Dragon Ball’s Godly Saiyan Chapter 441

“Hee hee … interesting people are here.”

Bulla waited quietly, about ten seconds later, a brown silhouette flew from the vast sky and stopped at a distance from Bulla Fifty or six meters.

The man was wearing a brown battle-armor with long hair and a chaotic energy on his body, but he was passable on the strength.


Looking at the appearance of the opposite side, Bulla tilted her head, and her lovely face smiled even brighter.

“Uncle, are you here for me?” Bulla’s soft voice came.

Raditz frowns, with doubts on his face, “Strange, it’s not Kakarot, a little demon’s Power Level has actually reached 845 Power Level. How can the Low Level Planet’s native have such strength, shouldn’t it? Is the scouter faulty! “

Scouter checked the little girl in front of me again, and the result was still 845 Power Level. This time Raditz was surprised, didn’t expect trivial on a Low Level Planet. There will be such a powerful child, even if it is Saiyan’s child, it cannot be so strong at such a large age.

“Yi!” Raditz suddenly saw the little girl shaking behind her and took a tail, her eyes lit up.

“Little demon, are you Saiyan?”

“My name is Bulla and I am four years old.” Bulla suddenly became very polite and introduced herself seriously.

Raditz doesn’t care what her name is, at this time he has determined from the characteristics that the opposite side is Saiyan, and now he just wants to know if the opposite side is the child of his younger brother Kakarot.

“Is your father called Kakarot! Yes, there is only Kakarot and Saiyan on Earth. You must be a child of Kakarot, please take me to find your father!”

Bulla The cute little egg looked at Raditz.

Seeing that the opposite side was unmoved, Raditz’s brows frowned, and her tone became bad, “little demon, haven’t you heard me? I’m your Father’s Big Brother, hurry me up See you father. “

” What are you looking for in my father? “

Bulla looked puzzled at Saiyan, who is a Big Brother who claimed to be father.

From the opposite side, she felt a violent Ki. This Ki is very confusing and does not know how to converge. She never saw the power to control it during Planet Sadala and Saibamen Planet to gain experience. Rough warrior.

“You and your father Kakarot are both members of the Saiyan Race. Our Saiyan Race is a rare warrior race in the universe. It mainly lives on the battle planet. Unfortunately, 23 years ago Saiyan Race with homeworld Planet Vegeta was destroyed together, and there are very few Saiyan remaining. Because of lack of manpower, I am now bringing you back by the order of Prince Vegeta. Well, you this child can have such a powerful power, maybe it is an Elite Warrior , Will definitely be reused when you go back. “

” Cut, what Prince Vegeta, Saiyan has no Prince at all, only Ascar Princess! “Bulla seriously.

“Talk nonsense!”

Raditz snapped and said in a bad tone: “Saiyan Race has only one Prince Vegeta, where did it come from Ascar Princess, what did Kakarot teach you? , I’d like to ask him, why haven’t the native kill all on Earth been so far! “

Bulla is upset,” Ascar older sister is the future queen of Saiyan Race. “

“You guy is too much, actually asked me father to kill Earthling, and I’ll grab you now.” With that, Bulla tightened his belt and looked like he was going to do it.

Raditz saw it and laughed heartily with disdain: “haha, it’s ridiculous. Even if you have a powerful Power Level like 845, it’s not my opponent!”

“Stupid, you must have never seen the world, I do n’t know the power of this Sir, but you ca n’t blame you, after all, you have n’t left Earth, you have n’t seen the vastness of the outside world, and Kakarot is just a weak Low -Class Warrior, it’s impossible to tell you this. “

” That’s all, let me tell you! “Raditz was brewing.

“This Sir is a member of the Vegeta team-Raditz, a powerful Warrior with a 3,100 Power Level! The Vegeta team is an elite team of Universe Overlord Frieza subordinate specializing in high-intensity combat, in the Universe Status second only to Ginyu Force! “

” 3,100 Power Level very strong? “Bulla was shocked, somewhat unfathomable.

That’s why Power Level is so proud?

Raditz was very satisfied with Bulla’s shocked look, and raised his chest proudly, “Of course, the 3,100 Power Level is already a rarely seen expert in the universe. The planet in the universe is divided into Low Level Planet. , Middle Level Planet and High Level Planet, the earth you live in is just a trivial Low Level Planet. The highest Power Level above does not exceed 1,000 Power Level. “

” Forget it, you may also say these I do n’t understand, let you see it now, put away your sense of terrifying power, you must know that even in the Saiyan Race, it is rare for a power level to exceed 3,000 in adulthood. Do n’t be too surprised! “

Raditz laughs arrogantly, then releases his power a little bit.

Isn’t it interesting to show her power in front of her niece, and let her look at herself with admiration? At this time Raditz suddenly felt that Kakarot stayed on Earth and added a trace of bloodline to the Saiyan Race, and also contributed.

Raditz thinks intoxicatedly, and gradually exerts his strength.

Saiyan does not know Suppressing Ki, but they are also divided into combat and peacetime in daily life. The power of the two is quite different.

While Raditz loosened his restraint completely, a whirlwind swept wildly, Bulla stood in front of him, and the light purple hair was blown up and fluttered.

“How about, aren’t you surprised? I tell you, this Sir’s current Power Level is 3,100, and Saiyan at the peak period is also mid-grade!” Raditz smiled proudly, He was able to achieve such power thanks to their tempering of Vegeta and Nappa.

Bulla may be stunned by Raditz’s power, staring at him with two eyes, seeming to find something different.

But after searching for a long time, I still didn’t find anything different.

Planet Sadala Saiyan population is scarce and the quantity is insufficient to make up for. Every Saiyan is an Elite Warrior. A strong person can become a Super Warrior even in adulthood. That is more than 100,000 Power Level warriors, let alone It is said that there is her cousin, 2 Million Power Level is not a joke.

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