Douluo’s First Blade Chapter 512


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Fang Xuan absolutely didn’t expect, I would meet Tang San here. I have mixed feelings. Since entering God Realm together, everyone has been separated because of space turbulence. Now I have not seen each other for more than ten years. Up.

However, compared to meeting Tang at the third level, what makes Fang Xuan more puzzled is Tang San’s sloppy and decadent appearance, like a drunken stupor alcoholic.

“Tang San! What’s wrong with you, why are you doing it like this!”

He frowned and shook the drunken Tang San vigorously, trying to awaken the latter’s mind.

“Who are you, get out of… wine, give me wine!”

Tang San Both eyes are spiritless, with shaggy beard and messy hair. He didn’t notice Fang Xuan’s arrival at all. He was still clamoring for wine, and the alcohol was smoky.

“Wake up! I am Fang Xuan!”

Seeing Tang San’s decadent appearance, Fang Xuan was a little angry, and slapped him fiercely with a “Pa” slap.


There was a red palm print on his face, Tang San was startled, raised his unshaven face, and gradually cast his distracted gaze towards Fang Xuan in front of him. His eyes shrank slightly, a little unbelievable, and obviously didn’t expect Will meet Fang Xuan here.

Fang Xuan glanced at Tang San’s downturned appearance, sighed helplessly, and said: “Change the place.”

Tang San hesitated, and gradually got up from the ground, solemnly nodded: “Good!”


A noble hotel, in a secluded box on the third floor.

After changing and washing, Tang San changed into a clean white robe, trimmed his beard and hair, and his whole person became Mental.

With smooth blue hair, beautiful features and fair skin, he looks like a handsome man, completely different from the previous sloppy drunkard image.

However, what is different from the past is that Tang San’s dark eyes are full of vicissitudes at this moment. It seems that over the years, he has also experienced a lot of unbearable things.

“Fang Xuan, really didn’t expect to meet you here.”

Tang San sat opposite Fang Xuan, showing a pale smile to the latter, feeling the same in his heart.

The two chatted about their experiences over the years while drinking.

After hearing Fang Xuan talk about Qian Renxue being trapped in the Light God country, his nine deaths and still alive escaped from the hands of the Light God King, Tang San sighed and said in a melancholy: “Alas, Fang Xuan, It seems that you have experienced a lot over the years, come…a toast!”

He raised his glass, touched Fang Xuan, and drank it.

“By the way, Tang San, you haven’t said yet, how did you make it like this? What happened!”

After Fang Xuan finished drinking, he looked towards Tang San curiously and asked the latter about his experience.

“Oh, it’s a long story!”

After a long silence, Tang San sighed and said: “When we came to God Realm, we unfortunately encountered space turbulence and we were separated from you and Qian Renxue. Fortunately, Xiao Wu and I were still together Fell into the same unfamiliar continent.”

“So, we started living together in God Realm, worked hard on cultivation, and improved our strength as soon as possible. About three years later, I passed the leadership assessment and became the new leader of Divine Kingdom, so I got rid of 10,000 years of military service. In this way, I took Xiao Wu away from the Foreign Domain battlefield and came to Nine Nether Divine Kingdom to start a new life.”

“In the beginning, we lived happily, and with my innate talent, coupled with the abundant environment of God Realm Spiritual Qi, the cultivation speed was very fast.

From the Profound God to the Early God, to the Domain God, and finally to…the realm god! As my strength increases, my status in the Nine Nether Divine Kingdom is getting higher and higher, and I have become an important god! “

Silently listening to what Tang San said, Fang Xuan was very calm. With Tang San’s innate talent, there would be no problems in reaching the realm god, and he was not surprised.

He was just curious, what happened later that led to the once-fascinating god Tang San, turning into this decadent appearance.

“What happened later, what happened later, where did Xiao Wu go?!”

Fang Xuan tapped his fingers on the glass table lightly, staring at Tang San curiously.


Speaking of this, Tang San paused, his expression a little bit painful, he was silent for a long time, and finally slowly said: “Later, I learned that the Lord of Nether has an evil hobby, that is, he likes to occupy his wife !

Especially the beautiful wife!

The wives of many generals under the lord of Nine Nether have been taken over by him, and some have been taken into concubines for his lust. Many people dare not speak.

At a banquet not long ago, the lord of Nine Nether was greedy for Xiao Wu’s beauty and publicly stated that he wanted to accept Xiao Wu as a concubine. I was so angry that I naturally refused.

But the lord of Nine Nether was extremely arrogant and domineering. Seeing that I disagree, he snatched Xiao Wu directly with military force. I fought desperately, but still failed miserably. All my cultivation base was abolished, and I was on the streets. , Like a solitary soul, unbound ghost. “

Hearing this, Fang Xuan couldn’t help but sighed, a little sympathetic to Tang San’s unfortunate situation.

