Dragon Ball’s Godly Saiyan Chapter 456

The northwest corner of Saifi Influence.

The vast night sky, the Star River runs, the deep and quiet Universe is like a quiet forest, only the occasional flickering pearl-like starlight is dotted with the monotonous Starry Sky.

In the quiet darkness.

Suddenly, a bright light drew across the night sky, and a whole-body silver-white machine, Spaceship, quickly appeared in sight. The spaceship was about kilometer long, with sharp edges and corners, and a strong and powerful manipulator stretched at the edge. After the emergence of this Spaceship, the void seemed to touch some kind of button, and it appeared twists and turns.

Another after another flash followed closely from behind appeared, and soon enough, a machine like this Spaceship in the blink of an eye appeared more than a thousand ships.

“ebony Lord, we have reached the pre-selected destination.”

In Spaceship, the Lyss Race engineering team with a slight blue light on the skin reports to ebony.

Ebony glanced at the scene outside Spaceship. A red planet floated alone in the universe. It was a stray planet out of the bounds of stars. Its shape was about 3x of Planet Sadala.

“Beginning the transformation, not much time is left for us. Be sure to build a large venue that can accommodate millions of people in the shortest time. By the way, the battle venue for competition and the snack street must focus on construction. , It must be built to be spacious enough, this is the task that Lord Rolande personally explained. “

” Yes! “

” Sure to complete the task. “

Lyss Race’s engineering staff responded with excitement. This is what Lord Rolande who saved Lyss Race values, and must be done beautifully.

“Get started!”

With a wave of ebony, thousands of Spaceship densely packed engineering teams arrive near the red planet.

With the thick dust rising from the ground, the sight quickly became fuzzy. After Spaceship stopped, ebony and others wore protective gear and landed in front of the planet. Seeing the barren sight in front of him, ebony couldn’t help lamenting that a big project was coming, and then he firmed his eyes and ordered all clansman to hurry up and start work.

After receiving instructions, all Lyss Race engineers each and every spurred their energy and started construction according to the established plan. I saw these Lyss Race personnel or they were operating large machinery to clear the site and level the land; Or driving Spaceship to transport materials, constructing construction bases; or being responsible for overall planning and monitoring the progress of the project …

With the start of steel giant beast Boom, the construction project is proceeding in an orderly manner.

After a while, a flat and wide construction site was constructed, and then the larger precision machinery started to operate.

In the rumble of rumble, the huge machinery of each and every wields a thick steel arm to tamp the foundation. As each of these machinery moves, the earth trembling shakes.

This time Saifi Influence gave Lyss Race the task of constructing the celebration ceremony. The entire staff of Lyss Race did not take care of it and transformed the planet in the fastest time.

Time has passed for more than twenty days.

Redstone Star.

At this time, the appearance of the wandering planet in red has completely changed from the original. The whole of the planet is still dark red. The plates above are still so barren, but in the Northern Hemisphere of the planet, one is enough to hold 1 Million. A modern city with human activity has been built.

The center of the city is the venue of the Martial Arts Tournament, the most important event of the celebration. The entire venue is about kilometer in length and width. The hard ground is made of a super alloy with perak steel, which can withstand strong energy. strikes. There is a circle of transparent protective layer obliquely upwards like a dam around the venue. Because of the integration of blue stones, the protective layer has good ductility and impact resistance, which can maximally protect the audience watching the competition from the impact of competition energy.

The transparent protective layer will not be invisible if you do not look carefully, just like the energy protective cover, it will not affect the beauty, reduce the viewing effect, and can well protect the audition of viewing competition.

This is the latest scientific research from Saifi Influence.

Of course, the venue has been built so magnificently that it can’t just be a cold steel city. Humane services are also needed throughout the venue.

Looking around, can be seen everywhere. Umbrella-shaped buildings. These are service shop fronts, mainly snack stations. This was Rolande’s order.

-Be sure to let Whis come and not want to leave.

Out of the planet, in the deep space from the planet hundreds of thousands of kilometer, above 10,000 fully-armed Battle Robot densely packed form an array to form an airtight protective net.

The Battle Robot’s chest releases a strange stance. The usual work is to stabilize the operation of the planet. The emergency can also be switched to combat mode immediately, eliminating all criminals who disrupt the celebration.

But at the beginning of the celebration, there will be countless experts gathered here. There should be no influence with eyes and dare to take the courage of off Saifi Influence to launch an attack.

“It’s finally done.”

Ebony sat on the Spaceship and completed Rolande’s explanation without burden.

“Lord Rolande, the construction of Redstone Star has been completed, and wait for the celebration to begin.” ebony announced the progress of the work through the communication device.

“Fine, you’ve worked hard on ebony.”

“This is what your subordinates should be.” ebony overwhelmed by favor from superior said.

Rolande nodded his head, and the gentle voice resounded: “The people who are attending the celebration are already on the way. You should do the inspection there. Anyone who does not have an invitation letter is absolutely not allowed in. “

” As you bid. “


On the other side of Star River, Rolande hangs up the phone, then smiles on his face, looking Towards the gorgeous Starry Sky that is fleeting outside the shield, at this time he is travelling with Sephelia and Tights on Space Island to the planet “Redstone Star” for the celebration.

I stretched my waist and occasionally arrived without Instant Transmission.

“Tights, Galactic Patrol sent Jaco and Patrolman Merus over, and when the tournament starts, you have to tell Jaco, don’t let him get into the wrong person.”

“I know.”

Tights nods, Jaco’s guilty guy is usually not very reliable. He is just a mess in Galactic Patrol. Galactic King should not send him. .

In comparison, the Patrolman Merus is much more reliable. Each task can be completed perfectly, and the Sector under its jurisdiction is several times that of Jaco.

“Rolande, what kind of person is that Whis?”

Sephelia is sitting in front of Rolande, holding her head with her hands, leaning back, and her gorgeous face turned to look towards Rolande.

Rolande said: “Strong, faithful, quite gentleman, look at everything very casually, nothing can make him care, because his strength is already invincible, In short, our universe should not find anyone better than him. “

” unimaginable! ”

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