Dragon Ball’s Godly Saiyan Chapter 504

“Father, this person is so arrogant.”

In the face of Nappa arrogant ’s arrogant sarcasm, Piccolo and Son Goku have not yet expressed it, but Bulla has shown his anger, this stupid big fellow The strength is not very good, not even eyesight, people with a little knowledge should be able to see Piccolo’s strength.

Bulla has forgotten that they are still converging their strength.

“A death came out, but I want to see what the fear you say is!” Piccolo sneered cruelly, wrapped in a cold Ki, twisting his wrists and neck, Then take off the cloak on your body and make a posture to fight.

“hehe, you understood when you wait.” Nappa licked the corner of her mouth, then loudly shouted, suddenly an amazing ki wave, bì bì bì, scouter violently sounded, Energy Value directly promoted to 12,000 Power Level.

“Hey, a little interesting, Power Level actually increased a large margin.”

Piccolo was shocked, and a slight tick in the corner of his mouth, if nothing had happened towards Nappa came.

“This is my strongest state. I usually have enough to hide it. Hey, Vegeta, if you do n’t have to deal with Kakarot and these resisters, put Earth in your pocket, here ‘S native looks exactly the same as Saiyan, maybe a new descendant may be reproduced. “

Nappa is intoxicated by himself with great power, unaware that the crisis is being moved towards him.

“Less nonsense, kill the Namekian first.” Vegeta was not interested in multiplying descendants. After coldly looking at Nappa, he turned to Piccolo. His brows were slightly raised, and he felt some uneasiness in his heart. It feels like something is going to happen.


Nappa moved towards Vegeta yelled, coldly smiled, his leg suddenly exerted force, slammed, and shot like an arrow, the ground was holy A piece of dust popped up, and the solid ground suddenly shattered into a crack like a spider web.

In the face of the strong attack of Nappa, Piccolo looked calmly looked at, and did not take seriously.

Sitting on the fist, the silhouette suddenly becomes blurred.

Nappa ’s attack suddenly fell through, stopped and looked everywhere doubtfully, “Why, man!”

“Nappa be careful behind!” Vegeta suddenly changed his face, Shouted.


Nappa has n’t reacted yet, but Piccolo ’s silhouette has arrived behind him, and a brutal attack has directly hacked it.

With a bang, Nappa made a terrible cry, and a sticky blood was directly ejected from the mouth. The whole person seemed to be hit by a train to speed along and lost control. Going out, rushing out of the distance of the kilometer and burying it in a rubble, lying on the ground in a very different situation

“How could this happen, I am not an opponent …”

Nappa It feels unbelievable, because the skeleton is shattered, and even the ability to move is gone.

“Nappa !!!”

Another Saiyan Kagis roared angrily.

“Damn, I know these people are weird, they all hide their strength!” Vegeta’s face suddenly became somber, he moved towards Saiyan next to him and shouted, “Kagis, you go and watch Nappa These exchanges are handed over to me with deal. “

” Oh, okay. “Kagis complied, moved towards Nappa.

Tie Qing’s face, Vegeta decisively began to release the energy of the body, immediately screaming in the wind, the heat wave was pressing, and the suffocating Ki filled the air.

Vegeta ’s heyday has 200,000 Power Level, and the well-deserved Overlord Level power, you know that even the Ginyu Force ’s Captain is only 120,000 Power Level. With the release of this force, the pressure of grandiose seemed to pour down like a long accumulated rainstorm, and the entire battlefield was shrouded in a disturbing energy.

bang! bang! bang!

The scouter in the ear burned directly, a choking smell came from the tip of the nose, Vegeta stared at Piccolo with expressionless face, and his dark eyes burst into cold light.

“You can make me use all the power, you are the first one.”

Piccolo was surprised at looked at, nodded, “200,000 Power Level, it turns out that this is your rely on! It can already be called a character in the Universe. “

” Unfortunately, this is Earth, not your impudent place. “

I licked my lips immediately, and my face was flamboyant. Condensation, a wave of mountains and aura of aura swept over like a tsunami-like grandiose, and in front of Piccolo’s mighty aura, Vegeta’s energy instantly lost its advantage.

“What do you mean? Uh … how is it possible, his power!”

Suddenly sense the power on Piccolo, Vegeta ’s eyes suddenly shrunk a little, and his forehead came Out of the cold sweat, Vegeta’s face was grim, gnashing teeth, did not dare believe in the roar of belief: “Impossible, trivial a Namekian, how could it have stronger power than me.”

“hmph, this is just Part of my strength is just, but to deal with you, you do n’t need to use full strength! “

After finishing, the silhouette of Piccolo is screaming, disappeared, illusory shadow shaking, and the time to appear again has come. Next to Vegeta, there was a flying sand running stone, Piccolo moved towards Vegeta and punched hard.

“Quick speed.”

Vegeta was shocked in his heart and quickly responded, resting his hands on his chest to resist Piccolo ’s attack.


A dull knock, a steel fist hit him.

After Piccolo hand to hand combat, Vegeta ’s face has changed, touching the sore feeling numb ’s arm, and a violent storm rolled up in his heart.

This Namekian is very strong, he is not an opponent!

“Namekian is so strong, I have never heard of it before.” gnashing one’s teeth, Vegeta’s voice is full of tangles, frost-covered face gloomy, he performed tasks under Frieza for many years, this It was the most powerful opponent he encountered, and even the Paragus who taught him fiercely was not so powerful.

Viceta was repulsed with a single blow, Piccolo was quite disappointed in his heart: “This is your strength, it seems that it is not much stronger than the big one just now, this strength dares to come to Earth, it seems true I don’t know how to write dead words. “

” Who the hell are you, you shouldn’t have been obscured before, “Vegeta complexion ashen said.

“My name is Piccolo, a Namekian living on Earth.”

“Piccolo …” Vegeta mutter to oneself, this name has indeed not been heard.

“Hateful! I am Prince of Saiyans, how could I lose to you, a nobody.” Cursed reluctantly, Vegeta suddenly yelled, bursting out of aura “hong”, 200,000 Power Level The energy turned into a substantial blade, and the ground Boom sounded, and a broad pit collapsed downward.

Shasha, a gust of wind moved towards all sides.

Sand and dust rose with the scorching heat.

Piccolo frowns, blocking the flood of surging yellow sand, the body stepped forward and instantly came to Vegeta’s side.

“Saiyan Prince … I have never heard of it.”

“You do n’t deserve to be called Prince of Saiyans.”

Piccolo’s words are like a blade inserted in Vegeta’s heart, making him unable to restrain one’s anger, temperament proud of him wishing to kill the opposite side, but Piccolo’s strength, so that he has no room for resistance. The pupils of black shrank sharply, and Vegeta clenched fist moved towards Piccolo to attack.


Two fists collided.

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