In front of the Lord of Nine Nether of God King Level, Tang San is just a small world god, how can he resist.

It’s like Fang Xuan, who was in the Light God country that day, with only the realm of the realm, facing the invincible King of Light God, powerless and small.

He is nodded and understands Tang San’s pain.

“Three days later, the lord of Nine Nether is about to hold a wedding and wants to force Xiao Wu to be his concubine, but I am just a cripple now. I don’t have any cultivation base. I can’t do anything. I can only drunken stupor…haha !”

Tang San gave a miserable laugh, shed a line of blood and tears, directly picked up the hip flask and drank stubbornly, trying to relieve his sorrow by drinking.

Looking at the decadence of the old deceased, Fang Xuan’s long sighed.

After pondering for a while, Fang Xuan’s eyes gradually strengthened, and he looked at Tang San intently, saying solemnly: “Tang San, if you say…I can help you restore your strength?”

Hearing this, Tang San froze for a moment, and then shook the head with a wry smile: “Thank you Fang Xuan, I know you must have accumulated a lot of heavenly materials and earthly treasures over the years, but don’t waste it on me. Even if I take your Immortal Medicine, I can regain my former strength, but so what?!

I’m still a small world god, and I can’t save Xiao Wu in front of the Lord of Nine Nether at God King Level!

Fang Xuan, that is a Divine King powerhouse, Divine King! “

When Tang San mentioned Divine King, he was a little desperate, because he knew how difficult it is to achieve Divine King. Even with his innate talent, it would be difficult to break through Divine King without 10,000 years.

Faced with the insurmountable huge monster, Lord Nine Nether, Tang San felt desperate.


At this moment, Fang Xuan suddenly looked up to the sky and laughed, and the laughter contained disdain: “Divine King? Divine King…what a fart!”


hearing this, even Tang San couldn’t help but stay in a daze. He looked towards Fang Xuan suspiciously. He swallowed and asked tentatively: “Fang Xuan, is it possible that you have broken through Divine King.” ?”


Fang Xuan drank a glass of wine, shook the head, and said: “I am already invincible by Divine King.”

Divine King…invincible? !

Tang San stared wide-eyed, his face full of disbelief, he asked tentatively: “Really?”

next moment, Fang Xuan slightly smiled, spread the right hand calmly.

Gold, gold, gold, gold, gold, gold, gold, the seven golden rings rise, releasing the rays of light of dazzling, and instantly illuminate the whole box.

Furthermore, that terrifying breath greatly changed Tang San complexion, giving him a feeling of worshipping.

“Divine King! You turned out to be a Divine King!”

Tang San sucked in a cold breath, looking at Fang Xuan with a complex expression, looking very shocked.

After a while, he showed a difficult look, he was hesitant to speak, and pleaded with Fang Xuan: “Fang Xuan, can you help me save Xiao Wu?”

“No help!” Fang Xuan refused.

“Why?” Tang San stared, anxious.

“Your wife, save yourself!” Fang Xuan glanced at Tang San faintly, drinking while each minding their own business.

“Didn’t I say that, I am a cripple now, without any divine force, how can I be able to beat the lord of Nether, depending on the old friendship, please help me.” Tang San Some eagerly pleaded.

After all, Xiao Wu’s safety is at stake. If the wedding is really done and Xiao Wu falls into the hands of the thoughtful guy of Nine Nether, she will definitely be better off than life.

Tang San could never watch his beloved Xiao Wu suffer, so he could only plead with Fang Xuan to take action.

“I can help you restore the cultivation base.” Fang Xuan looked at Tang San quietly, and said seriously.

“Hey, even if the cultivation base is restored, I am still a god of the world. It is impossible to beat the master of Nether, let alone save Xiao Wu from Sea of ​​Bitterness…” Tang San shook the head, Can’t help sighing.

“Oh, it seems that I didn’t make it clear. I mean, I can not only help you restore your previous cultivation base, but also help you…breakthrough Divine King!” Fang Xuan said with a smile.

“breakthrough Divine King?” Tang San was stunned, his face full of disbelief.

“Yes, if your breakthrough Divine King is at the same level as the Lord of Nine Nether, I want to use your innate talent and strength to stop fearing the Lord of Nine Nether!” Fang Xuan said.

“If I can break through the Divine King, I only need a hammer to kill the Lord of the Nether!” Tang San said with sharp eyes and confidence.

But not long after, he suddenly thought of something, his eyes gradually dimmed: “But Fang Xuan, even if you are the Divine King powerhouse, you are also impossible to help me breakthrough Divine King!”

