Dragon Ball’s Godly Saiyan Chapter 523


Central City, Zhongdu.

After receiving the news from Bulma that the Universe army was moving towards Earth, the officers of the Kingdom Department were like a big enemy, and they were in full operation. While they were arranging the evacuation of people everywhere, they were closely watching all What happens around the world at any time.

When King Cold ’s army landed in Earth, the news had been fed back to Cat King ’s office through various channels.

Cat King’s face was fixed, and he looked worried.

“The news that Bulma Young Lady has just delivered that Mr. Son Goku has moved with the leader of his companion moved towards alien.” The noncommissioned officer in the office reported the latest news to Cat King.

“Is the battle to determine Earth Fate about to begin?” The cat King expression turned cold suddenly stood up from his chair.


The sergeant nodded, and the screen showed King King Spaceship coming to Earth.

“This time the enemy is an alien called King Cold. The information provided by Bulma Young Lady is basically. King Cold is also an extremely dangerous character in the Universe. What we can do is to provide support in the rear as much as possible … I hope Mr. Son Goku will save Earth again. “

Cat King is sighed.

Most of the problems facing Earth in the past came from within Earth, but I do n’t know when it started. Earth seems to have become a popular place frequented by aliens. Shortly after the Vegeta and others invasion, A group of aliens stared at Earth.

And the opposite side is still King Cold who made the universe frightened.

Although I do n’t know what King Cold ’s strength is, what is its status in the universe, but since the opposite side can have the identity of Universe Overlord, its strength must be extraordinary. Unlike several major event items in the past, this time the enemy has clearly exceeded Earth’s processing limits.

All kinds of bad news make the cat King mentally and physically exhausted.

Sometimes Cat Capital Royal Capital wonders if the times have changed, why the influence of outer space will appear one after another on Earth.

And the only thing that makes King King feel lucky and proud is that Earth is not without resistance. No matter what kind of enemy it is, there are still a group of brave martial artists on Earth who are willing to stand up for Earth ’s Fate. And fight.

Now they can only rely on Son Goku and his companions.

“Earthling’s civilization seeds have been arranged on the Spaceship of Bulma Young Lady. In addition, through the relationship of Kami, Mount Five Element has also received a part of Earthling … Even if Mr. Son Goku they failed, Earth Civilization will not be complete. Wither away. “

“That ’s fine, even if Earth really fell,”

Cat King nodded, this is the only happy news.

“Go to Television Station. At this last moment, you should publish the news to everyone to let them know that behind their Annin’s life, there is a group of tenacious warriors who are paying for them.”

“Yes, let’s do it!”

Earth is at a critical moment. No one will think that this decision is too much. Central City until now is committed to promoting the development of martial arts. Although it has achieved certain results, Earth has surpassed Low Level Planet and become a Middle Level Planet, but It’s still a long way from being truly established in the Universe.

At this time, the crisis facing Earth for everyone, although it will cause an uproar, and even part of the system will collapse, but in the long run, as long as Earth can withstand this crisis, the sensation caused by the live broadcast will be a commotion for Earth Development is definitely beneficial.

Furthermore, if those martial artists fail, then Earth will not continue to save myself, even if it is chaotic, it will not be long.


So in the next time, all the TV and Internet channels that are playing around all around the world disappeared, and the display changed to a snowflake mode. After a progress bar was loaded, the screen became Cat King. Live speech.

In the live broadcast, Cat King spoke of the crisis that Earth was facing. After the speech, the video screen was finally switched to an island in East Sea overseas, which was captured by surveillance satellites.

The sea breeze is blowing, an island outside the East Sea, a brown spaceship appears in everyone’s view.

At this time, everyone knows that a new crisis has arrived.

“It’s finished, it’s Alien’s invasion again.”

“This time is East Sea, only a few days have passed since the last disaster in the East City satellite city. When did Earth become so lively.”

“I hope there will not be too much danger this time …”

“This is overseas, It shouldn’t be too serious!”

“It’s okay, isn’t King saying that, Mr. Son Goku and his companions have already set off, but the cream of the crop expert on Earth must be fine.” The optimistic person said so, but most The man stared at the screen anxiously.

That was Alien invasion, not a child’s play house, and Whole Earth will be completely destroyed.

So, chaos inevitably appeared.

But fortunately, after more than ten years of development, the number of martial artists has soared. Some guys who normally hide in the dark criminals have just begun to expose their ideas, and they were quickly solved by martial artists.


Crescent Moon Bay, King Cold sipping red wine leisurely. Due to the excellent mood, drinking at this time feels particularly mellow.

“When you find Dragon Balls, this King will make a wish to gain the ability of immortality, when the time comes to have a lot of time to enjoy.” King Cold thought with a happy heart, when he suddenly saw a The radiance of bright white crossed the sky, moved towards the cloud moved towards him, followed closely from behind, and came seven more radiance.

xiū xiū xiū,

Eight silhouettes dropping from the sky, Son Goku, Piccolo, Krillin and others landed in front of King Cold.

King Cold glanced at them unexpectedly and put down the wine glass.

“Eh, these Earthlings are the ones who killed Ginyu and Lies … well, they look very good in power.” King Cold touch the chin looked at it with interest, as if he saw the feeling The expressions of interest are all arrogance between expressions, without any worries.

Frankly speaking, in King Cold ’s heart, except for the legendary God of Destruction Beerus and Majin Buu that made him afraid, there is no one in the universe that makes him feel restraining fear.

The people in front of them have the ability to kill the Ginyu Force and the strongest team. Their strength should be considered relatively strong, but in King Cold ’s eyes, there is almost no difference between “more powerful” and “weak”.

“This person is King Cold?”

“Terrifying Ki has n’t started yet, just standing there, the blood on my body seems to be coagulated, uh … this feeling is really uncomfortable.”

Krillin and Tien Shinhan and others are imminent enemies, shocked by the fierce Ki on King Cold.

Son Goku and Piccolo also looked dignified at King Cold. The King Cold in front of them gave them a feeling full of edge, every action was full of unlimited oppression and power. Worthly is Power Level up to tens of millions of character, it is really not to be underestimated. .

“King Cold!” Son Goku said solemnly screamed.

King Cold surprisedly said: “You actually know the name of this King, and you ca n’t think of the small Earth also having the ability to communicate with the outside world, yes, you Earthling until now are hiding power, from you can kill Ginyu and Lee Judging from the strength of Yers, Earth is less a High Level Planet. “

King Cold ’s face changed, and suddenly laughed heartily: “Do n’t lie to me, do you think I ’ll do nothing after sitting in Earth, hehe, immediately after entering Earth, immediately, this King ’s subordinates It broke your Earthling network, so the news about Dragon Balls as far as I’m concerned is no longer a secret. “

“Namekian, you should be the maker of Dragon Balls, do not hand over Dragon Balls as soon as possible !!”

King Cold is full-bodied, with a commanding tone, expression is very arrogant, did not take Piccolo in their eyes at all, all this is built on his invincible power, in King Cold ’s In my heart, I never put Earthling paying attention to.

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