Dragon Ball’s Godly Saiyan Chapter 530





Under constant attack from Luffy and Ascar siblings, Bojack difficult situation responded unbearably. I do n’t know what words to use to describe my current mood. It seems that after his cut open seal came out, the whole world was as he imagined completely different.

Originally, with the strength of his Universe peak, where is not free and easy, I should do as one pleases to travel the world, and see the planet of an eyesore and wave it out.

How come today, but reduced to the sparring of two prodigious children?

Especially the opposite side is cheated and can recover immediately after injury, like Xiaoqiang who ca n’t die, kill can not kill.

“Aaah, my goal is to rule the universe, not to be a sparring person!”

The angry emotion eroded Bojack’s heart like a poison insect.

His face was distorted and his expression gloomy, exuding cold air like a thousand years of ice, and suddenly he looked at the golden silhouettes standing not far away from the wind, Bojack suddenly shivered, and a sudden chill came from In my heart, the hatred that had just risen was quickly hidden.


The light silhouette came to the side, Ascar stretched out his white and slender arms, and the hard fist brought up a dazzling radiance.


The violent attack fell on Bojack ’s body, Bojack groaned, and moved back 100 meters.

In the eyes, a cold cold glow suddenly exploded, Bojack power within the body madly stirred, the violent force brought a strong whirlwind, immediately powerfully moved towards all directions swept all directions.


Bojack and Ascar ’s short hand to hand combat, both aura squeezed each other, creating a vacuum zone in the sky, oh la la, two people disappeared from the place almost simultaneously.

“peng!” “peng!” “peng!”

Ascar laughed while moving his body quickly, fighting fiercely on Planet Metamor.

Each and every collision highlight shines across the sky and the earth, creating one after another new sun out of thin air. I only heard one after another rhythmic percussion sound like gongs and drums, the two bright rays were parallel to each other, or they collided quickly, and quickly separated, or entangled, rushed from the ground to the sky, and back from the sky to the ground And then quickly separated.

Invisible wind pressure turns into substance, raging on Planet Metamor.

Facing the Ascar of the more fights the more brave is, Bojack ’s face is somewhat pale, cautious and solemn responding, does not dare to act blindly without thinking.

“Hateful little demon, how long will it take to stop my attack, this innate talent is really too scary!” With infinite pressure on his body, sweat dripping from Bojack ’s forehead, Ascar is fighting fiercely, Ascar The power of constant promotion, from the initial inferior to yourself, has now been evenly matched with yourself.

According to Super Saiyan level, Ascar has crossed from Super Saiyan “Ascended” Stage to Full Power level. Even though it is not as powerful as Bojack, it is not much worse.

This promotion speed makes Bojack feel terrified!

“What the hell is going on in this world, why is Super Saiyan so powerful !!” Bojack roared resentfully.

At this time, the dark-green eyes of Ascar ’s lake-like clear water looked at Bojack, and together with Luffy, who also promoted Ki to peak, moved towards Bojack to attack in the past, two people at the same time bursts out terrifying that made the world eclipsed aura, and then “xiū xiū xiū” flew through the air, one after another afterimage appeared beside Bojack,

In the face of the joint attack of the two siblings, Bojack responded hurriedly, and began to be in a hurry, and some could not cope.


Using power to keep Planet Metamor from being destroyed by terrifying energy, Rolande smiled and watched. When he saw that Luffy and Ascar had been able to restrain Bojack, he was nodded with satisfaction.

“Full Power Super Saiyan, barely to deal with Bojack.”

“Ascar ’s movement is not decisive enough. Super Saiyan Form is a mode that consumes a lot of physical strength. You should try to make good use of every energy when fighting, even if the Full Power mode can maximize the Transformation Form, The power of within the body should n’t be exhausted all at once, at least stay within the body. ”

Sephelia tastes the battle of daughter, and can’t help but slightly hook the head.

“After all, I am a newcomer to Full Power Form, and I am not sure about the use of energy. I will slowly explore it in the future,” Rolande said.

“Your demands on them are too low.”

Sephelia gave Rolande a blank look.

Rolande hehe smiled and did not refute. Although Ascar and Luffy are definitely much worse than Son Gohan in original work, Son Gohan ’s growth is a bit abnormal at first glance, with an overdraft feeling of the future If the late period was not exploited by Old Kai, most of the potential would be reduced to Piccolo’s role.

In fact, the development of Son Gohan late period is really not much better.

Rolande prefers a long stream of water, and his two children can enter Full Power Form so quickly, he is already very satisfied.

Melutis shining beautiful blue eyes, sweet voice said: “The two children are very difficult to deal with, I am still only the ordinary stage Super Saiyan Ah!”

For this former Universe 6 Saiyan Queen, Super Saiyan’s subsequent stage is still far from her.

“You are not an ordinary Super Saiyan. According to your Base Form Power Level, even Ascar they use the power of Full Power, they ca n’t compare with your Ordinary Super Saiyan!”

Rolande glanced at Merlot, Universe 6 Saiyans Base Form Power Level is usually several grades higher than Universe 7 Saiyan, the two are not at the same level.

Meltis smiled demurely, calmly looked at Ascar their fight.

Super Saiyan beyond the stage, Full Power Super Saiyan, and even Super Saiyan 2 in the future, before unheard-of, was full of temptations for the Meritors of Initial Super Saiyan, so Merutis is for himself Future development is also full of expectations.

After all, Super Saiyan Form is only a means of promotion energy during battle. It is the Base Power Level that really determines the strength. Base Power Level is high. Even if the strength transformation of body transformation is not enough, no one dares to underestimate, such as Meru. With more than 40 million Base Form and Power Level, Tisie can reach more than 2 billion even if it becomes the most common Super Saiyan, which is more powerful than the average Full Power Super Saiyan.

The battle took place again for a period of time. At the joint subordinate of Luffy and Ascar, Bojack retreat in defeat, Ki became unstable.

“I don’t think it’s necessary to let them fight down.”

Sephelia settled down and said flatly.

“Bojack’s role has been exhausted, it’s time to give the final blow.” Rolande nodded his head. The villain Bojack is different from Demoness Lulu in nature. Devil will never serve to others. I never thought of conquering him. The best way to deal with Bojack is to kill it completely to prevent future troubles.

“Ascar they do n’t have enough energy, you ca n’t kill Bojack.”

“I’m going to kill him?” Broly raised his eyes and said this carelessly.

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