Douluo’s First Blade Chapter 472


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Invisible ripples spread from the void, and a scarlet demon sword appeared in Fang Xuan’s hands, and the murderous aura flowed violently, making everyone present feel a sense of palpitation.

Very terrifying murderous aura, what kind of weapon is that? ! “

Everyone trembled, and their gazes looking towards the demon sword were full of jealousy. Even the messengers of aloof and remote were surprised and noticed that the sword was out of the ordinary.

“All Gods turn to Dusk!”

Fang Xuan screamed and used a killer knife. The Slaughter Demon Blade burst out with a scarlet blade glow, like a Blade Qi long river drew a shock void, forcibly cutting off the sky full of golden feather arrows, terrifying boundless.


After that, he was full of madness, wielding the demon sword vigorously, and desperately killed the golden wings Peng King, the two erupted in a cosmic explosion-like collision!

hong long long!

The sky collapsed, the earth collapsed, and the endless divine force storm flooded the entire arena. The solid marble arena turned into fly ash on the spot, and many soldiers who were close by were directly blown out. The power was extremely terrifying.


A mournful scream passed down from the clouds, Pengfei was beaten back to his original shape, from the state of the golden wings Peng King to a human body, his hands were cut off, and Divine Physique was broken in two, the bright red internal organs and golden’s Divine blood spilled on the ground and died!

On that piece of land, Fang Xuan was bathed in golden peng blood, his eyes were as cold as ice blades, and his whole body released an indescribable magical power, making everyone sucked in a cold breath.

“Heavens! Fang Xuan actually killed Pengfei, it is incredible!”

There was an uproar in the Black Feather Army from top to bottom. One after another, suspicious eyes gathered from all directions, all concentrated on Fang Xuan alone, shocked.

[Congratulations on killing a mysterious god, you are plundering…]

[Divine Source 25%]

[Fire Fragment *5]

[Law Fragment of Thunder *5]

[Law Fragment of Wind *5]

[Desolate God battle halberd] (Intermediate divine tool)

After killing Pengfei, Fang Xuan plundered a large amount of attribute values, happily absorbed them, and began to steadily improve the comprehension of various attributes.

[Killing system]

[Host: Fang Xuan]

[Level: True God Level 9]

[Weapon: Slaughter Demon Blade]

[Divine Source: 100%]

[innate talent: primary Fire Law (16200), primary Earth Law (21200), primary Water Law (23200) intermediate Thunder Law (10300), primary Wind Law (23200)]

[Law Profound Truth: Profound Truth of Wind, Profound Truth of Life and Death]

[Field: Ice Cold Field, Flame Field, Blue Silver Domain, Thunder Magnet Domain, Gravity Domain, Killing God Domain]

[Knife Skills: Storm Slash, Homecoming, Slaughter Blade Qi, Person and Blade Unite]

[Spirit Ability: Devour, Qilin, Huo Wu, Sky Wings, Scarlet Lotus, Gale]

[Created knife skills: One Blade to Reincarnation, Infinite Silence, End of World, All Gods turn to Dusk]

This game was very dangerous. During the fight with Pengfei, Fang Xuan was seriously injured many times and almost died, but all forcibly survived. In the end, summon came out of Slaughter Demon Blade, relying on the Lord God tool. Zhi Fengrui, beheaded it with a single knife.

Although it is unwise to use Slaughter Demon Blade here, it is very possible to expose the existence of the Lord God Device, but for this command, Fang Xuan can’t take care of this.

He is impossible to stay on the battlefield outside the territory for 10,000 years before leaving. He still has a lot to do. He misses Qian Renxue very much. He must leave this cage as soon as possible and go out to find the girl.

Fang Xuan is determined to win the position of commander, because only by becoming a commander can he successfully escape from the battlefield outside the territory and exempt him from 10,000 years of military service.

“My Envoy, is it time to announce the result of the game?”

Fang Xuan raised his face and looked at the three Divine Kingdom messengers in the referee’s bench. His eyes were calm and calm.

After three seconds of silence, the Purple Crown Elderly showed a majestic expression and announced loudly: “Okay! The old man announces here that the new commander of my Black Feather Army is Fang Xuan!”

“Unbelievable, Fang Xuan turned out to be Sir Commander!”

All around the arena, there was a wave of cheers. Many people seemed to have witnessed a miracle with their own eyes and were excited.

Peng Fei is the Number One Powerhouse in the Black Feather Army. He has stepped into the Mystic Number 100 years. He has profound strength and extraordinary natural talent. Fang Xuan is only a True God. The two of them are only a great realm. Fang Xuan finally defeated After Pengfei took the position of commander in one fell swoop, everyone was very excited.

“Congratulations, Fang Xuan!”