Divine King powerhouse, among 10,000 world gods, one may not be born. It is true powerhouse, which can be called the terrifying existence of the God Realm pyramid.

Every Divine King powerhouse has experienced suffering untold hardships and long years, nine deaths and still alive can finally become the Divine King.

But now, Fang Xuan actually said there is a way to help him break through the Divine King, Tang San can’t believe it.

“I am impossible, but this thing can help you!”

Noting Tang San’s suspicious color, Fang Xuan faintly smiled, with a wave of his right hand, a drop of golden blood appeared in front of Tang San.

“This…this is…”

Tang San was slightly startled, and his attention was instantly attracted by this drop of blood containing huge energy. He swallowed fiercely, and shook his way: “The blood of Lord God? No! It seems to be better than the blood of ordinary Lord God Even stronger, good terrifying divine force fluctuation.”

He was fortunate to have seen the blood of Lord God, but the coercion emitted by this drop of golden blood in front of him was hundreds of times stronger than all the blood of Lord God he had seen before!

Tang San was puzzled and didn’t know what it was.

“This is the Lord God blood essence, derived from the heart and blood of Lord God. The effect of a drop of Lord God blood essence is stronger than a hundred drops of Lord God blood. With the Lord God blood essence, whether it is to help you restore your strength , Or breakthrough Divine King, I think it’s more than enough!”

Fang Xuan explained with a smile, and directly gave this drop of Lord God blood essence to Tang San.


Looking at the Lord God blood essence in front of him, Tang San’s breathing gradually became quicker, his eyes filled with longing, but his rationality allowed him to restrain the greed in his heart, and said embarrassingly: “Fang Xuan, this Lord God blood The essence is so precious, I can’t take it, you should keep it for yourself.”

Tang San really couldn’t do it for accepting such a treasure from Fang Xuan for no reason.

“An Xin accept it, I still have this Lord God blood essence, and now, Lord God blood essence has no effect on me.”

Fang Xuan faintly smiled, directly squeezed the Lord God blood essence to Tang San.

“Thank you!”

Thousands of words finally converged into one thank you, Tang San looked at Fang Xuan gratefully.

Although the two of them fought frequently when they were in Douluo Continent, they were enemies many times, but in the end they shook hands and made peace, and when they came to God Realm, they were not familiar with each other, and they really saw the old friend of Douluo Continent. , Really full of intimacy.

Fang Xuan thought quietly.

“Fang Xuan, time is running out, I want to refining this Lord God blood essence as soon as possible, and impact Divinity King Realm!” Tang San holding a drop of golden blood, looking towards Fang Xuan with piercing eyes, regained life hope.

In three days, after the Lord of Nether held the wedding, he must reach the Divinity King Realm before the wedding and rescue Xiao Wu!

“Okay, I will help you to help you refining Lord God blood essence as soon as possible!” Fang Xuan seriously nodded.

Then the two came to the killing space.

Tang San sits in the sky and concentrates attention completely on the refining Lord God blood essence, while Fang Xuan is aside, using the huge divine force to help Tang’s third level cast the god foundation, refining divine blood!

With the help of Fang Xuan, Tang San’s process of refining Lord God blood essence has been greatly accelerated, and her strength has skyrocketed!


Tang San burst out with a burst of golden light all over his body, directly from an abandoned mortal, he became a god at a hundred.


Level 1 Void God!

Level 2 True God!

Level 3 Profound God!


Finally, the sixth-level world god!

Tang San’s realm was climbing at a terrifying speed and quickly returned to the realm of the world god. He couldn’t help but screamed loudly, and his body was full of explosive divine force.

Followingly, World God Rank 1 and World God Rank 2… World God Rank 9!

He reached the world god Peak all the way, and a thunderous sound erupted from his body, and he was hitting Divinity King Realm!

Time passed, three days later.

Suddenly a terrifying natural phenomenon erupted in the killing space, Heaven and Earth changed color, the wind and clouds rolled back, and a golden beam of light rose into the sky, tearing open the night.


Tang San screamed, and finally broke into the Divinity King Realm. The terrifying pressure was permeated all over his body, swallowing mountains and rivers!

“hahaha ~Divine King, I finally become a Divine King!”

Feeling the divine force within the body terrifying, Tang San’s heart was full of ecstasy.

“Not bad! Not bad!”

Seeing this scene, Fang Xuan nodded with a smile, said to Tang San: “Let’s go, go to Nether Divine Kingdom, and stir up Heaven and Earth turning upside down!”


Thinking of the pain and humiliation that the Lord of Nine Nether brought to him, Tang San’s eyes were cold, his murderous aura was sharp, and his heart was mad with hatred. He followed Fang Xuan and left the killing space and rushed to the Divine Kingdom.

“Lord of Nine Nether, my Tang San is here!”

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