Dragon Ball’s Godly Saiyan Chapter 440

White clouds drift and cool breeze.

Overseas Kame House is located on the coast of East Sea, with a pleasant climate all year round.

On the beach, Master Roshi covered a magazine and lay on the sun lounger hu hu fell asleep, and suddenly “Boom” loud noise sounded. A violent explosion occurred on the sea floor outside several hundred meters away, splashing and The water splash is as high as several dozen meters, and then under the effect of gravity, it turns into leaching rain and falls from high altitude.

The huge movement awakened the sleeping Master Roshi. He took off the magazine that was covering his head and looked towards the sea with waves. “Krillin, the young fellow, didn’t even let me sleep well, I knew he wouldn’t let him stay in Kame House. “

He was very relieved that Krillin had reached a height he could not imagine.

Under the sea, Krillin holding his breath, wearing a weight invented by Bulma, waving the fist seriously and holding the fist firmly, hitting the fist firmly, immediately like a blast, the quiet underwater world became agitated and powerful The attack flattened distant hills through the body of water.

Rising winds, scudding clouds are immediately above the sea.

Because of being in the deep ocean, the barrier of seawater makes the movements that seem simple at ordinary times become extremely difficult, and continuous exercise intensifies the consumption of oxygen within the body, and soon Krillin will have to go from the bottom of the sea Come up.

Oh la la, flew back to Kame House.

Krillin dropping from the sky.

With a little hard work, the majestic strength is released, and the water in the body is immediately steamed to dryness.

Master Roshi looked at him with a nod and nodded, “Yes, your control of energy is almost realm of perfection. Except for Goku on Earth, it is difficult to find a comparable with you. “

Krillin smiled at the bald head and said,” Master Roshi over-praise, I’m a lot worse. “

” Hey, don’t be humble, now is the age of your youngster I am very satisfied to see that you will carry forward Turtle School, and yes, will they all come to Goku today? “

Krillin nods:” Bulma will contact you and will bring them Daughter, Goten Teacher hasn’t seen Bulla yet, the child is terrifying just like Goku! “

Master Roshi is interested,” I’ll see you then. “Look at Krillin,” You Seeing that Goku has daughter, shouldn’t you also find an object? Isn’t it that you want to rely on my Kame House in the future? “

” I also want to find, but I don’t People look at me … “

Krillin is distressed, martial like him Artist, busy with training all day long, going in and out of deep in the mountains, where can I go to fall in love.

“Isn’t there a woman named Ranfan? I think you often contact her. It must be interesting to her. If you really have this idea, I feel take action. If you are late, there will be no Regret Medicine. . ”Master Roshi has met Ranfan, a good looking woman.

Krillin waved his hand sorry, “We are just ordinary friends, we don’t have the relationship you want.”

Master Roshi looked at him angrily, just about how to make a disciple. When they were in love, they saw Krillin suddenly looked seriously towards the horizon.

“What’s wrong?” Master Roshi put his hand on his forehead, and followed looking towards the distance.

“Just a weak Ki appeared on Earth. It should be from an external planet, but there is no big problem. This level of power can’t make any waves.” Krillin shook his head, That Ki, which appeared on Earth, is about 3,000 Power Level, which is unfounded.

“Well, you can be sure.”

Master Roshi is relieved to hear disciple say so.

With the rise of the martial arts atmosphere, a large number of experts have emerged from the Earth younger generation. Although it is not yet possible to talk to Tien Shinhan and Krillin about their onion on equal terms, Master Roshi believes that the times are always improving, and elderly people like him Can’t help them in strength, but can sometimes give youngster some direction.

“Okay, let’s pack up and wait for Goku, they’re coming,” Master Roshi said.

Krillin did not pay Ki paying attention to that suddenly appeared on Earth, nodded, and began to pick up the furnishings in Kame House together with Master Roshi.

On the vast plains, surging yellow sand rises a long snake, a little girl wearing a red-orange martial arts uniform with a pigtail on her head. Running on the plain, the little girl speed is extremely fast, and the effect of blinking disappears from the sight, and the flying chicken leaves a dust.

Crossing the plain and entering Large Grassland, the little girl started chasing a cheetah excitedly, and hee hee haha ​​gave a smiling smile to the ear.

Until the cheetah was exhausted and exhausted, he patted his ass to find the next play target, and looked at a snow-capped mountain far away. This pigtailed little girl rolled the eyes. Run in the direction.

On the other side of the snow-capped mountains, the temperature has dropped below zero. In this deserted frozen land, Piccolo is wearing his white cloak and hat that have not changed for many years, and quietly meditates on the snow. Suddenly a gust of wind came, Piccolo’s eyes opened sharply, and he saw a severe attack moved towards him.

“Who?” Piccolo shyly shouted, reaching out and striking at the attacker.


The two fist collided in midair, and immediately bursts out a violent and stern whirlwind. The range of the impact point circumference 100 meters suddenly trembled, and the snow began to fall. Shen, crushed into crystal ice crystals by the strong wind.

Wow, the silhouette of the sneak attack sent out directly.

“Bulla !!!!”

A sudden burst of cold light burst out of Piccolo’s eyes, and his arms suddenly stretched out, speeding past the little girl that leap out and holding Her calf lifted her upside down.

Bulla flaps her feet, her limbs constantly struggling.

“Let me go, let me go!”

“It’s your little demon again, I warn you, if you come to me again, you will be blamed by my impolite.” Piccolo complexion ice-cold looked at Bulla.

“hmph, I just want to try how good you are.”

“Hurry up, don’t think you are a daughter of Son Goku, I won’t kill you Now, even if you are father, it is not my opponent anymore. “After training into Kaio-ken, Piccolo’s strength has been significantly promoted, and Son Goku, who also masters Kaio-ken, can’t compare with him.

Bulla flattened her mouth, “If you dare to bully me, I will not let you go when Big Brother returns.”

“Don’t think that after a year of training, You can climb on top of me. You, Little Missy, are far from good. “

Piccolo’s forehead showed a few blue tendons, looked at Bulla angrily, and kicked her directly to the sky But after a while, Bulla flew back eagerly again, Piccolo was silent for a while, simply ignored her, and sat down to continue meditating.

“Hee hee … the funny people are here.”

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