Dragon Ball’s Godly Saiyan Chapter 453

The Queen’s Guard and Ascar teams belong to Sephelia and Ascar. Until now is known for its small number of people, especially Queen’s Guard. It has maintained a number of nine people for a long time. If you want to enter Guardsmen, you are not afraid to complete a heavenly ascension challenge. Said to be the most difficult battle team in the Universe selection.

Strict selection has given the two team members a powerful Power Level, but with the expansion of Saifi Influence, especially with the development of Ascar Legion in the East Area, the number of the two teams seems to be somewhat insufficient.

The need to expand the team becomes urgent.

If a round of selection is held on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Saifi Influence, while evaluating the comprehensive strength of Saiyan, it is a good choice to expand the number of two teams by the way.

In principle, Rolande agreed to hold such a Martial Arts Tournament, but this oversized tournament is extremely troublesome to handle. The venue of the tournament and the screening of the participants need to be strictly checked. Divided people mixed in.

These will be handled by Hulls and Nalice.

“The tournament is planned to be selected in a certain planet within Saifi Influence, and the time will be a month later, so that Lyss Race personnel can use this period of time to transform the planet and build it. Enough to adapt to the competition strength of the arena, but also to consider the defensive strength, these can be replaced by the Battle Robot, so the number of Robots needs to increase … “

Hertz has begun to think about the details of tournament considerations.

Rolande saw Hertz thoughtfully, with a smile on her face, and suddenly remembered something, “Yes, I must do a good job in catering when the tournament is held. At that time, I am going to invite a distinguished Come here. “

” Well, you can rest assured that you are satisfied with the food and beverage. “Saiyan of Planet Sadala is also very strict about the diet.

Hertz asked puzzledly, “Who are you going to invite, Galactic Patrol, or Galactic Mercenary Organization?”

These two universe-type organizations follow Saifi Influence has a closer relationship.

Rolande laughed and shook his head: “No, the opposite side is a hidden God. I have only seen a few faces, but I do n’t know if the opposite side is willing to condescend Ah!”

“Anyone who made you all call God?” Hertz was a little surprised after listening.

“Why not, in the eyes of a real expert, I’m not an influential figure, then you will understood.”

Hertz see Rolande is not will not speak without thinking, when soon Keep things in mind, nodded means that everything will be arranged properly. Hertz was naturally at ease with Rolande, and she turned over the publicity of the tournament to Hertz and Nalice, who took Bardock out of the office.

The person Rolande wants to invite is actually Whis.

Since returning from Alternate Timeline, Rolande has been solidifying his strength. After a year of precipitation, he feels that he has precipitated almost. The next step is to break through, but training to him strength, the subsequent path is actually very clear.

It cannot be to continue to develop physical strength or promotion realm strength, and continue to be stronger along God’s path.

But the training of which speaks which is simple, but the actual operation is difficult. If you really want to immerse yourself in bitter training, it doesn’t mean that training cannot, but it will definitely take a lot of time.

It is very important to have an excellent expert guidance at this time.

Rolande immediately thought of Whis. If he can get Angel expert guidance that trained God of Destruction Beerus, his path will be smoother.

Whis does not have the aloof and remote pride of God, but is rather easy-going and very easy to get along with. I happen to know that the hobby on the opposite side is enjoying food. If you can skill at his hobby up and down, more It’s best to prepare some food and get connected with God like Whis.

opposite side can train experts like God of Destruction Beerus, casual guidance, it is very useful for yourself.

After leaving Hertz’s office, Son Goku hehe smiled and followed, “Rolande, can you take that Martial Arts Tournament?”

“Of course, but you probably won’t join the Queen’s Guard or Ascar team.” Rolande smiled at Son Goku.

Son Goku touched his head, “It doesn’t matter if you join the team, I just want to hand to hand combat with people.”

“I know you want to be free and unconstrained, If you want to join, just join! “

” Ah, many thanks, I am excited about the expert hand to hand combat with Multiverse. “Son Goku laughed.

“Master, I want to participate too!” Bulla raised her hand.

Rolande pressed Bulla’s small head and said, “If you want to participate, you must step up your training, or you will be eliminated soon.”

“I know!”

Bulla’s eyes complete the crescent moon-shape, laughed nodded.

I saw that Son and my granddaughter wanted to participate in tournament. Bardock also felt itchy, but considering his strength was not outstanding, he hesitated a little, and looked at eager to have a try. Bulla, Bardock suddenly shook his head and smiled, even his young granddaughter chose to participate in the competition, what he could not hesitate to do.

“I’m going to participate in the competition too, I hope not to lose too ugly.” Bardock also smiled.

“There is still a month left until competition. If you work hard, you can promote a lot of strength.” Rolande said.

“I decided. I will stay on Planet Sadala for the next month.” Son Goku struck the palm of his hand with firm eyes.

Rolande saw Son Goku and Bardock looking at their eager for a fight, and touched his chin, and couldn’t help expecting it.

Bardock is actually a warrior with innate talent. A month’s bitter training supplemented by senzu bean and Tree of Might’s Fruit should be able to promote a lot.

The things about Martial Arts Tournament were quickly conveyed through the promotional section of Saifi Influence, and the entire North Area was boiling for a while, especially Planet Sadala, all Saiyan After knowing this news, they were motivated to prepare for the tournament.

This result directly leads to the overcrowding of the training areas on Planet Sadala. Some ordinary Saiyan can only train in the training room at home. The better condition simply hires a guidance teacher. , Entered an emergency special training state.

In the universe, the teams performing the mission have returned to the mission after finishing the mission.

At first, the Galactic Mercenary Organization had a scare when it received the news that a large number of missions were interrupted, and thought that what happened to Saiyan, an investigation revealed that it was Saifi Influence’s 20th anniversary celebration.

“Hildis, the celebration of Saifi Influence, we can’t be absent, just go for a trip!”

The headquarters of Galactic Mercenary, the mercenary president found a white-skinned Alien of hair ordered him.

“As you bid.” Hildis nodded.

“The same thing happened in East Area, South Area and Central Area, except West Area. I vaguely think that the whole thing is not simple. The reason should be in West Area. When you investigate, you have to Pay attention to safety. “

” Hmm. “Hildis nodded, remembering the long instructions in his heart, then bent down and backed out.

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