As a comrade-in-arms who has fought and lived together for three years, Black Hawk smiled and was sincerely happy for Fang Xuan.

“many thanks!”

Fang Xuan faintly smiled and warned repeatedly to the Black Hawk: “Come on, Black Hawk, with your strength, I think you will not be long before you can become the leader. If you leave the field outside the field, I will wait in the Divine Kingdom. Good news for you.”

“haha, of course, my Black Hawk will never give up the leadership position.”

Black Hawk laughed bravely. Although he was defeated and stopped in the semi-finals, he also felt after this battle. Maybe it won’t take long to make a breakthrough and truly enter the Mysterious God Realm world, when the time comes Competing for the leadership of the next term will surely increase your grasp.

After gaining the leadership position, Fang Xuan can immediately leave this crisis-filled extraterritorial battlefield and enter the interior of Divine Kingdom to take up important positions. Both freedom and security are greatly improved.

More importantly, joining a Divine Kingdom not only provides shelter, but also obtains cultivation resources. For Fang Xuan, who is currently low in strength, there are many benefits.

“Fang Xuan, Divine Kingdom Kuroba has urgent matters to deal with. Now that you have become the leader, please follow us immediately and don’t waste time anymore.”

When she said this, Elderly’s gaze swept across the demon knife in Fang Xuan’s hand, and there was a hint of greed in his eyes.

Fang Xuan naturally noticed the change in Elderly’s expression, and was helplessly sighed. As expected, he was still stared at.

Although he had tried his best to hide the breath of the Lord God tool during the game, in order to kill Pengfei, the power released by the Demon Sword was too powerful, and it was not surprising that it attracted the coveting of the three emissaries.

God Realm is a world where the powerhouse is respected. There are no feelings at all, murder and treasure, and requite kindness with enmity.

Fang Xuan was calm on the surface, but in his heart he had already begun to think of a way to escape. He decided to wait for the envoys to take him out of the battlefield outside the territory and immediately flee.

With the Profound Truth of the Wind, Kun Peng Boots, Angel Wings, the ability of three amplification speeds and the divine tool, Fang Xuan is somewhat confident of escape.

“All follow the orders of the envoy!”

Fang Xuan said respectfully, without showing any dissatisfaction.

“Okay, let’s go now!”

Purple Crown, Elderly expressionless, exchanged glances with the remaining two messengers, ready to immediately take Fang Xuan and leave the field outside the field.

wu wu ——

At this moment, a hurried horn sounded at the Black Feather camp, and the vicissitudes of life and ancient voice revealed the smell of war.

“Not good! Enemy attack!”

The black feather army boiled up, thousands of soldiers showed their vigilant colors, and at the same time revealed the god ring, turned on Spirit, endless light shining, and the scene was very spectacular.

I saw that in the distant sky, a group of soldiers in silver armor rushed down like countless pegasus, numbering as many as 5,000 people, killing intents rushing into the sky, divine force majestic, crazy towards the black feather army Kill the camp.

White Tiger Army!

Fang Xuan eyes slightly shrink, can’t help being frowned, didn’t expect the White Tiger Army to come early or late, but he chose to make trouble when he was about to leave the battlefield outside the territory.

Furthermore, looking at this posture, the White Tiger Army is coming out in full force. The Divine Weapon has more than 5,000 people, which is exactly twice the number of Black Feathers. Obviously, they are here to completely wipe out the Black Feathers!

White Tiger Divine Kingdom and Black Feather Divine Kingdom, the two Divine Kingdoms have fought for 10,000 years. The two sides have deep hatred and it is difficult to resolve. Only one party can die!

“Oops! The White Tiger Army is here to fight hard, brothers, never retreat!” Black Hawk loudly shouted, leading the crowd to respond to the enemy.

The White Tiger Army came fiercely and vowed to destroy the Black Feather Army. The two god level armies quickly collided, and a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering battle broke out.

Fang Xuan and the three envoys were unable to escape and were involved in endless wars.

“Trifling White Tiger Army, I dare to make trouble in front of me. I really don’t want to live. In that case, I will take this opportunity to kill you!”

Purple Crown Elderly’s eyes are cold and majestic. Three dazzling divine rings appear on his body, ten thousand zhang, divine might incomparable, and there is actually a 4th divine ring on him, faintly discernible.

It’s just a rudiment, and it hasn’t really turned into the fourth god ring, but from this point of view, the purple crown Elderly has already been made for good, and the strength is extraordinary, far beyond the comparison of ordinary Spiritual God!


The Purple Crown Elderly shouted violently and waved his big sleeves. Suddenly, a terrifying killing intent storm swept through, killing hundreds of White Tiger soldiers in an instant, causing the audience to be shocked.

