Dragon Ball’s Godly Saiyan Chapter 438

Earth is located on the south side of the North Area, where there are neither rare minerals nor high-quality slaves, so it has not attracted the attention of Frieza-Force. If Nappa raised his younger brother Kakarot in person, Raditz would never have thought of That planet.

Considering that there is a serious shortage of manpower to perform the task, even a Low-Class Warrior must be recalled.

With Vegeta’s acquiescence, Raditz set off for Earth.

Foul-mouthed found Earth’s location from the star map. Raditz glanced at the information on it, and there was a slight flicker of disdain in his eyes. According to intelligence, Earth is a planet with a relatively low level of civilization development. Even the interstellar civilization has not developed a planet. There is a native called Earthling on it, and the Average Power Level has only single digits.

This cowardly race, Raditz does not pay paying attention to at all.

“It’s a remote planet …”

“Trivial Low Level Planet, Kakarot should have eliminated the native one above.” Raditz as it should be by rights thought With.

Twenty years later, he has long forgotten the purpose of his parents to send the younger brother to Earth, only he thought he was sent to conquer planet!


The space-pod that Raditz is riding on bursts out brilliant radiance, and then quickly lifts off, “xiu” turns into a flash flying out of the current planet.

In order to delay the loss of life during the long journey, Saiyan usually adopts the dormant mode when performing space missions. This space-pod has a very small internal space, and it is extremely rough to take off and land. The failure rate is extremely low, and it is the most important flying tool for Frieza-Force and even the former Planet Vegeta Saiyan.

As Spaceship enters the vast sea of ​​stars, the hibernation system is gradually opened, Raditz soon enters a deep sleep, and the next wakeup is when the destination “Earth” is reached.

His ~~

White’s spaceship shuttles through the universe, dragging a long tail behind it, the blinking skill disappears into the dim universe.

On the edge of the West Area, Frieza ’s army is fighting over this remote star territory across interstellar.

Since cooperating with Saifi Influence, Frieza is increasingly dissatisfied with the North Area business, and has gradually introduced the war to other Galaxy, because of the expansion of Frieza-Force to the west, and countless planets in the West Area. In the hands of Frieza, not long ago, Ginyu Force just led the team to conquer a High Level Planet.

A click, the sound of the electronic door opening, an azure skin alien came in.

“Frieza King, Vegeta team has a spaceship off the original route.” Azure Ali reported truthfully.


Frieza glanced back and adjusted the spaceship to turn in the air. “Where did that Spaceship go?”

Ali hurriedly responded: “According to the Vegeta team’s report, they went to a planet called Earth. I heard that there was still a Saiyan that had been sent to them since childhood. Because the Vegeta team was short of staff, they were planning to speed up the recall of that Saiyan. Task progress. “

” Oh ho ho, when did the young fellow of Vegeta care about the task so much! “Frieza scarlet eyes were deep and cold, and the laughter was quite harsh.

After touching my chin, Frieza moved towards Zarbon with a smile: “Mr. Zarbon, you see, except for Vegeta, there are still some Planet Vegeta Saiyan on the outside, which shows that we have The investigation of a fish that escaped the net is not detailed enough! “

” This is the misconduct of the subordinates. “Zarbon bent down slightly.

Frieza initially gave him and Dodoria the task of pursuing surviving Saiyan. He thought that all Saiyan had been destroyed, but he didn’t want to survive one of the remote planets like Earth.

But Zarbon does not worry that Frieza will blame him. As a character who assisted Frieza since the King Cold period, Zarbon won Friez ’s appreciation for his modest Old Daoist approach. In Frieza-Force Frieza’s position has been strong and trusted by Frieza.

Frieza waved her hand, quite gentlemanly: “Mr. Zarbon is also responsible for that many tasks, this King will not blame you.”

“So to Vegeta Their private action this time … “

” Forget it, Trivial is a Saiyan, and it can’t make any waves. If Vegeta can serve this King in good faith, this King would be willing to see it, but it ’s a pity Young fellow has a lot of thoughts, so I do n’t know what I ’m thinking in my heart! ”

“ Prince that’s all out of the ordinary, so far, Power Level is only tens of thousands, far from being able to follow Saiyan of Planet Sadala mentions on equal terms. Saiyan is still powerful on Planet Sadala. “When talking about Saiyan of Planet Sadala, Zarbon’s face is full of fear.

Planet Sadala’s strength is unheard-of.

“After all, it is Saiyan’s main vein, how can the traitors of Planet Vegeta be comparable.” Frieza coldly snorted, and has misunderstood the relationship between Planet Sadala and Planet Vegeta.

“Well, what’s the situation over Earth?”

“It has been confirmed that it is a Low Level Planet when it was detected a long time ago, because there is only water and plants on it, and it lacks The necessary precious minerals and energy crystals have no development value, so they were included in the abandoned planet. “Azure Ali quickly added the answer.

Frieza touch the chin thought about it and decided not to care about it.

“People pay attention to Vegeta’s movements and report to me if there is a situation. For us now the most important thing is to capture the West Area planet. Other things can be put down first.”

“As you bid.”

Zarbon nodded, with a smile on his face, and then told Frieza what happened recently on Saifi Influence. When Friezar heard that Rolande and Queen Saifi were training hard When breaking through, he just shook his head and laughed, no paying attention to.

The power of “Super Saiyan” he has seen before. Millions of Power Levels are really good in the universe, but in the eyes of such a universe peak expert, nothing is true. Trivial Millions of Power Levels can break through and be strong enough to reach the strength of his 120 Million.

Not possible.

Frieza, as a partner, respects Saifi Influence, but in the bottom of her heart, Frieza has never really placed the opposite side on an equal footing.

His humility is only because the strengths of the two sides are very different. Powerhouse’s mercy that ’s all.

Frieza has always put herself in the position of aloof and remote from beginning to end, thinking that she is in control of the whole situation.

“Let Saifi Influence provide logistical support when necessary. Those planets conquered by Legion must also be auctioned out. Backlogs are not the answer.

” King rest assured, Everything will be arranged properly. “Zarbon laughed, gentle and humblely nodded.

In Hell, Luffy steadily promotes his strength under Rolande’s training.

The habitable zone of the Solar System, a cyan planet appears in front of it, and next to it is a satellite filled with craters. The blue planet takes its satellite to surround the central yellow dwarf. Doing periodic exercise …

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