Douluo’s First Blade Chapter 473


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Dark clouds cover the sun, horses neighing, tens of thousands of Spiritual Gods fought together in blood, a battle of the gods broke out, shouting to kill and shaking the sky, murderous aura rushed into the sky, a blood-stained divine corpse fell like a meteor Earth.

Bloody and tragic!

This is the battlefield of Foreign Domain, Spiritual God is like a grass!

“cough cough, almost died…”

Fang Xuan coughed up blood, half-kneeled on the ground, and his whole body was painful and blood flowed wildly. Although he desperately killed the three profound gods of the White Tiger Army, he was seriously injured and almost died. .


He screamed and ran the divine force, and his whole body burst out with a brilliant golden glow. Forcibly shook the war spear inserted in his chest, and then he madly activated the Nine Hearts Flowering Apple to heal the injury.

The blood stopped flowing, the deep blood hole healed quickly, and the broken spine was reconnected. In the blink of an eye, his injury was restored, and he recovered quickly.

However, Fang Xuan’s face is still grim, and he dare not relax in the slightest.

There are too many soldiers in the White Tiger Army, densely packed, endless, like a wave rushing from all directions, surrounding the black feather army.

Not good! Very bad!

Looking all around the White Tiger Army that has formed a siege, Fang Xuan’s expression is ugly. They are reduced to turtles in the urn, waiting to be killed by the opponent.

“No, it’s not a way to go on like this. There are too many enemies. They must be breakthrough and blocked as soon as possible, or they will be killed sooner or later!” His thoughts turned quickly, thinking of a way to escape.

Although the Black Feather Army is surrounded, there are three envoys such as the Purple Crown Elderly sitting in town. Everyone is still stubbornly resisting and will not lose in a short time.

These three messengers are too strong, each of them is the Profound God Peak, and one of them is about to open up the Divine Kingdom, becoming the first god, and is very powerful.

With them, the White Tiger Army wants to annihilate the Black Feather Army. It is not so easy. This is the chance for Fang Xuan and the others to escape.

“Kill! at all costs, breakthrough blocked!”

Fang Xuan aimed at a weak point and led a black feather army to kill. He broke out with all his strength, like a madman, brandishing the Slaughter Demon Blade, hacking three times, killing more than 20 White Tiger Soldier, angrily.

“Separately break through!”

The black hawk roared, and led a team of troops to kill in another direction. His black armor was broken, and his whole body was covered with scars, like a centipede, terrifying and terrifying. He was seriously injured, but still stopped. He didn’t fall down in one breath.

The rest of the Captains were also seriously injured and exhausted, but no one gave up, because that would mean death. They each led their own team and broke through separately.

Fang Xuan rushed all the way, unstoppable, and led a team of a hundred people to the deepest part of the east, only one line broke through the blockade.

However, at this time, a white robed old man blocked their way, and three divine rings rose from under his feet. The bright radiance illuminated the audience. This was a mysterious god!

“Boy, this is nowhere!”

The white robed old man has a cold expression and a fierce face. The eyes of a pair of heron locked on the Fang Xuan entire group. The cold glow and the boundless murderous aura permeate the black feather army soldier with fear.

Behind him, there are more than five hundred White Tiger Army soldiers, like a pack of evil wolves, waiting for Fang Xuan and the others to break through.

A mysterious god, plus more than 500 Divine Weapon, wants to break through, it is as difficult as heavenly ascension!

“Since there is no road ahead, then I will make a bloody road by myself!”

Fang Xuan has a cold expression, sharp eyes, and a blazing thunder light ignited all over his body. He raised the Slaughter Demon Blade, madly killed the white robed old man, and fought against this mysterious powerhouse.

“Brothers, rush, make a bloody road!”

After that, hundreds of Black Feathers under his leadership also fought with the White Tiger Army, and a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering battle broke out.

Fang Xuan has gone through more than a dozen life and death battles. The divine force was consumed severely and his condition was very bad. In the process of fighting against the white robed old man, he fell short when he came up and was frequently suppressed. The situation was very critical .

“Boy, you can’t do it anymore. The divine force is almost exhausted. Obediently surrender and become my slave. This is your only way to survive.”

The white robed old man sneered, the three gods rings gleaming, and the whole body is bathed in a thunderbolt. Waves of terrifying imposing manner waver, making this void continue to be twisted.

He slapped a punch, clearing the space, the silver white fist strength turned into a thunder sea of ​​unrolled bolt of white silk, fiercely bombarded Fang Xuan’s body, and the terrifying thunderbolt drowned him.


Fang Xuan as if was struck by lightning, suddenly spit a mouthful of blood, and was directly bombarded by that powerful thunderbolt law. His body cut through the void like a kite with its string cut, and it has not landed yet, white robed old man Suddenly killed him, swept his whip leg, and kicked him more than a dozen ribs.

