Dragon Ball’s Godly Saiyan Chapter 524


“You got the Dragon Balls impossible!”

In the face of King Cold’s imperative tone, Piccolo replied coldly, immediately removed the cloak and hat from his body, and moved to start preparing for battle. After removing the weight on the body, Piccolo ability is fully on, and the energy of peak is turned into a misty aura wrapped around the body, exuding a fierce aura.

The eyes glanced over Piccolo by accident, King Cold raised the head in surprise.

“Good aura, it looks like you are planning to resist!”

“Oh, fearless, you do n’t know what terrifying opponent you are facing.” King Cold said leisurely, his tall body standing in front of Piccolo, suddenly his voice was cold. Instructed by the subordinates around him indifferently:

“Yage, take the team to erased these ants. Except for the Namekian, kill all others. This King does not want to see these obnoxious guys.”

“As you bid!”

alien named Yage replied loudly, and after receiving the order, led a group of strange-looking alien moved towards Son Goku and they rushed over.

Son Goku and others immediately became nervous and prepared for battle.

“Bulla, Tien Shinhan, get ready!”


“The power of these small fry is not strong.”

Son Goku, Bulla and Tien Shinhan ’s faces were calm in the face of dozens of aliens who had been culled, suddenly loudly shouted, the air suddenly rustled, and the terrifying terrifying aura released from them Without the use of Kaio-ken, only the power of Base Form, the strength of Son Goku and others is also an absolute powerhouse in the universe.

Next I only heard the fighting sounds of “pēng pēng pēng”, and I couldn’t see any movement. Then dozens of aliens were crawled out of the crawl and rattle, and each and every fell personally, and they all passed out. .

“pā pā pā !!”

“Oh, the strength is not bad.”

King Cold applauded calmly, Son Goku The strength they showed showed him a little more, but that’s all. Considering that the opposite side can kill Ginyu and Lies, it is not surprising to have such power.

“Piccolo, let’s join forces, otherwise Impossible is the Opponent of King Cold!” Son Goku looked solemn and stood beside Piccolo.

“hmph, okay, I have been training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber for a year, and I need someone to test my strength. Earth is the territory of this Demon King. If I want to capture it, I first need to ask if I agree “” Piccolo’s tone was strong, and his eyes were fixed on King Cold.

King Cold hearing this, an intriguing radiance flashed in the eyes of blood color, it seemed to hear the same big joke.

“Your Namekian is really arrogant. I dare to talk to this King like this. It seems that it has been too long to take action. It has made people forget the fear of being ruled by this King. To tell you the truth, the Power Level of this King has already reached A staggering 90 million Power Level, this is a dream strength that ordinary people can’t believe. “

“If I want to kill you, just one finger is enough.”

King Cold proudly stated his Power Level. Like Frieza, he likes to watch the hopeless expression on the opposite side before facing death.

But what makes him unhappy is that after he said the Power Level, he not at all saw the expression he wanted to see, whether it was Son Goku or Piccolo, their face did not change much .

King Cold who wanted to see the shocked and desperate expression on the opposite side was disappointed.

In fact, before King Cold arrived in Earth, Son Goku had heard about King Cold ’s Power Level from Kai. Although it was a bit different from King Cold ’s own words, no matter it was 60 Million Power Level, it was still 90 million. Power Level is an insurmountable peak for them and can only fight as hard as possible.

“The next is the harshest battle. Only after defeating King Cold Earth will it be safe. Although I know that it is probably not his opponent, but with such expert hand to hand combat, my blood is still unable to bear boiling up. “

Son Goku ’s dark eyes stared at King Cold, his black hair slightly raised in a cyclone.

Suddenly a tight expression, loudly shouted:

“Kaio-ken x10!”

suddenly, with a bang, a dark red energy aura has boiled from Son Goku, ice-cold and aura full of tyrannical meaning makes the earth start to shake, affected by this terrifying energy, the earth cracks suddenly Sinking, spreading towards the four directions all directions spread out the broken area like spider web.

This is Son Goku’s training achievement in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Under Kaio-ken x10, Base Form 2.4 Million Power Level, he can exert the power of 24 Million Power Level in an instant.

It can be said that it is a shocking promotion.

“Bulla, Piccolo, full strength fight!” Son Goku took the pressure from Kaio-ken while moving towards Bulla and Piccolo. They glanced and yelled.


Piccolo and Bulla and others shouted in unison.

“Nine times Kaio-ken!”

“Kaio-ken x7!”

The Power Level, which is also up to 20,000,000, rises. The Kaio-ken they use is slightly lower than Son Goku, but it is also a shocking power. If it is placed in other star territory, it can be called king dominate there.

“Huh? What’s going on?”

Sense suddenly went to the opposite side. The energy frantically stirred, King Cold raised his eyebrows, his face gradually cooled down, and a pair of bloody eyes looked shocking to everyone.

Although it is not clear what the current status of the opposite side is, the sudden change in promotion power makes him feel a little uneasy. Although it is only a little, it is not allowed by King Cold.

Then coldly snorted angrily, and the next second, his face was cold and cold like water, and the cold wind rustled around him.

Boom, like a giant nuclear bomb exploding in the close-range range, a terrifying aura was exhibited from King Cold, Ki wall crushing came, the earth was crumbling, and soon offset Son Goku and Piccolo their energy, all the people present sensed difficulty breathing, as if a big stone was pressed on the chest, and cold sweat suddenly came out.

“terrifying, it turns out that this is the real power of King Cold, which is more terrifying than just now.”

“Unbelievably strong!”

Krillin and others have never seen the appearance of the expert take action of the Universe Overlord level. At this time, the power of King Cold Full Power allowed them to finally see the terrifying place of the Universe Overlord level expert. The sweat beads surging to fall.

“I hope I can stick to it for a little longer.” Krillin’s head sweated coldly and smiled bitterly.

“Everyone resolve it in the shortest time possible, but don’t let Earth be destroyed.”

Seeing this, Son Goku shouted loudly, and the silhouette suddenly turned into an illusory shadow moved towards King Cold.

Following the pace of Son Goku, Piccolo and Bulla each also speed up, moved towards King Cold to launch an attack.

King Cold ’s power makes them deeply stressed, although Kaio-ken can temporarily promote their Power Level, but due to the great burden on the body, with the passage of time, Kaio-ken can exert the effect will also be continues to decline, so they must seize the opportunity to complete the battle quickly when the physical strength is the best.

“hehe, put up a desperate struggle, that ’s all.” King Cold’s crimson eyes flashed indifferent radiance, facing Son Goku’s attack, his body began to move.

“King Cold ’s guy was too scary, and Kaio-ken x10 could not beat him, what can I do …” North Kai was very anxious and hurried on his little Kai’s Planet.

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