Dragon Ball’s Godly Saiyan Chapter 500

wēng wēng wēng.

The divine energy diffused in the air entered Rolande ’s body a little bit. The energy of the strong overbearing held his nerves and made him feel uncomfortable. Rolande carefully combed within the body energy. Under the influence of Dragon God’s Power, Fusion started gradually.

This process is exceptionally smooth, it seems that Dragon God’s Power naturally has a binding effect, and the violent Super Saiyan energy has also become submissive at this time.

“According to this speed, a new form can be developed soon.” There was a light smile on his face, and Rolande breathed greedily into the divine energy in the air.

puchi! puchi!

When the divine energy absorb is almost the same, Rolande stopped in a fit, then once again changed to the form of Super Saiyan 2, the crackle and rattle, silver-white lightning arc appeared again, but This time it was slightly softer than before.

After experiencing the surging power in his body, Rolande began to transform.

His purpose is to make Super Saiyan 2 ’s power no longer laborious. Even if he ca n’t reach the Potential Unleashed like Son Gohan late period, he should also reduce the consumption of Super Saiyan Transformation.

“Pu chi!” Several clusters of golden glories float.

Rolande no longer stays in the midair, his body glides quickly, and comes to a calm lake like a mirror, only to fall on a reef in the middle of the lake, and then sit cross-legged, eyes closed, all over A cluster of subtle fluctuations emanated up and down.

For a time, the entire world seemed to be quiet.


When Rolande entered training, a silhouette of lithe and graceful came over the lake where he was.

Marcarita ’s beautiful face is facing Rolande, looking at the mysterious Ki exuded from Rolande, helplessly nodded, the divine staff in his hand turns around in the palm of his hand, and touches the void. The energy was suddenly driven, and then all gathered to Rolande.

“Saiyan, for the sake of finding the right path, I ’ll help you.”

Whis and Vados ’guidance on the practicer ’s guidance is guidance and correction, and Marcarita However, I like to let it happen, so that the practitioner can realize it by myself, and then I will help after the training Profound Truth is realized on the opposite side. This approach will undoubtedly increase the difficulty of training, but once Wutong, then it will be a smooth journey.

This is also one of the reasons why Universe 11 has many talents.

dang dang!

Marcarita put a layer of acceleration on Rolande ’s body. Without his knowledge, his own training speed was accelerated several times.

Time has only passed half a day.

The original agitation of Super Saiyan in Rolande has disappeared, replaced by a peaceful, relaxed Ki, just as ordinary as the previous Full Power.

“I ’ve reached a kind of stability based on Super Saiyan 2?”

Rolande opened his eyes and looked at his condition in amazement, although it was still Super Saiyan’s form, but the silver-white lightning has disappeared. Aura is interspersed with a ray of light red radiance, which looks very strange.

Lift your hand, hold it into a fist, and try to use your body strength.

Aimed at a Demon Creature with a good Power Level, suddenly threw a punch.

rumble, instant energy burst, immediately terrifying energy blasted out, space shiver coldly, brought along a golden glow along the way, that Demon Creature was penetrated even with space. The shackles of the 35th layer of space have no restrictions for him.

The empty vacuum has been maintained for a long time, as if the torrential rivers are converging inwards, the turbulent energy is stirred up, and it will be calmed down after a while.

“With my current strength, it should be easy to get past the 40 floors in front of the divine-planet.” Looking at the destruction caused by himself, Rolande’s mouth showed a smile.

It is also undoubtedly unparalleled in peak power. His current strength is not comparable to that of Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 3 may be at this level. And because the power can be used in full strength, this control of power do as one pleases is much more painful than Super Saiyan 3, which is subject to many restrictions.

Possibly only Son Gohan ’s Potential Unleashed, but Rolande is already satisfied.

“In this state, it still belongs to the category of Super Saiyan.”

“Just call it ‘super power’!”

Rolande has finalized it and developed it himself The form that comes out is named “Super Power”, as the name implies is a form that is stronger than “Full Power” and is different from Super Saiyan 2, which is a firm step for his future training.

“pā pā pā ……” a series of crisp applause.

Marcarita ’s beautiful silhouette appeared beside Rolande.

“Marcarita Young Lady!” Rolande face startled, but thinking that the divine-planet was originally controlled by Angel, I felt as it should be by rights.

Marcarita nodded, “It ’s good to converge the strength of my body so quickly. I ’ll help you.”

“You just helped me?”

“Otherwise, if you want to fully control the energy in your body, at least it will take a month, but this is nothing. You have already walked the road, I just save you a little time. Go, go through the back. You can leave the divine-planet on the 5th floor, I think this is not a difficult thing for you. ”

” Of course! “

Rolande’s confident nods to achieve super After the power, his strength was significantly promoted, and the strange forcefield that had some constraints on him before had completely lost its effect.

He estimated that he had to go through the next few layers and it would only take an hour.


After more than an hour, the 40th layer of divine-planet will be extinguished.

Rolande stands on a hill, and the mist in the distance rises above the horizon.

In the sunset, Rolande and Marcarita stood side by side. This Angel from Universe 11 leisurely turned a cluster of beautiful hair, elegant and sweet voice said: “You have completed the trial, according to the agreement, you can now Leaving the divine-planet. “

” Leave now? “

The eyes of Marcarita light purple looked at Rolande,” Why do n’t you want to go, then you can stay In the divine-planet, but at that time, you need to reach the 80th floor to leave, at least the power of the God sequence. “

hearing this, Rolande can’t help being speechless.

The difficulty of the 40th floor is already terrifying. If it is the 80th floor, I do n’t know how much effort it will take. Maybe it will be imprisoned here for many years.

Despite the longing for the training environment of divine-planet, Rolande does not want to stay here all the time, thinking that he has been in Universe 6 for almost a year, and now that his strength has greatly increased, it is time to return to Universe 7.

“Marcarita Young Lady, can you send me back to Universe 7?” Rolande tried to ask, this should have contacted Whis, but in front of this beautiful Angel Young Lady, it was not bothersome. , Please come to Marcarita.


Marcarita faintly nodded, a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, “There is also a companion who comes with you. Do you want to send him back together.”

Rolande said: “I’m tired.”

As I said, Marcarita ’s divine staff clicked on Rolande, and immediately turned around, and when Rolande regaining composure came, I found myself back. Enter the planet of divine-planet before.

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