor Spirit Beast, all of these things have been told by Brigitte.

In these few minutes, Di Tian and the others were almost stunned by these words.

This is really subverting their world view, if it weren’t for Brigitte’s serious look, everyone would even think Brigitte was playing with them.

However, facts are facts, no matter how they do not believe, things just happen.

And most importantly, Great Xia Empire is very friendly to Spirit Beast, and the clansman that Di Tian sensed at the beginning is currently in Great Xia City.

All these signs indicate that the Great Xia Empire is worthy of them.


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