Dragon Ball’s Godly Saiyan Chapter 469

“The most proud of our Metal-man is its strong defensive ability. Any attack is tickling for us!”

rumble! !

Marinta ’s body hit the crystal clear Sky Slash attack. Pieces of Sky Slash attack were like blades that were heated at high temperature and quickly frozen. After a violent impact, they shattered suddenly, and the fragments of broken blades were scattered. Go out and immediately explode violently.

Suddenly, a dark silhouette flashed, and came to Rolande’s side in a flash.

Marinta ’s hands pushed forward, and a touch of blood red energy condensed out. From a fist sized to a diameter more than a hundred meters in a short time, the color turned from red to dark, and became deep, Then came the strikers with the terrifying power of irresistible force.

Rolande’s eyes were fixed, his face very dignified.

“Void Replacement !!”

The energy of the terrifying was partly transferred into the void, taking advantage of a short time, Rolande transferred his body, light as a feather glanced away Marinta in the distance suddenly raised a palm and held the other hand.

“Even if your body is as hard as perak steel, I will make a hole in your body.”

“Entire Heavens Shock Wave !!”

“Banshō-ken !!”

Bright white’s energy attack zi zi trembles.

Under the influence of Banshō-ken, for a time, the radiance brighter than the sun shone, just like the fifth star in the vast Starry Sky.

rumble! !

The huge Fireball ascends in the Universe Space, the energy is surging, the red flame blotting out the sky and sun, the terrifying attack falls on the body of Malin Tower, the solid dark black leather The armor began to deform, and there was a possibility of being penetrated.

Marinta complexion greatly changed, with a splash of fire star, to quickly avoid the core of energy attack.

“It’s dangerous, this Saiyan almost broke my defense.” Malinta’s black smoke rose from his head, and does not dare underestimate opposite side anymore.

“What happened to your attack just now, why did the attack enhance that many at once?”

“I wo n’t tell you.”

Rolande looked at He shook his head.

Marinta ’s electronic eyes flickered and looked at the opposite side. Everyone has their own secret. Just like this Saiyan can actually perform body transformation, he has n’t heard it before, and he does n’t bother. Yu inquiry.

Suddenly attacked suddenly, Marinta ’s fighting style is simple and rude, or the entire Silver Star Metal-man is a style, which is relying on a brute force and invincible defense crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten Wood does a lot of hard work, but the hateful thing is that in the face of such attacks, other races really have no way to take their bulls.

However, after eating the previous losses, Malinta has a little skill in this attack, and she begins to understand how to avoid its edge.

The fierce battle continues, and Super Saiyan 2 ’s level of power is beyond everyone ’s imagination. Even at a far distance from the Silver Star, the energy of terrifying begins to affect that side. The alarm sounded, and the two armored men on the Silver Star simultaneously detected outside battles.

They have turned their attention to the battlefield beyond heaven.

When Rolande and Mariinta stopped fighting, on the other side, Broly drove the Spaceship quickly, and gradually approached an ice-blue planet. Several strange energy reactions were captured by Spaceship and quickly analyzed. The energy point above.

Broly selected the energy point above, and Spaceship automatically moved towards the ice-blue planet and flew away.

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