Dragon Ball’s Godly Saiyan Chapter 625


“How is the personnel arrangement of the Babu Star System?” After collecting the seven Super Dragon Balls, Rolande asked Ascar.

“Unrelated people have withdrawn from the Babu Star System, and the combat corps personnel are scattered on the four Planet of Life, always maintaining the order of the four planets.” Nodded, Ascar’s nice voice resounded came.

The appearance of Super Shenron is bound to cause a lot of turmoil. Rolande will not care about how other star territories in the North Area will react after seeing Super Shenron, but in the Saifi Influence under his jurisdiction, especially near the Shenron Summoning Center The Babu Star System must not panic the personnel.

Hearing Ascar’s answer, Rolande nods slightly, took a deep breath, ready to summon Super Shenron.

At this time, Ascar grabbed her pitch black beautiful hair and interrupted Rolande Summon Shenron’s movement, “Wait for father, because it is the first time to use Super Dragon Balls, I also contacted my mother, um, they are very Almost there.”

hearing this, Rolande glanced at Ascar and stopped Summon Shenron temporarily.

“Then wait for them.”

Super Shenron’s debut is a rarely seen spectacle. If possible, let Sephelia and Melitis see them.

Rolande and the others waited for a short time. About three to five minutes passed. The sky floated. Sephelia brought Meltith, Alice, Android 17, Android 18 and other entire groups rushed over, by the way. Son Gohan, who was a guest on Planet Sadala, also came over.

Seeing the protective Item on the entire group’s face, Rolande took out the shuttle cube again and let a few people in.

There is fresh air in the Shuttle Cube, and some protective items have been taken off.

raised the head, through the transparent film of the shuttle cube, looking at the Super Dragon Balls in the sky that occupies almost the same size as a planet. Except for the Sephelia who has seen Super Dragon Balls, everyone’s faces are all Showing the look of shock, I was really shocked by the size of Super Dragon Balls.

“Super Dragon Balls are so big!”

Android 18 shivered in shock, and her voice was shaking.

“This size is really big enough, and apparently Planet Namek’s Dragon Balls are only the soccer-ball size.”

“Incomparable, it is not a grade at all.”

“Shenron of Dragon Balls summoned is so powerful, it is really exciting.”

Everyone who saw Super Dragon Balls was surprised speechless by its huge size. Ferrouse, who came with them with Android 17, even blinked beautiful eyes. The crystal-like bright eyes seemed to have a stream of water flowing.

“Is there such a Dragon Balls in my world?”

Son Gohan looked at Super Dragon Balls in amazement. He couldn’t help but look forward to it, but then a trace of sadness appeared on his face. He remembered what Ultimate Shenron had said when he returned to 20 years ago with Rolande, because of the rejection of the rules. His world is not at all Super Dragon Balls.

The faint sighed, in front of the Super Dragon Balls with a diameter of more than 30,000 kilometer, the Namekian Dragon Balls he has ever seen are all insignificant.

There is a rule in Dragon Ball World: The bigger the Dragon Balls, the stronger Shenron’s power.

This point, Son Gohan has a deep understanding.

It’s a pity that he doesn’t have Super Dragon Balls, otherwise he might be able to change many regretful things.

“Hey, Heavens, Cell Jr. actually grabs Ascar’s sleeve?” Suddenly I saw Cell Jr. obediently following Ascar’s side. The devilish silhouette made Android 17 shook and guarded his side guardedly. Ferrouse, they belong to the Ferrouse Power Level in their entire group.

“Don’t worry, Cell Jr. is no longer a threat now.” Ascar rubbed Cell Jr.’s head and said with a bright smile.

“Did you subdue him?” Luffy asked quietly.

“en.” Ascar’s happy nods, “You think he is pretty well-behaved.”

“Uh, okay.”

Luffy sweats on his head and smiles awkwardly. Looking at the young Cell Jr. again, it is indeed pleasing to the eye.

“You are the Namekian of Universe 6, why are you in Universe 7?” On the side, Melodys also saw Grand Elder three people and asked in surprise.

Universe 6 and Universe 7’s Namekian are easy to distinguish. The Universe 7’s Namekian has a light green skin tone. In contrast, the Universe 6’s Namekian has a darker skin tone, showing a dark green color.

“She is the former queen of Universe 6 Planet Sadala, Melodys, and is now a member of Universe 7 Saiyan.”

Rolande explained the identity of Melodys and pointed to Grand Elder and others introduced: “This is the Namekian Elder of Universe 6, and the two next to him are Saonel and Pirina who guard the Grand Elder. They are both second to none experts. . They came this time to pay homage to Super Shenron.”

“Oh, it turned out to be Queen Melitis. Didn’t expect to meet you here.” Grand Elder smiled friendly. He also heard about Planet Sadala’s change of queen.

