Dragon Ball’s Godly Saiyan Chapter 503

A satellite city near East City.

In the city, people are doing busy work as usual.

Suddenly, the rumble of rumbling sounded in the sky, the ear-splitting roar pierced the eardrum, and the glass outside the high-rise building shook faintly. All the people raised the head and saw three tows A fireball with a long tail flame like a fire snake cut through the sky and fell from distant outer space.

chi chi!

Three Fireballs quickly crossed the sky and moved towards the bustling city center.

rumble! !

Fireball fell on the streets of the city. For a while, the gravel splashed and the ground violently shaken. Three very large circular pits were smashed in the middle of the street, and three steaming spaceships were embedded in the deep In the big pit about five meters.

“Something has fallen off.”

“Is the stone meteorite?”

“It seems not, there is a white object in the middle of the impact point.”

People are curious and looked at. Some people with strong consciousness took the lead to sense that something was wrong. No matter if the meteorite fell or not, they began to drive away.

However, most people do not have such consciousness, but instead stop cautiously and take pictures from time to time with take action machines and post them on the Internet.


The door of the spaceship is open.

Vegeta lightly coughed, came out of the spaceship, and then Nappa and Kagis also came out of the spaceship, and the three people stood together, slowly raising the position.

“Someone came out from inside.”

“They can also fly, are they martial artists … ah, they have tails, Saiyan Ah!”

Someone shouted in crowd, because of the popularity of Tights novels, people are more or less aware of some outer planets, among which Saiyan ’s settings are the most familiar. People discuss spiritedly. At this time, most people already know that Alien is coming, they start to panic, either driving or running, shouting to escape the right and wrong.

Some courageous people stayed in place and continued to use the camera to shoot.

“Hehe, this is Earth, there is nothing amazing, and the air quality is too bad.” Nappa glanced at Earthling, who was running away, and took out a picture of scouter, his face immediately changed Must be full of disdain.

“It ’s really rubbish, Power Level does n’t even have double digits.”

“Fool, do n’t underestimate the native here, Raditz just loses because of this, these natives seem to be I also know how to hide Power Level. “

Vegeta the cool eye of a bystander, I always feel that this planet is a bit wrong.

“No way, their energy is obviously so low …” Nappa was about to say, facing Vegeta ice-cold’s eyes, and immediately shrank his neck and laughed.

Vegeta coldly warned Nappa, then the energy wave on sense Earth moved, and soon some fairly good energy Ki entered his detection range, strength about 1,000 Power Level, gathered in Northwest To the position, “There are six or seven natives with a good Power Level in this direction. Without Kakarot’s energy response, it is probably hidden.”

“First find those natives, and then ask Kakarot’s whereabouts from their mouths,” Kagis suggested.

“Wait a minute, I ’ll erased the noise here!”

Licking his lips, Nappa moved his arm and landed on one foot.

The body is half-span, the whole body muscles are tight, and two fingers are cruelly stretched out, and the amazing energy is gathered between the two fingers.

“Oh !!!” The finger suddenly lifted up, an amazing energy surged from the ground, the earth swelled up in an instant, terrifying energy bursts out.


The blazing explosion rises to the sky. In an instant, the whole city fell into despair. I saw a huge mushroom cloud breakthrough cloud, and the circumference range of tens of kilometers was exhausted. The life in this urban area has been transformed into powder along with the city.

In the thick smoke, Vegeta and Nappa and Kagis came out with a slight cough.

The hot grit splashed on his body, but their battle-armor showed no signs of scratching.

“haha, those hateful noises are gone, this time is quiet, I think if Kakarot knows the power of this Sir, he will certainly be scared does not dare come out!” To the ground, steaming yellow earth, Nappa laughed heartily with her eyes open.

Vegeta the cool eye of a bystander, indifferently said: “Do n’t be too proud, from the information you have, you may not be the opponent of Kakarot.”

Nappa yelled: “How Possibly, this Sir ’s Power Level can be as high as 12,000! “

” Fool, turn off the communicator first. “

” Oh, I almost forgot. “Nappa touched no Hair’s head smiled happily. Vegeta face turned cold, “I hope your words are not heard by Frieza, otherwise I will kill you first.” He never had any illusions about Nappa’s IQ, but this way of exposing his own strength, Vegeta’s heart could not help rising. anger.

until now, they hide their strength under Frieza ’s eyelids, they are secretly dormant, looking for opportunities for revenge.

Nappa embarrassed smiled, knowing that he touched Vegeta’s brow.

“Ah, Vegeta, you see, there are several powerful energies moving towards us.” Kagis detected a signal that several energies were moving.

Vegeta said: “hmph hmph, it must be Kakarot them.”

“They actually came to their own door.”

Nappa and Vegeta both sneered Then, a slight hook in the corner of the mouth, standing with arms folded and waiting.


After a few minutes, a few silhouettes came over the East City satellite city.

The first to arrive is Cloak, the solitary Piccolo, followed by a red-orange martial arts uniform Son Goku and Bulla followed by eagerly, and then Krillin, Tien Shinhan, Chiaotzu, And the two Kami of Earth, Chi-Chi and Suno two people.

Looking at the ruins of the unrecognized city, Chi-Chi’s face became cold, and a violent energy roared into whirlwind lingering around.

Chi-Chi has a cold face, and the voice of ice-cold squeezes out between his teeth, “Saiyan, you have done too much.”

“Earth native? It looks like the energy on the body is good.”

Vegeta looked at Chi-Chi with her eyes, attracted by the energy on her body, and looked towards the entire group next to it, seeing When Piccolo was a little unexpected, that guy is a rare Namekian, right? Even living on Earth, it seems that there are indeed different places on Earth.

Looking at the young Bulla, Vegeta eyes shined, she must be Kakarot ’s daughter!

“Little demon, you are Kakarot’s daughter! Tell me is your father here too?” Vegeta asked coldly.

Because Saiyan and Earthling look almost exactly the same, Vegeta cannot immediately recognize which one is Kakarot.

Bulla deflated his mouth and ignored Vegeta because Vegeta exuded a Ki that made her feel uncomfortable.

“courting-death!” A cold glow flashed in Vegeta’s eyes.

At this time, Son Goku stood up, “I am Kakarot, but my Earthling ’s name is Son Goku, you are that … Vegeta?”


Vegeta looked deeply Son Goku, there is no trace of sense to energy from his body.

“Son Goku, this Saiyan is my prey.” Piccolo stood proudly, his cloak swaying everywhere in the violent whirlwind, making a rustling sound.

Vegeta raised her eyebrows, and a trace of killing-intent appeared between her eyebrows.

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