Dragon Ball’s Godly Saiyan Chapter 470

Ice planet.

A planet covered with snow and ice all year round, the gravity is about 60x of Earth.

Although it has been exposed to sunlight for a long time in a year, because it deviates from the habitable zone, there is only one season in a year, that is, winter. In Extreme Cold, even the vast ocean will be in Frozen state.

Such a planet should not have produced life, but the magic of the universe is that even such a planet in such a bad condition can develop its own civilization.

Universe Devil is an ancient race living on an ice and snow planet. They adapt to the conditions of Extreme Cold. Evolution has developed the lifeform quality of blessed by heaven. Every child has a very strong Power Level at birth. A higher level race in the universe.

The ice and snow planet is highly civilized. In the outer space of the planet, each and every technological creation wraps the entire planet tightly, from the ground of the heights of thousands kilometer, 18 super fortresses and numbers The endless defense satellites are scattered, forming a three-dimensional defense network.

On both sides of the super fortress, a huge turret with a dark and thick diameter reaching several dozen meters emits pleated cold light under the dark Starry Sky, like the ancient giant beast constantly roaring and angry roar!

Layer-by-layer defenses are combined with each other in a three-dimensional distribution, just like impenetrable defense, even if a fly wants to fly in.

Universe Devil ’s technology is of course not developed by themselves, but exchanged with the outside world by virtue of its powerful strength.

Although Universe Devil has the title of Devil, it is good to its neighbors and accepts the commission of customers. It often appears when Civilized Race needs help. Like Planet Sadala ’s Saiyan, it has an excellent reputation in Universe Most of the weak technology-based races are willing to communicate with them and seek asylum.

On this day, the deep and quiet Major Universe background, the icy and blue planet of ice blue revolves around the blue dwarf star in the center of the galaxy as usual.

Near the orbit of the ice and snow planet, a flowing light appears like lightning.

close-range observation is a silver-gray technology Spaceship full of streamlined aesthetics.

Broly driving the Spaceship moved towards the ice blue planet close, Spaceship quickly carried out a large-scale scan of the planet and locked a few places with strong energy response. At this time, the ice and snow planet’s reconnaissance device also found the whereabouts of Spaceship. Because unknown Spaceship information was detected, all the defensive satellites were activated in this brief moment, and the probes were aimed at Spaceship.

Lock it soon.

Eighteen super fortresses also woke up, the muzzle of a tube of Black Hole began to accumulate energy, and the dazzling radiance began to blink.

At this time, Spaceship ’s anti-aiming function also detected that the hull was locked, and a fierce alarm sounded inside. Spaceship suddenly accelerated, disappearing like a “xiu” like Instant Transmission. Through the defense of the ice and snow planet, it approaches the inside of the planet’s atmosphere.

Dudu du!

At the headquarters of the ice planet, the atmosphere suddenly became tense, and Universe Devil and the scientists they hired were scrambling to find what had appeared and disappeared suddenly. signal.

Soon they discovered that the signal had appeared inside the ice and snow planet.

“Why is that Spaceship suddenly appearing in the atmosphere, is our defense network just a display?”

“The technology of the opposite side should be surpassing by far us, just now The opposite side showed a superb maneuverability in an instant. This technology has only been seen at Universe Galactic Patrol. “

” Is n’t it the people of Universe Patrolman who are not always minds their own with us? Business? “

The people in the command talk in whispers, paying close attention to the sudden signal.

Suddenly, scouter responded, and a strange energy began to soar suddenly, “Not good, scouter detected a powerful energy response, 2 Million, 5 Million, 6 Million … the energy is constantly Beat … has risen to 14 Million Power Level. ”

The value on the investigator’s unfathomable looked at scouter.

“Damn, such a powerful energy response actually appeared on homeworld.”

One of the Universe Devil punched hard on the table case and hit a big Pit, complexion ashen stand up and shout: “Go and mobilize the troops of the elite team, must stop them before the injury happens to the homeworld on the opposite side. No, it’s about homeworld safety, only the elite team is not enough, Nalo, you go Notify the people of the special operations team. “

” He Sa Lord, the special operations team is still performing missions outside … “Universe Devil named Nalow responded.

“Let them come back immediately.”

Lord complexion ashen, even the most important task is not as important as the safety of homeworld.


Nalow shuddered a little, loudly shouted, and then used the communication device to notify the Troops of the Jingying team and the Special Forces team. All of them looked at the powerful energy that appeared in the scouter with a bad face.

For the Universe Devil Race, more than 10 million Power Levels are not terrifying. Some of them are experts who can subdue the opposite side. What really makes them angry is the oversight of the defensive ability reflected by the ice and snow planet. It’s so easy to let the opposite side enter the planet’s hinterland. Think about it from another angle, if this time is a more terrifying character, then can they also destroy their planet with no difficulty when they do n’t know.

This is what they are worried about.


On the ice-covered ocean, the flat ice surface is like a mirror, because the temperature is too low, the whole ocean is covered with a thick layer of ice, the thickness reaches One more than a hundred meters.

Broly came out of Spaceship, biting-cold wind, snowflakes fluttering, blowing on the face with knife pain, Broly suddenly was blown by a cold wind completely unprepared, of course so temperature and gravity For Broly, whose peak Power Level reaches several billion, it is naturally nothing.

Somewhat uncomfortable at first, a little frowns, and quickly adapted.

“It’s so cold!” Broly swallowed her mouth and glanced around, and smiled quickly at the corner of her mouth.

The volume of the ice and snow planet is more than 3x of Planet Sadala. The top 90% of the area is covered by frozen land, and the unfrozen area is less than 10%. It is mainly distributed near the equator. An uncompromising frozen planet.

The ice and snow planet is a High Level Planet. As Broly observed the surroundings, he sensed that more than a hundred powerful Ki were approaching him.

“That is the big man emitting powerful energy.”

“Everyone pays attention, the energy on the opposite side is not weak, do n’t let the opposite side destroy the homeworld, although the mother Star The Core has been replaced by a stronger super alloy, but the excessive strength will still cause damage to it. “

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