Douluo’s First Blade Chapter 474


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Above the sky, a silver silhouette stands, with white wings flapping, and the whole body exudes a terrifying breath, which is about to split this world.

Silver hair, silver armor, and silver wings made everyone present fear and fear as if they saw Death God.

“White…white Death God!”

Everyone exclaimed, their expressions became extremely difficult to look at

white Death God, a super powerhouse with a fierce reputation on the Foreign Domain battlefield, killed tens of thousands of Spiritual Gods by one person, emerge victorious in every battle, but undefeated, this is a real reputation that has been killed, and has made countless people afraid .

In the eyes of many people, white Death God is a symbol of death.

“Cut, I just met this guy at this juncture!”

Fang Xuan gritted his teeth and his expression was a bit ugly. He had already made a bloody road and was about to lead people to break through, but he didn’t expect to kill a white Death God halfway, blocking his way.

A month ago, he had seen from a distance, the White Death God gently flapped its wings and killed dozens of profound gods and countless god level soldiers. That kind of power was too terrifying. It’s crushing!

“Oh my god, we actually encountered this kind of evil star, is it true that our black feather army is really exhausted?!”

Many Kuroba army soldiers laughed miserably, showing desperation.

At this time, a Captain from the White Tiger Army walked out, facing the silver silhouette in the sky and respectfully gave a salute, saying: “White Death God, please take action and kill the three envoys of the Divine Kingdom of Kuroba. !”

Hearing this, there was an uproar in the audience. Even the three emissaries, including the Purple Crown Elderly, had ugly expressions and could no longer remain calm.

“This guy is actually a helper invited by the White Tiger Army, this time is over!”

hearing this, Fang Xuan couldn’t help but sighed. He originally thought that the White Death God was here to fight and practice on the battlefield, but didn’t expect an assistant invited by the White Tiger Army to come here specifically to annihilate the Black Feather Army.

The number of White Tiger Army is twice that of Black Feather Army, and the white Death God, the peerless powerhouse, is no different from like a tiger that has grown wings, and even the three major Divines including Elderly, the Purple Crown The Kingdom messenger could not resist.

At the same time, the white Death God fluttered its wings and killed it, wrapped in boundless destruction aura, collapsed the sky, shattered the earth, rolled up the billowing clouds, and slew towards the Purple Crown Elderly.

“Hold on! Our Kuroba Divine Kingdom and your Light God country have always minds their own business, why do you want to help White Tiger Divine Kingdom?!”

Elderly, the purple crown, seems to have seen through the origins of the white Death God, with a serious expression, said solemnly: “If your Excellency is willing to leave here and stop taking action, we, Divine Kingdom, Black Feather, will certainly offer thanks!”

However, the White Death God did not stand still, and was still murderous-looking. She was bathed in thunderbolt all over, with two wings Tearing the Void, and the silver-mask on her face made it impossible to see his expression clearly.

Seeing that the peace talks had no effect, the purple crown Elderly was long sighed, and looked at the two ambassadors on the side, and could only choose to fight with brace oneself.

“hahaha ~ purple old man, don’t bother with your tongue. We, White Tiger Divine Kingdom, have just returned to the door of Light God Kingdom. We are now a family. No matter how smart you are, it won’t work. Today you will die. !” The Captain of the White Tiger Army sneered again and again, looking towards Elderly with sarcasm in his eyes.

“Damn it, it turned out to be like this. It turns out that you have colluded with the Light God Kingdom and intended to annex our Divine Kingdom of Black Feather. This is really wolf ambition and it is extremely hateful!” Purple Crown Elderly said angrily.

At this moment, the white Death God came in vertical and horizontal void. The sacred angel wings were a hundred meters long, like a heavenly blade cutting through the void, directly beheading an envoy of the mysterious god Peak, and the corpse was broken into two. Cut, spilled flesh and blood!

After that, he hovered in the sky, his white palms suddenly waved out, a golden thunder sea emerged, dark clouds, intertwined with thunder and lightning, filled with destruction aura, flooded towards the purple crowned Elderly.

The other messenger was bombarded by thunderbolt into flesh and bones on the spot. Elderly, the purple-crowned, is the strongest and has reached the realm of the first half of his life. He roared, his whole body divine force agitated, and Law Power erupted. , Forcibly broke free from the golden thunder sea, and escaped!

“Damn! Damn! Damn!”

He lost two companions in a row, and he was also injured. The purple-crowned Elderly had blood red eyes and was furious. He was the messenger of Divine Kingdom of Black Feather. He was honorable and powerful. He was so embarrassed before? !

He stared at the silver silhouette not far away, gnashing one’s teeth said: “It is worthy of being the peerless genius from the Light God country. Our remote and small countries are not rivals at all. Let me go, I Would you like to exchange a high grade divine tool?!”

