Dragon Ball’s Godly Saiyan Chapter 506

“Who is this person?”

Vegeta frowns looked at the tall man beside Captain Ginyu.

Ginyu Force is a fighting team with Frieza subordinate strongest strength. There are a total of five members. Although the number is small, each member has more than 10,000 Power Level Elite Warrior. Because of his decisive and cruel work, he has the Universe. The reputation of making someone terror-stricken at the news, of course, nowadays, trivial Ginyu Force has not been paid attention to by Vegeta paying attention to.

Vegeta is worried that since Ginyu Force is here, what happened on Earth must have been known to Frieza.

Did you hide your strength?

Vegeta felt a little unreliable in his heart, “What about hmph, understood, at worst betrayed Frieza-Force, the size of the Universe, Frieza could not achieve the point of hiding the sky with one hand.”

Look at the people around Captain Ginyu. In addition to the five-person group of Ginyu Force, there are ten other people on the scene. Each and every one of them exudes Ki that is not weaker than Captain Ginyu , But Vegeta has never seen it.

Is it Frieza ’s hidden influence?


“Goku, these people are really strong!”

Krillin’s face changed and he observed Ginyu Force entire group, his expression became serious .

“Tien Shinhan, Krillin, you have to be careful, these guys are not good to deal with.” Son Goku stared at Captain Ginyu entire group and reminded them of Krillin.

“Several shares of Ki with a Power Level of more than 100,000, it seems that Kaio-ken must be turned on.” Tien Shinhan senses Ki on the opposite side, actually getting a little excited.

As Earthling, Tien Shinhan could n’t grow as cheat like Son Goku, but years of bitter training, plus the self-tempering of Kai ’s Planet and Planet Sadala, also made their Power Level promoted to Eight-nine ten thousand looks, so when faced with Ginyu Force, not only was there no fear, but some expectations.

“Vegeta, the people of Ginyu Force are here!”

Nappa’s voice carries some fear, Ginyu Force’s name has been well-known for a long time, and there are no examples of mission failures.

Vegeta was dissatisfied when he saw Nappa timid. He was not easy to say at this time. He told Tarble and others: “Wait a little while you step back, this is no longer a battle you can intervene.”

“Oh, okay.” Nappa hastily nods, to long for evacuation early.

“That … Vegeta, do you know the identity of those people?” Son Goku moved towards Vegeta asked.

Vegeta glanced at Son Goku and said, “The tall man with that purple skin is called Ginyu, which is the Captain of Ginyu Force, and the four-people around him are his team members. As for the others, I I have n’t seen it, maybe it ’s Frieza-Force ’s hidden expert. ”

“ Not Big Brother, those who are not Frieza-Force. ”Tarble said.

“Do you know them?”

“Well, when I was in Planet Sadala, in addition to being responsible for the newborn baby Early Stage trial, I mainly dealt with documentation work. Seen in Planet Sadala database. “Tarble pointed at the high Major Universe people around Captain Ginyu and said seriously:” That person’s name is Lies, the strongest team of King Cold subordinate Captain, and the rest is him. “.”

“Is n’t King Cold retired?”

Vegeta was shocked. King Cold retired about five years before Planet Vegeta was destroyed, At that time, Frieza took full control of the King Cold Army and was adapted into Frieza-Force. Planet Vegeta was also handed over to Frieza as part of the King Cold Army at that time.

Ginyu Force, Berryblue, Kikono, Zarbon, Dodoria and other high-level leaders around Frieza are the old men of the original King Cold Army.

“King Cold has retired, but he still has a strong force in his hands. The strongest team is the ace in King Cold. It is said that it is not weaker than Ginyu Force. Little sight. “

” so that’s how it is. “Vegeta suddenly realize, and I have confidence in my heart immediately.

For Frieza and his father King Cold, Vegeta has never liked it, no matter how powerful the Ginyu Force and strongest teams are, at most it is more than a hundred thousand Power Level, not his opponent.


“Vegeta, you can get news about Dragon Balls on Earth, it ’s your credit, but your behavior of hiding power, you can give Frieza King a good explanation. A moment. “Captain Ginyu touch the chin, the burly body is like a hill, and there is a thick oppression all over him.

“I do n’t need to explain.”

Vegeta table expressionless looked at Captain Ginyu, with a tough attitude.

hearing this, Captain Ginyu ’s has not waited for him to speak, and the Ginyu force member Recoome around him shouted: “Captain, I think this young fellow from the very beginning has no peace of mind. Frieza-Force is out. “

” No hurry, these guys will have to deal with it sooner or later. Let’s find out the Dragon Balls news first. “Captain Ginyu smiled,” Mr. Lies, this is great. karmic virtue, Frieza King and King Cold Lord will be very happy when they know. “

” Happiness is certain, since there is Namekian on Earth, then Dragon Balls must be related to Namekian. “

“Well, I heard that Namekian will use magic magic before, but I haven’t paid attention to it. It seems that it is necessary to visit Planet Namek in person in the future.” Captain Ginyu is in a good mood.

“Leave that Namekian, and the rest are all killed.” The major Universe named Liesko pointed to Vegeta and others, and said indifferently.

Captain Ginyu laughed, a cluster of cold light flashed violently in the dark eyes, “haha, exactly, I have long known that Saiyan of Planet Vegeta is unreliable, and since they have betrayed Frieza King, then kill Okay. “The tone is indifferent, and murder is commonplace for him.

Lieus indifferent nodded, “They are your Frieza-Force people, you will deal with it specifically.”

Captain Ginyu hehe smiled, as early as when working at King Cold subordinate , Ginyu Force and strongest team are partners of each other’s collaboration. Captain Ginyu also knows the nature of Lies, and he stepped forward, shouted:

“Recoome, Jeice, Burter, Guldo, start Worked. “

” Yes! “

” I have long wanted to teach Vegeta that young fellow. “

With Captain Ginyu shout order The four members of Ginyu Force all showed cruel smiles, then stepped forward side by side and stood in front of Son Goku and others.

The cold wind of ice cold suddenly blows up, a fierce violent Ki hiding the sky and covering the earth.

Yellow sand flew up with fallen leaves, and his vision gradually blurred.

Seeing Ginyu Force and others begin to release energy, Vegeta’s hard face sneered, and Son Goku, Piccolo and others also expressed ease to move forward.

“Five people, the number is a little small, not enough points.” Son Goku murmured.

“Be careful, do n’t hurt Earth.” Chi-Chi and Suno, Kami of Earth, first thought of how to avoid large-scale injuries.

“Well, I know.”

Tien Shinhan and Krillin and others are nods, and then their eyes start to loudly shouted.

Then Chiaotzu, Chi-Chi, and Suno also opened Kaio-ken, and several powerful auras appeared. Bulla looked left and right, wowed, and Kaio-ken was not turned on, but the Power Level of 120,000 The resulting whirlwind blows her hair and keeps rising …

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