He was wounded from injury to injury, blood stained the ground, and directly crashed an ancient city. His whole body was drenched with blood, and hundreds of bones were broken, and even the two god rings became bleak. As if about to fall apart.

On his riddled with scars, there is still a white thunder arc, which is the tyrannical Law Power belonging to the white robed old man!

“hahahaha, trapped beasts are still fighting, worms shake the trees!”

The white robed old man stands with his hands up, hanging high in the sky, overlooking Fang Xuan, who is dying in the ruins, his eyes are full of contempt and contempt, saying:

“I know you, Fang Xuan, the young leader of the Black Feather Army. He came to God Realm for less than three years and had the battle strength of the mysterious god level. You alone killed us White Tiger Army. The name Captain is really amazing. It’s a shame to kill you like this. If you are willing to bow your head now, give a trace of your soul, and become my slave, then you can live, how about?”

In his opinion, Fang Xuan has run out of oil and has no power to counterattack. Surrender is his only way to survive, so he is not in a hurry to take Fang Xuan’s life, but rather favors the latter. aptitude, I want to accept it as a slave.

However, at this moment, Fang Xuan did not hear the words of the white robed old man, nor did he notice his dying state, but entered a kind of mysterious realm of selflessness.

thunderbolt! thunderbolt!

Fang Xuan entered a sudden enlightenment state in the blow of the white robed old man that was full of the laws of thunderbolt just now. The comprehension of the laws of thunder was racing in a straight line, and the whole body was filled with golden thunder arcs, crackles, and endless. like a God of Thor was born.

“Not good, this kid is weird!”

With the eyes of a white robed old man, he quickly discovered the anomaly of Fang Xuan, angrily said: “It is really courage to use my attack to understand the law of Thunderbolt, but it’s a pity, that’s it! “

He gave a grinning laugh, released endless white thunders all over his body, and blasted Fang Xuan frantically: “Go to hell!”

A little bit, just a little bit, you can realize success!

At the crucial moment, Fang Xuan’s eyes were red, and he was desperately running the thunderbolt rule within the body. He wanted to merge into one to form the thunderbolt Profound Truth, but he was always close.

“Thunderbolt is profound, quickly make it to me!”

He was desperate, and the death crisis was approaching, but he was stuck at this last step, unable to break through.

At the same time, a grandiose white thunder sea dropping from the sky, wrapped in infinite Destruction Strength, directly submerged Fang Xuan, and the flaming thunder light shone into the sky.


At this moment when Bai Lei entered the body, Fang Xuan suddenly see the whole thing in a clear light, and a golden thunderbolt beam was released from the whole body, which penetrated the universe Heaven and Earth, and the mighty thunderbolt law swept all directions!

“hahahaha, I succeeded, I finally succeeded!”

Fang Xuan impudent laughed wildly, and the excited and excited laughter spread throughout this world, making the face of the white robed old man extremely difficult to look.

His black hair is dancing, and his whole body is bathed in a golden thunder sea, and every strand of hair is surrounded by lightning, and Destruction Strength exudes around him, like the god of thunder.

On him, the 3rd golden ring gradually emerged, waves of terrifying Thunder Strength spread out, shattering the earth, distorting the sky, and terrifying power that made countless people trembling in fear.

“It’s just the breakthrough of the Profound God, why does this guy have such a terrifying imposing manner!” Many White Tiger Army soldiers were heart palpitated, and they looked at Fang Xuan with fear, as if they saw a monster. general.

“haha, very good, Sir Commander has broken through and become stronger, we must be able to live!” As for the soldiers of the Black Feather Army, after witnessing Fang Xuan’s breakthrough in Xuan Shen, they naturally cheering excitedly. , Morale skyrocketed, and the confidence to be alive was regained.


With a long spit, Fang Xuan’s face showed ecstasy. At the moment when he achieved Profound God, his injuries were restored, and the divine force became full again, as boundless as the ocean, forever It will not be exhausted, and its strength has skyrocketed dozens of times, completely different from the True God Realm world.

At True God Peak, he had to borrow the power of the demon sword to reluctantly fight the Profound God, and now, he can kill the Profound God with no difficulty!

“Many thanks for your help. Without your white thunder, I would like to comprehend the mystery of thunderbolt and break through to the Mysterious God Realm world. I don’t know it will be the Year of the Monkey!”

Fang Xuan was bathed in thunderbolt all over, the three gods rings gleaming, stepped into the void, and instantly crossed a distance of several kilometers, and came to the white robed old man with a smile, but this smile looked a little cold.

“In order to thank you for your great kindness and virtue, I will let you die without pain.” He stared at the white robed old man, coldly said.