“Kill you, everything about you is mine!”

At this time, under the mask of the white Death God, there was a sudden icy voice, and then he swooped down at high speed, swung a golden holy sword, fiercely killed Elderly, the two broke out. The battle of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering.

The stars fell, the starry sky burst, and boundless murderous aura swept across Nine Heavens and Ten Earths. This scene is really too terrifying.

Both of them are super powerhouses in Spiritual God, killing murky heavens dark earth, Sun and Moon lost radiance, as if to destroy this piece of World, making everyone frightened.

This Purple Crown Elderly has reached a half-step Level 4, and will soon develop his own Divine Kingdom. It is extremely powerful. Looking at the entire Foreign Domain battlefield, it is one of the very best super powerhouse.

But the name of white Death God is not so good. He was born in a super Divine Kingdom. He has a solid background and extraordinary natural talent. The methods are very ruthless and powerful. Many people are afraid of encountering this ruthless one. Kill God!

The two fought for hundreds of rounds, and the sky was turned upside down. In the end, the white Death God pierced the top of the head of Elderly, killing the super powerhouse. Megatron the audience.

“It’s over, the three major envoys are dead, and our Black Feather Army has no hope.”

The soldiers of the Black Feather Army cried out in utter despair. The last straw was cut off, and they lost all hope.

“Unexpectedly, the strength of this white Death God is so strong, it has almost surpassed the realm of the Profound God, and can leapfrog to open up the powerhouse of Divine Kingdom!”

Fang Xuan has a grim expression, his black hair is scattered, his sharp eyes have been locked on the three rings of the white Death God, his face is very ugly.

This guy is obviously in the Level 3 Mysterious God Realm world like him, but the real battle strength is in the Level 4 First God that is comparable to the development of Divine Kingdom, otherwise it is impossible to kill the Purple Crown Elderly and other envoys so easily.

“In the Mysterious God Realm world, you can have the battle strength that opens up the Divine Kingdom level. It’s too abnormal. Is this the super genius that Light God Kingdom came out of? It really is terrifying!” He couldn’t help being muttered.

The Light God Kingdom, a super Divine Kingdom in God Realm, has existed for 1,000,000 years and has countless powerhouses. Even in the vast land of God Realm, it is the existence of Overlord level!

From the conversation of Elderly, Fang Xuan happened to hear that this terrifying white Death God came from the Light God country!

First, the white Death God has a deep background and must not be killed, otherwise it will attract crazy revenge from the Light God country!

Secondly, the strength of the white Death God is too strong, even if you want to kill it, you can’t kill it. All the people present are not necessarily his opponents alone.

So, in summary, Fang Xuan currently has only one way to survive-escape!

Escape! escape! escape!

Thinking of this, Fang Xuan’s eyes are bloody, his face is crazy, his feet are on Kun Peng boots, and he is wearing angel wings. He desperately runs the Profound Truth of the wind, three speeds in one, his speed soars to Extreme. , Turned into a golden lightning, fleeing to the east frantically.

“Brothers of the Black Feather Army, flee desperately, one can escape!”

Before leaving, he roared in the air and ordered all the living Black Feathers to escape. Under this situation, no one could reverse the defeat of the Black Feathers, and the next one would survive!

A disaster is approaching, so please ask for more blessings.

“Escape! Escape! Escape!”

The remaining over 1,000 Black Feather soldiers, one by one, got red eyes, fleeing frantically, and each went to seek their own survival. The scene was a bit chaotic for a while, even the White Tiger Army’s line of defense. All were disrupted by these crazy guys.

However, what Fang Xuan did not expect was that after solving Elderly, the white Death God was the first to stare at him, and the angel wings suddenly flapped, turning into a stream of light. Behind Fang Xuan, chasing desperately.

“Lying tide! White Death God, I told you for no reason, why are you chasing me?!”

Fang Xuan’s eyelids jumped wildly and his expression was very ugly. This white Death God didn’t know why. That many black feather army deserters didn’t chase him, but instead focused on him. Can’t drop.

is it possible that because he is so handsome? !

Fang Xuan was depressed for a while, thinking that now is not the time for cracking a joke, he must quickly find a way to get rid of this evil star as soon as possible, otherwise if he is caught up, then he has only dead end.

“One Blade to Reincarnation!”

During the flight, Fang Xuan suddenly turned around and gave the white Death God a knife, scarlet Blade Qi Tearing the Void, and fiercely slammed into the latter.


However, White Death God just waved his hand gently, and broke his Blade Qi with no difficulty, and continued to chase, and the speed was faster, gradually narrowing the distance with Fang Xuan.

Major event is not good!

