Dragon Ball’s Godly Saiyan Chapter 464

“Hum, it’s just thehundreds of thousands of power level, even if you don’t need Kaio-ken, you can easily beat it. If he comes to Earth, I call him back and forth, regretting coming to this world.” Piccolo looked dark Cold, the tone is full of killing-intent, Earth is the world he plans to rule, and no other people are allowed to finger.

The heavy killing-intent exuded from the sense to Piccolo, Suno is slightly uncomfortable, “If you put the battlefield on Earth, I am afraid it will be another disaster.”

“No Do you have Dragon Balls? Use it to strengthen Earth. “

” But Dragon Balls have just been used. If the opposite side comes fast, our Dragon Balls may not have recovered. “Krillin said.

“Then wait for the intruder to be wiped out before resuming Earth.”

“This can only be done.”

“Are n’t they companions of Raditz?” , The guy must know the situation of these people, we can first ask him to ask clearly, and then make plans. “Tien Shinhan looked at the Spaceship in the picture and said seriously.

Gine said: “Actually Raditz has told me about his companions.”

Next Gine tells about the situation of Vegeta, Nappa and Kagis.

After listening to Gine ’s talk, Krillin and others could n’t help thinking seriously. This time, the three Saiyans are obviously much stronger than Raditz. Of course, this did n’t scare Chi-Chi them, all they considered was How to minimize Earth’s damage.

“Forget it, the enemy will not enter Earth until half a year later, it is not necessary to consider these now.”

“Yes, what are we going to do next, in Planet Sadala training? “Krillin asked. After seeing the powerful world outside Earth, they didn’t want to go back so quickly.

Son Goku’s face is serious: “I want to train a period of time in the universe.”

“I don’t plan to go back until I have no revenge from the Queen’s Guard.” Piccolo slashed gold and looked at the blue sky outside the window. This time Martial Arts Tournament’s early stage performed well and directly entered the challenge, but when challenged to Queen’s Guard, he was taken by the opposite side. beat.

The whole process quickly made him unable to respond.

Tien Shinhan said: “Let ’s stay too, here ’s the expert that many, if you do n’t leave hand to hand combat with them, I always feel sorry!”

“This There must be a large breakthrough at this time. “

” Then stay! “

” Suno and I will rush back to The Lookout to protect the safety of Earth. “Chi-Chi And Suno are Kami of Earth and can’t leave Earth for a long time.

“Earth is enough to leave a person to guard, you can take turns outside with Suno to gain experience.” Krillin suggested.

“Uh.” Chi-Chi and Suno nodded and smiled.

About a period of time, Krillin and Tien Shinhan and others left with Nalice, Chi-Chi and Suno sat for a while and then left the training site, Son Goku and Bulma He stayed with Gine to enjoy the family’s warmth. Soon after, Bardock returned with his ragged Raditz.

When I heard that Piccolo and others had targeted Vegeta who was about to go to Earth, Bardock took a sip of herbal tea in silence and said nothing.

Raditz was secretly sighed, remembering the scene when he first arrived in Earth, and he felt sad for Vegeta in his heart, but he did n’t know why, but he had several points of expectation in his heart, probably not content with Only I have suffered such a blow. Pulling a few people together, I can feel more relaxed.

At night.

Gine asks when Bulma will have a few children with Son Goku. Bulma has always been very thick-skinned and directly teased Gine in reverse, saying that she is at the worst age than herself, and is still at the age of childbirth, causing Gine for a while sorry.

After Bulma and Son Goku left, Gine wondered if he should add a few younger brothers or younger sisters to Kakarot.


The stars are shining in the night sky.

Rolande took a bath with Sephelia in her arms, and after intimate communication with her, lightly closed the door of the room and flew straight towards the horizon in the starry night.

The bright Galaxy hangs on the other side of the Starry Sky. The mist is like a layer of veil, in the dense forest, the pine and lush green, the mountains upon range upon range of mountains, suddenly, a burst of air Suddenly, the humming sounded, the shadow sank, and a silhouette of a burly figure landed slowly.

Broly flew to Rolande’s side.

“Have you already explained it?”

“Well, there is nothing to explain.” Broly rubbed his head said sternly.

“This time going to Universe 6 is an opportunity and a challenge. You have to control the strength of your body. Don’t do anything that violates the rules, and then the consequences will be very serious.” Rolande mood grave warned, Universe 6 is much more powerful than Universe 7. It is possible to gain experience as an outsider, but it cannot interfere with the operation of the Universe over there. Otherwise, as the High Level God of the administrator, take action to give them a lesson.

“I understand.” Broly took a deep breath, his face full of anticipation.

Rolande nodded, then followed the summon Whis button, and waited for about a few seconds. Whis appeared in a burst of colorful flowing light, with a 4-Layer lunch box in his hand. , Filled with food.

In this period of time, Whis enjoys the food as much as he can, and he never forgets to pack a portion before leaving.

“Are you ready, then we are going to start.”

The dive staff in his hand was rotated, and the lunch box in his hand disappeared out of thin air, lightly coughed, Whis calmly said: ” Put your hands on my back and wait for a while, we will pass through the Universe barrier, do n’t have fierce resistance, it will be there in about ten minutes. “

” Um. “Rolande nods, one Put your hand behind Whis and grab the Broly’s shoulder with the other hand.

Broly’s face sank, and he was a little nervous.

“Oh, let ’s go.”

Whis lightly smiled, and the divine staff in his hand tapped twice on the ground, and then he saw a colorful glow of “shua” Rising, as if a water column appeared suddenly, engulfed Rolande and Broly two people in an instant, and suddenly penetrated the universe void.

“Arrive soon!” Indifferent voice.

Whis took Rolande very easily across the barrier between universes.

The eye-catching is the illusory and the Seven-Colored Channel full of bizarre radiance. Rolande has had some experience of going through the universe, so he has some preparations for the picture in front of him. , Broly is the first time to enter Angel’s Warp, and for a time, looking at the bright and shiny flashes around, I feel particularly interesting.

Angel ’s Warp ca n’t compare with Instant Transmission in speed, but the scope of the move is far beyond the Domain that Instant Transmission can reach.

Sense the situation in Seven-Colored Channel seriously, Spirit Power spread out, this Spirit Power soon dissipated in the space of illusory.

“Do n’t try to explore the outside situation. This Domain of Angel energy can guarantee your safety. Once outside this Domain, the chaotic dimension energy of the outside world will directly kill your energy. This leap Space Energy generated by Universe is not something you can afford. ”

Whis warned gently.

Rolande hearing this immediately gave up the idea of ​​continuing to explore the outer space.

Rolande hearing this, Spirit Power spread out, soon an infinite space appeared in my mind, just like Universe 7, this is also a vast and endless deep world.

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