Hearing this, the white robed old man suddenly became furious: “Boy, don’t be too arrogant. You just entered the Profound God. Do you really think you are invincible? Let me teach you what It is the real Thunderbolt Profound Truth!”

The moment the words fell, the white robed old man’s third ring flashed white light, the thunderbolt Profound Truth was running, his body was filled with blazing white thunder, and the law power was rippling.

“Die, arrogant kid!”

He roared, and the thunderbolt fist suddenly waved, and endless thunder and lightning swept across the void, forming a white thunder sea of ​​thousands of meters in length and breadth, ten times more terrifying than before, and crushed towards Fang Xuan.

Faced with this terrifying attack, Fang Xuan had calm eyes and a peaceful face. He slowly raised his left hand, a finger pointed, the wind and clouds changed color, and forcibly the white thunder sea blasted away!

“How is it possible?!”

white robed old man turn pale with fright, he broke his strongest attack with just one finger. After this guy became the Profound God, how powerful he is.

“Just borrow your thunder, send you off!”

Fang Xuan shot two lightning bolts in his eyes, his fists blasted out in vain, the thunderbolt exploded, rolling thunder and lightning swept through, and directly blasted the white robed old man at a distance of 100 meters!

The rain of blood sprinkled, the light drifted away, and the powerhouse of a generation of profound gods was bloody.

The audience is dead!

[Congratulations on killing a mysterious god, you are plundering attributes]

[Divine Source 25%]

[thunderbolt Law Fragment *5]

[Fire Fragment *5]

[Law Fragment of Soil *5]

haha ~

Finally, we can continue to improve the divine force again. Fang Xuan couldn’t help but scream. After killing the white robed old man, he clearly felt that the previous bottleneck was gone, and his divine force was rapidly increasing.

Sucking down, he excitedly checked his current attributes.

[Killing system]

[Host: Fang Xuan]

[Level: Xuanshen Tier 1]

[Weapon: Slaughter Demon Blade]

[Divine Source: 25%]

[innate talent: Intermediate Fire Law (15300), Elementary Earth Law (88200), Elementary Water Law (75200) Intermediate Thunder Law (52300), Elementary Wind Law (105200)]

[Law Profound Truth: Profound Truth of Wind, Profound Truth of Life and Death, Profound Truth of Thunderbolt]

[Field: Ice Cold Field, Flame Field, Blue Silver Domain, Thunder Magnet Domain, Gravity Domain, Killing God Domain]

[Knife skills: Storm Slash, Homecoming, Slaughter Blade Qi, Person and Blade Unite]

[Spirit Ability: Devour, Qilin, Huo Wu, Sky Wings, Scarlet Lotus, Gale]

[Created knife skills: One Blade to Reincarnation, Infinite Silence, End of World, All Gods turn to Dusk]

After several life and death killings, his various law innate talents have been improved, Fire Law has also entered the intermediate level, and the comprehension of flames has become deeper.

At this moment, Fang Xuan finally entered the Mysterious God Realm world, possessing the capital to walk God Realm, feeling the majestic divine force ocean within the body, and his heart was unspeakable.

It feels powerful, so good!

In the next moment, he lowered his head and looked at the White Tiger Army soldiers blocking the blockade from a high altitude. His eyes shot out two cold glows, scaring them almost the soul flew away and scattered.

“Next, it’s time to clean up you!”

Fang Xuan coldly snorted, Slaughter Demon Blade crawled over the golden thunderbolt, and suddenly slashed out, a thunderbolt blade glow about a kilometer long split Heaven and Earth, grandiose, fiercely drowning the hundreds of White Tiger Army soldiers.

might of a single blade, hundreds of god level soldiers were all beheaded, flesh and blood flew, and bones tossed, breaking the White Tiger Army blockade in one fell swoop, shocking the audience!

“This Fang Xuan has become so strong!”

On the central battlefield, the three emissaries such as Purple Crown Elderly naturally noticed the changes not far away, and all revealed the look of shock. Not long ago, Fang Xuan, who was just a True God imp, now has Not inferior to their strength.

“Damn it, broke our White Tiger Army plan, damn it!”

The leaders of the White Tiger Army were all very angry, and hated Fang Xuan, who undermined their plan to encircle and suppress the Black Feather Army.

“hahahaha, very good, very good, Fang Xuan led the breakthrough of the cordon, we are saved!”

“Go! Hurry and break through!”

Under the leadership of Fang Xuan, countless black feather army soldiers broke through the blockade and fled to the outside world frantically.


At this moment, a white silhouette descended from the sky.

White hair, silver-mask, with a pair of holy and immaculate angel wings behind him, looks peaceful and peaceful, full of sacred breath, but…murderous intention is awe-inspiring!

When seeing this white silhouette, Fang Xuan’s expression suddenly became extremely difficult to look, and he was surprised: “white Death God!”

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