Douluo’s First Blade Chapter 511


At this moment, a golden beam of light rose from the cemetery of Lord God, Straight Clashing Nine Heavens, and the tyrannical divine force waved out.

“Come out!”

Everyone suddenly became excited, and they all stared at the silhouette that had just flown out of the cemetery, their eyes were cold and their expressions were very unkind.

“Hehe, didn’t expect so many people will greet me, it seems that my face is not small!”

The black hair boy floats peacefully in the sky, smiling brightly, calmly, and calmly scanning the outside world glare like a tiger watching his prey.

This person is naturally Fang Xuan who just came out of the Lord God cemetery!

Under the guidance of the original Lord of Slaughter, Fang Xuan got the Lord God’s heart containing the inheritance of the Lord of Slaughter, and controlled the Temple of Slaughter, so there was no need to stay in the cemetery for a long time.

After more than a month’s stay, Fang Xuan completely refining the Temple of Slaughter, and his strength has been consolidated. He has already reached the invincible realm of Divine King, and he has become more aggressive.

“Five Divine Kings, eight hundred world gods, and tens of thousands of god level powerhouses. With so many people, it seems that I really see me!”

Fang Xuan faintly smiled, indifferent to this big battle from the outside world, and behaved very calmly.

“You are Fang Xuan!”

At this time, the War God Temple Palace Lord took the initiative to walk out, condescending, overlooking Fang Xuan, with a very arrogant attitude, and said in a commanding tone: “Actually, we don’t need to be beaten up, as long as You are willing to cooperate and hand over all your income in the War God Cemetery obediently, and I promise to spare you not to die!”

“Oh, are you ordering me, so what if you don’t?!”

Fang Xuan eyebrows raised, his eyes gradually cold.

“I don’t know the current affairs! There is only dead end!” The giant Demon Race patriarch coldly said, God King Level’s coercion was in full swing, squeezing away frantically towards Fang Xuan.


Fang Xuan was coldly snorted, slapped out, slapped half of the giant Demon Race patriarch’s face, drenched with blood, and rolled out embarrassedly.

“How is it possible?!”

The giant Demon Race patriarch screamed, covered in blood, and his entire head was almost shattered. Both shocked and angry. He didn’t expect himself as the Divine King, but was slapped and slapped by a junior kid. , This not only made him lose face, but also made him feel incredible.

“Oh my god, I read that right, the patriarch of the giant Demon Race was slapped away by Fang Xuan. That is an invincible powerhouse of God King Level!”

The audience was in an uproar!

Everyone was full of horror, discussing spiritedly, and their uncertain eyes gathered from all around, all concentrated on Fang Xuan’s body, and they were all shocked to the extreme.

Because, this scene is really incredible.

Divine King powerhouse, that is the Supreme Existence in the eyes of everyone, it can be called the pyramid of God Realm, invincibility is the code name of Divine King, many people can’t remember how long it has been, and there has been no failure of Divine King powerhouse. .

“Impossible, this is absolutely impossible, but only a few months later, how strong is this Fang Xuan!”

Taiyue, Lingxian, Savage, Shangguanhong, Xuanyi, etc., the same batch of peerless Heaven’s Chosen who entered the Lord God cemetery with Fang Xuan, felt incredible.

Once upon a time, they were still located in other existences at the same Level 1, but it was only then that Fang Xuan had left the crowd fiercely behind him, enough to compete with Divine King, leaving them beyond the reach.

Lord God cemetery. Although everyone has gained a lot, they are still far from God King Level.

Thinking of this, Taiyue, Lingxian and the others are a bit bitter, and their gazes at Fang Xuan are full of complexity.

“Damn it, I just took care of it, otherwise how could I get hit by you, a kid!”

The giant Demon Race patriarch looked cold and healed his injuries quickly, and he was murderous-looking towards Fang Xuan.

“Fellow Daoists, this Fang Xuan has the secret of Lord God hidden in him, let’s take action together and kill him!”

Under the call of the giant Demon Race patriarch, War God Temple Palace Lord, Profound Nether Kingdom Lord, Taishang Dao Sect Lord, Myriad Swords Sect sect master, and the five Divine King powerhouses joined forces and thundered out to kill Fang. Xuan!

The five Divine Kings broke out, terrifying to the extreme, murky heavens dark earth, Sun and Moon lost radiance, and the entire void began to shake violently.

“Good job!”

Fang Xuan screamed, the whole person was like a boiling volcano, the battle strength erupted in an all-round way, he seemed like a War God descended from heaven, and took the lead to kill the giant Demon Race patriarch.

The golden fist was raised, and the giant Demon Race patriarch was blown up. The terrifying murderous aura was like countless blades cutting through the void, directly obliterating all the vitality of this Divine King powerhouse!

Fang Xuan then smashed away like a tiger. First, he smashed the top of the head of the Palace Lord of War God Island with a palm, and kicked Divine Physique of the Profound Nether nation’s lord, and finally smashed it. Raise the golden fist, swing twice in a row, and blow the remaining two Divine Kings.

Blood-stained sky!

In a moment of effort, Fang Xuan with no difficulty killed the five Divine Kings. His black hair was stained with blood and his pupil light was cold. The whole person was like a bath of Blood Demon God, exuding endless Ominous Fiend Qi. Countless people are terrified.

“Divine King! All five Divine Kings have been killed!”

The audience was shocked, and many people couldn’t help screaming.

Divine King! That’s five Divine Kings!