“White Tiger Army, you are so arrogant, you actually picked us to come for a sneak attack when we were selecting the commander. Do you really treat me and the Divine Kingdom messenger as nothing?!”

The other two messengers looked cold and moved in anger. They broke out together and got up wantonly slaughter in the White Tiger Army, killing dozens of White Tiger soldiers in an instant.

You must know that these are all 100-level Spiritual Gods. In those lower planes aloof and remote, they are a region’s Overlord, but on this vast extraterritorial battlefield, Spiritual God’s life is just like a grass. not worth.

Since the outbreak of the war, hundreds of god level soldiers have bled at every moment, some from the Black Feather Army, some from the White Tiger Army, and both sides suffered heavy losses.

In terms of numbers, the White Tiger Army has the upper hand, but when the Black Feather Army was electing commandership, there were three envoys of the Profound God Peak. They were extremely powerful, and the three of them were enough to support a powerful army, so this The outcome of the first battle is hard to say.

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

Fang Xuan was full of blood, black hair dancing wildly, holding a Slaughter Demon Blade in his hand, invincible in the magnificent army with thousands of men and horses, unstoppable, in a flash, he killed nearly a hundred White Tiger Army soldiers alone , The commander’s position not just in name only, but also in reality!

Actually, he is on fire now, so he is so mad and desperate to vent his anger through killing. He tried his best and used all means to finally become the commander. He thought he could leave the outer battlefield. Stay away from this dangerous place.

But didn’t expect, as soon as they were about to leave, the White Tiger Army was killed, and a battle of life and death broke out, vowing to perish together with the Black Feather Army.

Fang Xuan felt both depressed and angry in his heart. This kind of god level battle of tens of thousands of people is too dangerous. If you are not careful, you may die here.

When the time comes, let alone go out to find the whereabouts of Qian Renxue and the others, even I have to be buried in this ancient Battlefield and reduced to a handful of loess.

“Good boy, you killed so many people in the White Tiger Army, you can’t keep it!”

At this time, due to Fang Xuan’s heroic performance, many powerhouses in the White Tiger Army were eyeing him. The three Captains were all Profound God powerhouses and wanted to kill Fang Xuan.


Three Profound Gods joined forces to strike, Heaven and Earth changed color, dark clouds rolled back, and a terrifying divine force ray tore through the void, like a meteor, attacking Fang Xuan fiercely.


Fang Xuan loudly shouted, desperately resisting, even the tiger’s mouth broke apart, but it was still difficult to resist the joint attack of the three Captains of the White Tiger Army, and was directly bombarded out with blood flowing.

Today, he has been fighting again and again, and he has also used the Slaughter Demon Blade, a Lord God tool that is extremely divine force. His body is exhausted and his divine force is severely consumed. Under the combined attack of the three profound gods, he is finally Powerless to resist!

The strength of the White Tiger Army is very strong. Whether it is a Captain or a soldier, the whole is better than the Black Feather Army. If it were not for the support of the three major envoys, the Black Feather Army might have been destroyed long ago.

Fang Xuan fell to the ground, bleeding all over, and his injuries were extremely serious. He resisted the severe pain and ran Nine Hearts Flowering Apple desperately to repair his injuries.

But at this time, a White Tiger Army mysterious god came again, his eyes were cold, and his killing intent was gushing. Holding a peerless killing sword in his hand, he stabbed Fang Xuan’s head very ruthlessly: “Die!”

“You are the one who died!”

Fang Xuan’s eyes were stained with blood, and he was in a state of madness. His right arm shook, and the demon knife suddenly reached out and cut the killing sword directly, then his left hand was clenched into a fist, and the Thunder Strength erupted, fierce. On the head of this profound god, forcibly exploded his head, splashing his brain!

“Damn little bastard, actually killed my brother, pay with your life!”

At the same time, two other White Tiger Army Profound Gods came to kill, and they fought back and forth, displaying the strongest killer move, and wanted to kill Fang Xuan.

The Profound God in front holds a pitch-black war spear, icy cold, surrounded by spiritual fog, fiercely a spear penetrated Fang Xuan’s chest, blood overflowing!

The man behind, raised a huge fist, burst the air, and blasted directly on Fang Xuan’s back heart. The powerful divine force exploded, directly blasting a blood hole in his body, deep, bloody and extremely Thrilling!

“hmph, now even if you brat has two lives, he will definitely die!”

The two profound gods of the White Tiger Army sneered.


At this moment, Fang Xuan, who was seriously injured and dying, suddenly roared, with blood red eyes, like a madman!

He unfolded the Blue Silver Domain, fixed the two lives, and then waved the demon sword, a dazzling round dance cut, very ruthless cut off the two profound gods, and blood flowed all over the floor.

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