Dragon Ball’s Godly Saiyan Chapter 626


Super Shenron reason why is called “Super Shenron”, not only because of its size, but also because of its power. Golden Shenron, representative of divine and supreme, is the miracle left by Dragon God Zalama in the Zeno world. Its power is far beyond what Earth Shenron and Namek Shenron can compare.

If there is anything in the Universe that can be compared with the power of Zeno and Grand Minister, then there is only Super Shenron.

In front of it, even Angel’s power must be inferior.

In Universe 7, Golden’s Super Shenron spreads its wings and hovering around its body. Even the huge Milky Way is as small as dust in front of it, but what is strange is that such a grand scene, unexpectedly Did not cause huge damage.

It seems that in the instantly appearance of Super Shenron, except for the few people in front of Super Dragon Balls, the existence of other people in the entire universe is divided from the real world.

No, some people have noticed something strange.

In Destruction Gods Planet, Whis, who was cooking food, suddenly noticed the divine Ki appearing in the Universe, and his face changed. He picked up the divine staff and looked at Crystal Ball. He happened to see the appearance of Super Shenron.

After discovering that the person calling Super Shenron was Rolande, he was relieved.

“Fortunately, it is in Universe 7. If it is in Universe 6, I am afraid that it will be discovered by the older sister.” Whis looked calmly for a while, then put the divine staff aside and continued cooking his food.


Super Shenron’s belly is like a golden ocean, filled with colorful and gorgeous sceneries. All the planets swallowed by it in the outside world are all inside, but the size has been reduced countless times, as if Just like one after another small marble, you can push it away with a light touch.

“Are we being eaten by Shenron?” Ascar glanced around in surprise.

“This is Shenron’s within the body, but everything around it looks like an illusion.” Android 18 carefully looked at the planet illusory shadow near Chichi, touched it with his hand, and a few ripples flashed Moving, the illusory shadow of the planet suddenly turned into a few pieces of starlight, disappeared.

“Don’t touch those planets.” Rolande said softly.

Although the planet in Shenron’s belly is just a phantom, no one knows whether destroying the phantom here will affect the planet outside.

Rolande remembers that Zeno, who lives in Sacred World, likes to use planet as marbles when he is fine. Although it is just the illusory shadow of planet, it also has an unusual meaning. Every time you destroy a “marble”, That is, Fate was set for the destruction of planet.

The corresponding planet will face the catastrophe of destruction in the near future.

When Rolande and everyone were observing the surroundings, suddenly, a group of Ki exuding divine radiance gathered together and turned into a golden Super Shenron.

It’s still so huge.

When Super Shenron appeared, Rolande felt that the power of his body within the body actually resonated faintly, thinking that there was a sense between Red Shenron and blue Shenron and Super Shenron in his body.

Super Shenron lowered his head, looked down from the sky, and said in high level Divine Language: “human, speak your wish!”

Ascar heard a strange language, turned his face and asked, “What is it saying?”

“This is a high-level Divine Language, it is letting me make a wish.”

Rolande explained a sentence, and then also used Divine Language to tell Super Shenron to make a wish, “Super Shenron, Cell Jr. beside me is from a universe other than Zeno. Please change his identity and let him be in Zeno. Life in the department…”

After speaking, I waited quietly for Super Shenron’s response. Sephelia, Ascar and others didn’t know what Rolande was saying in Divine Language, but they could probably guess.

Ascar has bright eyes with a smile, and a slight anticipation on his plain face, waiting quietly.

A few seconds later, Super Shenron’s loud voice rang in his ears.

“this wish, very easy.”


Super Shenron’s huge dragon eyes suddenly lit up with a crimson radiance, and then this red light appeared on Cell Jr.’s body, a force of power burned and burned the source of Cell Jr. from the root. Then he injected a wonderful force to replace his sins.

Huh? Cell Jr. groaned, stretched out his take action and moved his feet. The blue of his body became deeper, and his pair of brown eyes became purple.

“How?” Ascar glanced at Cell Jr..

“I don’t know why, I feel a lot more comfortable.”

Ascar listened, moved towards Rolande nodded slightly, and then Super Shenron’s voice rang again, “Okay, your wish has been granted.”

“Then, goodbye.”

After saying this, the illusory shadow of Super Shenron began to dissipate, and then as if the world had broken, the radiance of golden shrank sharply.

When everyone was regaining composure, they had already returned to the universe. Seven golden light Super Dragon Balls floated in space, the color gradually dimmed, and Super Shenron had disappeared at this time.

After the realization of wish, a layer of rock-like texture appeared on the surface of the seven Super Dragon Balls, and then they began to move, moving towards the depths of the Universe quickly, three of which remained in Universe 7, and the other There are four barriers that directly penetrate the Universe and moved towards Universe 6.

Effort in the blink of an eye, seven dragon balls have completed a conversion and are quietly hidden in the two universes, waiting for a year to recover to Dragon Balls again.

“It’s a shame to change Cell Jr. with Super Dragon Balls.” Son Gohan exclaimed, looking at the deep space.

“How can I say that it’s a pity, Cell Jr. is very innate talent, and I can become the warrior of my subordinate strongest in the future. You are right, Cell Jr..” Ascar retorted unwillingly and looked at Cell again. Jr..

“en. ”

Cell Jr.’s coordinated nods, moved towards Son Gohan with ominous light on his face, seeming to warn him not to talk nonsense.

Although Cell Jr. is dominated by Ascar in everything, he does not at all lose his own subjective thinking. Those who harbor malicious intentions towards themselves are also impolite.

Son Gohan was glared at Cell Jr.’s fierce eyes and couldn’t help but smile.

That’s right, the Cell Jr. in front of him is no longer the Cell he is looking for.

“Well… the power of worthily is Dragon God Lord is really amazing.” To have a glimpse of Super Shenron’s style, Grand Elder, Saonel and others felt that the trip was worthwhile, and their faces were full of The color of excitement.

“Grand Elder, where do you plan to go next? It’s not easy to come back to Universe 7 without rushing back. It’s better to be a guest at Planet Sadala, and we will definitely treat him well.”

Rolande sends out an invitation to Grand Elder.

Grand Elder thought about it, “If you can, can you send us to Planet Namek in this universe? I hope to see clansman here.”

“Of course you can.”

Planet Namek was destroyed in the hands of Frieza, and was later restored by the blue Shenron of Earth, so Namekian not at all traveled far away and moved to New Planet Namek. After experiencing a great battle, Namekian also used Dragon Balls to strengthen Planet Namek, and the natural environment was restored.

Except that the population is still scarce, at least it is already a normal Planet of Life.

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