Usually, aloof and remote are unbeatable, but now, people have killed five in one breath, which made everyone feel dizzy, and an indescribable fear came to their hearts.

“This Fang Xuan must have obtained Lord God inheritance, and has gained terrifying power over Divine King!”

“Escape! Run away–“

Even Divine King powerhouse is not Fang Xuan’s opponent, so what can they do?

At this moment, there was a commotion in the audience. Everyone was full of horror, like a frightened bird, desperate to flee, all wanting to escape Fang Xuan, the world-famous Demon King!

“hmph, want to go?!”

Fang Xuan is coldly snorted, with endless killing intent surging in his eyes. He detonated all his power and let out a roar of thunder, endless murderous aura sweeping Nine Heavens and Ten Earths.

Under this roar, the sky shook and the earth turned backwards, directly suppressing and killing more than half of the god level powerhouse, corpses a million, bleeding and drifting!

Fang Xuan’s current strength is too strong. It has already reached the limit of Divine King, enough to match the eighth-level Spiritual God, to deal with these Divine King powerhouses and ordinary Spiritual Gods, naturally as easy as blowing off dust, and killing with a finger!

After killing the five Divine Kings and most of the powerhouse of the world gods, some of the others a fish that escaped the net, Fang Xuan also disinclined to pay attention to, the silhouette flickered, leaving the War God Island directly, quickly Fly away.

During the flight, Fang Xuan deliberately lowered his mind to check his current personal information.

[Killing system]

[Host: Fang Xuan]

[Level: Divine King Tier Nine]

[Weapons: Slaughter Demon Blade, Slaughter Temple]

[Divine Source: 100%]

[innate talent: Ultimate Fire Law (MAX), Ultimate Earth Law (MAX), Ultimate Water Law (MAX) Ultimate Thunder Law (MAX), Ultimate Wind Law (MAX) Ultimate Dark Law (MAX) Ultimate Light Law ( MAX)]

[Law Profound Truth: Profound Truth of Wind, Profound Truth of Life and Death, Profound Truth of Thunder, Profound Truth of Fire, Profound Truth of Earth, Profound Truth of Water, Dark Law, Light Law]

[Field: Ice Cold Field, Flame Field, Blue Silver Domain, Thunder Magnet Domain, Gravity Domain, Killing God Domain]

[Knife Skills: Storm Slash, Homecoming, Slaughter Blade Qi, Person and Blade Unite]

[Spirit Ability: Devouring, Qilin, Huo Wu, Sky Wings, Scarlet Lotus, Gale, Roar of Fire, Devouring Devil, Golden Crow Burning the Heavens Fighting]

[Innovative knife skills: One Blade to Reincarnation, Infinite Silence, End of World, All Gods turn to Dusk, invincible in the whole world]

Now, he is only one step away from the eighth-level Spiritual God. If he calms down to refining the heart of the Lord God, his strength should directly soar to the eighth level, or even Level 9 Heavenly God.

If they are fully integrated, Fang Xuan will be able to become Lord God!

However, it takes too much time to refining the heart of Lord God. Fang Xuan’s top priority is to quickly go to the Light God country and save Qian Renxue.

Thinking of this, he unfolded all the cultivation bases, increased the speed to the limit, and went to the Tearing Space in order to rush to the Light God country as quickly as possible!

With Fang Xuan’s current strength, he can cross the void, a single thought is vast distance, and the speed is naturally very fast.

However, according to Fang Xuan’s understanding, the Light God kingdom and the endless sea, one on the east of God Realm and the other on the west of God Realm, are too far apart.

So, even if he is Tearing the Void on his way, it will take several days to reach the Light God country.


Time passed in a hurry, unconsciously, three days passed.

Fang Xuan has already left the endless sea and came to a vast continent in the middle of God Realm.

According to the schedule he calculated, he would be able to reach the Light God country in three days at most if he was on the road without stopping.

Thinking of this, Fang Xuan couldn’t help feeling a little excited. On the one hand, he could avenge the Light God King and wash away the shame of the past. On the other hand, he could see Qian Renxue and the baby. He was naturally very happy.

With his current invincible strength of the Divine King, when he meets the Light God King again, naturally there will be no fear, it can be destroyed by a single finger!

But while on the road, Fang Xuan felt a familiar breath in a strange Divine Kingdom.

It was this familiar aura that made Fang Xuan puzzled. He temporarily stopped his journey and came to this strange Divine Kingdom, wanting to find out.

After some inquiries, Fang Xuan gradually learned that this unfamiliar country is called the Kingdom of Nine Nether. It is an ancient Divine Kingdom that has existed for more than 1,000,000 years. There are countless powerhouses under its command. The lord of Nine Nether is even more important. An invincible powerhouse of God King Level!

Fang Xuan did not say anything about this, but followed the familiar qi, and walked towards the depths of the Nether Nether. Finally, he found this familiar qi in a tavern in the capital. The source of the machine.

It was a drunkard, with ragged clothes and messy hair, lying on the wine table like a puddle of mud, rotten all over his body.

“Wine! Wine! Give me wine…”

This drunkard was already drunk and unconscious, and he was still clamoring for alcohol, but his money had been spent long ago, and he had no money to pay the bill. Finally, the shopkeeper threw the shopkeeper into the street, looking very embarrassed.

Seeing this scene, Fang Xuan couldn’t help but frowned and walked towards the drunkard.

Looking at the drunkard who fell on the ground like mud, doubts arose in his heart, and he reached out and turned the drunkard over, suddenly a vicissitudes and familiar face appeared in front of him.

“Tang San?!!!”

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