Dragon Ball’s Godly Saiyan Chapter 498

“Grandfather, when will the three spaceships return to Earth Ah?” Bulla asked neatly.

“About seven days later, Bulla cares about this.” Bardock said with a smile.

“Well, I want to defeat them.”

“Vegeta’s Power Level is as high as 200,000!” Raditz said with a nuisance.

“Is it very difficult to deal with?”

Bulla gave Radiz a contemptuous glance, leaving Raditz speechless for a while, 200,000 Power Level Of course very difficult to deal with, but This has to be for whom, placed on Planet Sadala, 200,000 Power Level really can’t make waves.

moved towards Bardock waved, “Grandfather, I ’m going to eat first, do n’t be too hard.”

“Bulla is so cute.” Bardock smiled happily.

Looking towards Raditz is even more dissatisfied, “Look, what a good child, when you first came to Earth, you actually wanted to bully her. Thank you for being unable to defeat her. You can’t clean up. You don’t need to eat today’s meal. “

” Ah … “Raditz stunned.

cautious and solemn said: “Will I have to give birth at any time?”

“With your strength, how can a pure-blooded clansman be worth your attention.”


Raditz was hit by this, and the whole person felt bad, but Bardock said nothing wrong. Saiyan, his age, followed Planet Sadala grew up together, each and every is so powerful that no one really can see him.

Thinking this, Raditz immediately sense bitterness.

Suddenly thinking of Vegeta and others who are about to arrive in Earth, I ca n’t help but grieve for them: Just like when I ran to Earth with confidence, Vegeta did not know what was waiting for them.

“Poor Vegeta, I still do n’t know anything about it. They certainly ca n’t stand such a gap.”

Thinking about it, Raditz ’s mood was suddenly all right. Quite a lot.

It seems that happiness is really a comparison. Compared with Vegeta who is about to suffer, they are now bitter and tired, and it seems nothing.



Spaceship successively landed from outer space.

These are the Z-Fighters who are training abroad. After a year of bitter training, Krillin and Tien Shinhan have greatly increased their strength. When Vegeta is about to arrive in Earth, each and every return from the outer planet Too.

“Tien Shinhan, long time no see, go to The Lookout together?” travel-worn Krillin, who walked down the Spaceship, saw Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu arriving at the same time, smiled and came over to say hello.

“Go together.”

Tien Shinhan smiled and three people flew towards the Lookout. During the flight, the three people secretly competed and secretly speeded, but no one flicked away, blinking skills. They had already crossed the Korin Tower and entered. The dimension where The Lookout is located.

“Your strength has increased a lot this year.” Stepping into The Lookout, Krillin observes Ki on Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu. Compared with a year ago, the Ki of two people is more intense .

“You are not bad.” Tien Shinhan smiled.

After seeing the strength of the outer planet, Tien Shinhan ’s temperament has changed dramatically. Well, aura has become more powerful.

“Those Saiyan have n’t arrived yet, but even if they do, Piccolo and Goku will surely rush to take action.”

“Maybe, they may not bother to treat small characters. take action? “

” I do n’t believe this. “

” Actually, I do n’t believe it either, we do n’t know the temper of Goku, when the time comes maybe we do n’t take action The opportunity is really a pity. “Tien Shinhan shrugged.

“It seems that you are very confident that you can subdue those Saiyan alone.”

“Of course, this year, Chiaotzu and I were not trained in plain white.” Tien Shinhan looked confident. Not to mention that they have mastered the miraculous skill of Kaio-ken, which is their usual Power Level, that is not to be underestimated.

They have heard the information given by Planet Sadala-the three Saiyan who are about to reach Earth have been dormant on the road, and their power has not changed at all. The strongest is still only 200,000 Power Level. 200,000 Power Level was a very strong power for them a year ago, but now it is not invincible.

“While everyone hasn’t come yet, let’s spar?” Krillin suggested itchingly.


Tien Shinhan readily agreed, and then two people would spar in The Lookout, terrifying cyclones immediately swept the lookout The Lookout, some training on The Lookout The martial artist could not bear the strong pressure and hid in The Lookout great hall.

“Krillin and Tien Shinhan ’s strength has reached an unfathomable level.”

“It ’s too terrifying.”

Old Kami is under the protection of The Lookout Looking up, the old face was full of smiles.

Suddenly, Old Kami looked up towards outer space, and he felt a few magnificent Ki was moving towards Earth, the smile on his face was stronger, “It ’s Chi-Chi and Suno, they are back. “

Recalling the era when Earth did not even have a warrior of more than 1,000 Power Level more than a decade ago, it was as if it was another world.

world has become too fast.

“Old Kami!”

“Mr. Popo!”

Chi-Chi and Suno came to The Lookout, then Son Goku ’s family also went out from the planet come back.

“Okay, you and each come back, Earth this time is worry-free.”


Outer space, near a star territory of the Solar System, the Spaceship carrying Vegeta three people swiftly crossed the void, and moved towards Earth quickly.

When the Earth is about to arrive, the dormant system in Spaceship is prematurely released, and Vegeta, Nappa, and Kagis wake up from dormancy.

“Hey, Vegeta, are we about to arrive at Earth at this time?” Nappa sat in a soft seat and shrank.

“Not yet, according to the computer, there is still about half a day away. Taking advantage of this period of time to adjust the status, we can give Raditz ’s younger brother a big meeting.” Vegeta ice- The voice of cold came from the contact channel.

“hmph hmph, can you see that Kakarot in half a day … the Earth may be able to sell a good price.” Nappa sneered, touching the beard on the corner of his mouth.

“Don’t care, the opposite side easily subdues Raditz.” Another Saiyan Kagis cautiously said.

“We are not comparable to the fellow fellows at Raditz.”

“Okay, conserve strength and store up energy, our goal is the daughter of Kakarot, that ’s what We should be concerned. “Vegeta gave a frosty warning, and Nappa and Kagis immediately stopped talking and lay in the closed eye meditation in their respective spaceships.

Oh la la, three spaceships draw a long track, dragging a tail flame moved towards Earth close.


Universe 6, destroy divine-planet.

Layer 35.

Sky calm and tranquil, blowing the cool breeze.

At this level, experts from other universes have gradually increased. Know that the warrior each and every who can get into the divine-planet training quota are the elites of their respective universes. The starting point is very high. People like Rolande who reach Super Saiyan 2 strength and enter the divine-planet, to be honest are rare.

Light wind blowing, disturbing Rolande ’s black hair, and the martial arts uniform on his body rustled.

Suddenly, Rolande opened his eyes, and the amber golden radiance to flash past, immediately centered on it, moved towards all around, a circle of meticulous ripples wafted out…

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