Fang Xuan was extremely depressed. While maintaining a high-speed flight, he frantically displayed various skills and bombarded the white Death God behind him.

“Hurricane! Thunderbolt! Killing God Domain!”

A variety of skills were randomly placed, but they didn’t get even a little time. White Death God still chased Fang Xuan, and he was about to catch up.

At this moment, Fang Xuan finally couldn’t help but roar: “I don’t have a syrup in a hurry, why are you chasing me?!”

At this time, the white Death God’s body was slightly stagnant, and it felt a little unfathomable mystery. I don’t know what kind of sacred medicine Fang Xuan said that the emergency syrup is.

“Who the hell are you, why do you have the angel wings of our Light God country?” He finally spoke, and asked Fang Xuan.

“It turns out that your purpose is not to squeeze the syrup, but the pair of wings, say it earlier!”

Fang Xuan suddenly realized, and said to the white Death God behind: “This is a meeting gift from my wife. You already have wings. Do you still want me?”

“By the way, my daughter-in-law is the same as you, from the angel family. Everyone is a family. You shouldn’t play swordsmen. It’s better to shake hands and make peace!” He quickly approached.

“Angel Wings is the Supreme Treasure of the angel family. It is forbidden to give away casually, let alone marry someone who is not from the angel family. Your wife violates the ban of the angel family, and you two will die!” white Death God murderous aura murderous aura.


Hearing this, Fang Xuan couldn’t help rolling the eyes, and wasted a long time in his feelings. Not only did he not turn hostility into friendship, but he deepened his hatred. This time the white Death God is irreconcilable to him.

The two of them went up to heaven or down to Hades, one fleeing, the other chasing, and they started a protracted battle. After flying for a long time, they finally flew back to the black feather army camp.

The White Tiger Army is annihilating the remnants of the Black Feather Army. Many comrades are drenched with blood and corpses everywhere across the field, which is terrible.

“Black Hawk!”

Fang Xuan’s eyes were red, and he just saw the Black Hawk pierced through his head with blood splashing on the spot. This was the only friend he had made during the three years in the Foreign Domain battlefield, but now he died in front of him.


Fang Xuan danced wildly with black hair, roared in anger, endless killing intents boiled, and directly turned into a humanoid lightning to kill in the White Tiger Army.

He bathed in thunderbolt all over, stepped on Killing God Domain, surrounded by three dazzling rings of gods, waved the Slaughter Demon Blade frantically, and slaughtered frantically in the White Tiger Army.

At this moment, he seems to be transformed into a Supreme Killing God. With every sword thrown, hundreds of White Tiger Army soldiers are cut off by the waist, and every punch thrown, hundreds of White Tiger Army soldiers are cut off. Shattered into sludge, killing the White Tiger Army terrified.

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

Fang Xuan flew at high speed, evading the chase of the White Death God, while waving the Slaughter Demon Blade, frantically killing the White Tiger Army soldiers and avenging his friends.

This kind of behavior is reckless, making the Captain of the White Tiger Army sucked in a cold breath, thinking that this is really a lunatic.

In the process, Fang Xuan’s strength soared.

Xuanshen first order!

Xuanshen Rank 2!

Xuanshen Tier 3!


In a short time, he has been promoted to Tier 3 in a row, the more fights the more brave is, and the imposing manner has become more and more terrifying.

Be aware that after reaching the Profound God, every level up is very difficult, and it takes hundreds of years. However, Fang Xuan has a killing system that can quickly increase the divine force by beheading enemies. grade.

[Killing system]

[Host: Fang Xuan]

[Level: Profound God Tier 5]

[Weapon: Slaughter Demon Blade]

[Divine Source: 15%]

[innate talent: Intermediate Fire Law (88300), Elementary Earth Law (108200), Elementary Water Law (150200) Intermediate Thunder Law (85300), Elementary Wind Law (155200)]

[Law Profound Truth: Profound Truth of Wind, Profound Truth of Life and Death, Profound Truth of Thunderbolt]

[Field: Ice Cold Field, Flame Field, Blue Silver Domain, Thunder Magnet Domain, Gravity Domain, Killing God Domain]

[Knife Skills: Storm Slash, Homecoming, Slaughter Blade Qi, Person and Blade Unite]

[Spirit Ability: Devour, Qilin, Huo Wu, Sky Wings, Scarlet Lotus, Gale]

[Created knife skills: One Blade to Reincarnation, Infinite Silence, End of World, All Gods turn to Dusk]

The moment Fang Xuan reached the fifth stage of the Profound God, White Death God finally caught up with him, pierced his throat with a sword, and Fang Xuan coldly snorted, calmly swiping his knife to resist.

The swords collided, and a terrifying battle broke out between the two!

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