“Hello.” Melodys nodded slightly.

They are all the same aliens, and there are a lot of topics between each other. Melodys also asked Grand Elder about Planet Sadala.

“This Mr. Saonel really looks like Uncle Piccolo.” Son Gohan looked at Saonel’s face and said with some nostalgia.

“There are quite a few of Namekian that look similar, but to be honest, Mr. Saonel is really like Piccolo.” Luffy agreed with nodded.

“Namekian of the same type has a very high probability of similar appearance because of similar genes. Piccolo should also be Warrior-type Namekian.” Saonel said heartily.

“Uncle Piccolo is indeed Warrior-type Namekian.” Son Gohan nodded.

“That’s right, hey, I have a chance to meet the Warrior-type Namekian of this universe for a while.”

“Unfortunately, Piccolo is not here.” Luffy shook his head.

“Father, you can now summon Super Shenron.” After chatting, Ascar urged.


Rolande nods slightly, his eyes moved towards Grand Elder and Saonel, Pirina and others gestured, nodded. He immediately controlled the seven huge Dragon Balls floating near the void in the Shuttle Cube.

“Wait a moment, don’t be too surprised.” Rolande chuckled lightly.

The emotions of Grand Elder and Saonel of Universe 6 couldn’t help but get excited. They raised their heads and looked solemnly at the seven giant Dragon Balls shining with radiance in the deep sky, and their eyes were full of admiration and admiration.

Sephelia and others also looked expectant, and then quietly waited for Shenron to appear.

“It’s started.” Rolande took a deep breath, looked at the seven giant Dragon Balls from a distance, and shouted with “Divine Language”:

“Come out, Super Shenron!”

tone barely fell, the void suddenly became silent a lot. The Super Dragon Balls that had been shining with intense radiance before became silent. Rolande knew this was the silence before Super Shenron appeared on the stage.

Just as expected, after a while, several thunderbolt sounds suddenly sounded in the universe. Seven Super Dragon Balls burst into radiance at the same time, and the golden radiance spread, instantly shining on the dark universe, and the Babu Star System was bathed in In the golden ocean. The sound of rumble and thunderbolt is getting louder and louder, and the Ki of divine spreads out infinitely like a star burst.

The deep Starry Sky was instantly illuminated, the golden radiance filled the entire field of vision, and there were divine and warm radiance everywhere.


Wow! !

With a dragon roar resounding through the world, seven Super Dragon Balls burst out a large number of golden radiances at once, and these golden radiances meandered toward the depths of the universe.

At this time, a golden curled silhouette appeared.

That is Super Shenron!

The eyes moved slightly, Super Shenron opened two blood color full of majestic eyes, raised his head and gave a long scream, and began to spread his wings. At this moment, it is like split the heavens and earth apart. There is nothing to restrain Super Shenron. Its body keeps swelling, and its skill in the blink of an eye fills the entire field of vision.

“Is this Super Shenron, it’s really big enough.”

“Babu Star System can hardly fit it.”

The voice was trembling, and the scene of Super Shenron appearing in front of me was really shocking. The size of Super Shenron was too exaggerated. Compared with it, Earth Shenron, who was more than 10,000 meters, was nothing.

“This is Dragon God Lord Creation’s ‘Super Shenron’ Ah!”

Grand Elder and Saonel looked at excitedly, tears of excitement flashed in both eyes.

Super Shenron whole body is golden in color. The huge skull has sharp edges and corners. The two blood color eyes are full of majesty. What is especially noticeable is the pair of unfolded golden wings on the back, combined with the slender body. There is a sense of unparalleled majesty.

“This is just the beginning, Super Shenron has just woken up, and it is far from the full power of condense.”

Rolande looked at it seriously. Although the Super Shenron is the size of the Babu Star System, this is just the beginning.

People don’t know the meaning of Rolande’s words, but the next scene makes them wonder if they are dreaming.

Super Shenron looked around with a pair of majestic eyes, as if dissatisfied with the void sense that trapped it, his head shook, and it began to flap its wings. Each time the Super Shenron was flapped, the size of Super Shenron expanded several times, and soon Shenron’s The body expanded rapidly, the size of the planet from the very beginning suddenly expanded to the size of a star, and then grew to the size of the Milky Way.

Aw, Super Shenron opened his bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl, taking a mouthful of a planet and a mouthful of a star.

The huge body came out directly from the Milky Way, and finally swallowed a Milky Way in one bite.


The huge Universe 7 seems to have become a cage trapping Shenron. The space is so small that there is no room for Super Shenron to spread its wings and soar.

Beside it is floating each and every multi-colored spiral galaxy, like dust, illuminated by golden radiance, but each and every spiral galaxy, each one is comparable with Rolande previous-life Silver Milky Way of huge galaxy.

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