Dragon Ball’s Godly Saiyan Chapter 628


After Son Gohan left, everything returned to calm, nothing happened again, and the Androids event finally came to an end.

Four days later, the time agreed with Grand Elder has come, and Rolande is about to leave for Planet Namek.

“Father, are you going to Universe 6? Take me with you. The last time I went was too rushed. I haven’t strolled there yet!” When I learned that Rolande was going to Universe 6 again, Ascar shoved from his chair. Bounce.

“Don’t make trouble, it’s not as easy as ours, stay obediently in Universe 7.”

Rolande refused without even thinking about it.

Although he had brought Broly to Universe 6 to gain experience before, it was adjusted by Whis and Universe 6 Angel agreed. If you bring someone in the past without permission, you are not allowed to be regarded as an intruder. Although the probability is small, Rolande doesn’t want Ascar to take risks.

“Let’s go together, just go to Planet Sadala, doesn’t Alice have an aunt there? It’s not too much to visit relatives there.”

Ascar argued.

“Uncle, I haven’t seen aunt.” Alice blinked.

Rolande’s gaze fell on Alice, who was wearing a small battle-armor, nodded: “It’s okay to take you there, but you have to make sure you don’t cause trouble. After all, Universe 6 is not our own Universe, and I can’t take care of anything if something happens. Live.”

Rolande can handle ordinary troubles with confidence. Only in Universe 6, God of Destruction Champa does not sleep like God of Destruction Beerus.

“un un, we are only in Planet Sadala, guarantee not to go out.” Ascar hastily nods.

“What about Cell Jr., do you want to bring it too?”

Ascar said: “He doesn’t need it anymore. I plan to let him go to the East Area to assist Evelyn in patrolling the Ryushuxing influence and clean up some troublesome guys by the way.”

“Then you go and arrange it.” Rolande nodded.

“Good!” With Rolande’s consent, Ascar’s jade-like cheeks burst into a smile, Instant Transmission disappeared, and Cell Jr. was sent to the East Area, and then appeared again soon.

See you, Rolande, shook head, and tapped Ascar’s head lightly.

Ascar hehe rubs his head like a child who is not growing up.

Ascar’s Ryukyu influence already has a lot of territory in the East Area. Contacts with the surrounding influence are getting more frequent. It’s really difficult to guard Evelyn and Uffia and Super Saiyan alone. It just so happens that Cell Jr. has great strength. Can replace Ascar to guard Ryushuxing.

“Let’s go, first go to Planet Namek, then go straight to Universe 6, you have to take care of Alice.” Rolande glanced at it, lightly said with a smile.

“Of course.”

Ascar was happy to be nodded, holding Alice with Instant Transmission, and a few people came to Planet Namek in the next second.

There, Planet Namek northern part, the residence of Grand Elder.

The two Grand Elders and their Guardian have been waiting for a long time. When they saw Rolande and they appeared, the Grand Elder of Universe 6 greeted him with a smile, “Mr. Rolande, I’m sorry you have a run.”

Rolande shook his head slightly: “You’re welcome, I just want to go to Planet Sadala over there.”

With a wave of his hand, he took out the shuttle cube.

“Grand Elder, Saonel, you go in.”

“en. ”

Grand Elder and others smiled and walked into the cube with ease.

Rolande nodded slightly towards the Universe 7 aged Grand Elder, then stared at him, and started the shuttle cube under their gazes. With a click, a cluster of colorful lights flashed suddenly, and the void was distorted. The light blue cube Carrying everyone to penetrate the barrier of the Universe.

In the passage of Universe 7 and Universe 6, the projection of one after another planet is drawn into colorful lines, which looks like a dream.

It only takes tens of minutes to traverse the universe.

Suddenly, a ray of glow to flash past, the cube appeared in the vast darkness, the vast universe, the stars exuded charming pale white radiance.

“Here!” With a clear voice, Rolande controlled the shuttle cube to stay in the Universe.

Then Spirit Power gathered, the star map of Universe 6 appeared in his mind automatically, Rolande took advantage of the trend to find the location of Planet Namek, and then Instant Transmission passed.

To travel through the universe, Instant Transmission is more convenient than shuttle cubes.

We took a detour to Planet Namek and delivered Grand Elder and others safely. Then Rolande was about to leave for Planet Sadala. Before going, he once again told Ascar not to make trouble there.

“The Saiyan of this Universe does not know Super Saiyan Transformation, so you have to restrain yourself, don’t bully them, let alone leave Planet Sadala and get into trouble outside.”

“Don’t worry, I must be obediently.” Ascar laughed promised.

“Remember your words.”

Rolande shook the head, grabbed Ascar’s collar, in the blink of an eye, three people appeared grandiosely on the streets of Planet Sadala.

It has been only five years since I left Planet Sadala last time, Planet Sadala has not changed much, and there are a lot of powerful Ki around. Generally, the race that inherits a long history will not easily change drastically within a few years.

“There are a lot of warriors above 1 Million Power Level, uh, there are also many above 10 Million Power Level, but unfortunately there is no Super Saiyan.”

Ascar came to an unfamiliar environment and commented on the Ki that sensed.

Compared with the Power Level here, her Commander-in-Chief Ascar Legion instantly became a second-rate team. Of course, the Saiyan at the high-end Power Level is still beyond compare.

It is true that Universe 6 Saiyans physique is extremely high, but because of the absence of Super Saiyan inheritance, it has been far behind in terms of high-end Power Level by Universe 7 Saiyans. Of course, this situation is not static, just let them get With the Super Saiyan Transformation method, the strength can surge completely in an instant.

“This is the mother’s hometown.”

Alice cute looked around her eyes and couldn’t see any difference from Universe 7.

“Speaking of which, Alice’s mother is still the queen here.” Ascar stretched out a take action and gently patted Alice’s cheek, rubbing against her cute little face.

“Merutis has abdicated, and the current queen is Melulia.” Rolande said.

“Oh, it’s Alice’s Little Aunt. I heard that Queen Melulia looks a lot like my mother, isn’t it also like me?”

Ascar hehe smiled. She will also become a queen in the future. A glance at Melulia is not a way of foreseeing her future in advance.

Rolande glanced at her, “You have different temperaments. Melulia has accepted the orthodox Royal Family etiquette since childhood. You can be considered a monk halfway at best.”

Whether it is Sephelia or Ascar, the king’s temperament is no better than the Melodys sisters.

Ascar pouted, “I want to see what the queen is like!”

Rolande laughed, and Melula’s cold and elegant image could not help but appeared in his mind. She was as proud as her. I wonder if she has become Super Saiyan now.

Thinking about it, Rolande three people danced and slowly came to the sky above the imperial city.

The palace where the queen lives is located in the center of the imperial city. There are daily guards patrolling. Each guard is no less than 1 Million in strength. It is placed in Universe 7, which is an expert of as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns.

Imperial Palace splendorous and majestic, built on a sloping giant peak, the palace has a weird and sharp shape, full of wild Ki, similar to the Planet Vegeta Imperial Palace in the early period has several points of.

Imperial Palace, bright and transparent.

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