Dragon Ball’s Godly Saiyan Chapter 629



Seeing the figure suddenly appeared in front of her eyes, Melulia’s eyes lit up and a clear voice resounded.

I saw the slim Ascar next to him, with a pretty face slightly dumbfounded. Ascar’s face made her feel familiar, as if she had seen it somewhere.

narrowed the eyes, Melulia faced Rolande, like an old friend of haven’t met for many years, jokingly: “You have finally come here for so many years. I thought you forgot my friend. !”

“This Young Lady next to you is your wife, she is really a beautiful woman.”

Melaria looked at Ascar’s pretty face.

This is Saiyan Queen from another Universe, she is really deep and unmeasurable.

No wonder Rolande can’t forget it.

Melaria can’t see through Ascar, the opposite side is obviously standing in front of her, but the whole body seems to be shrouded in a layer of mist, and the Ki on her body is hidden, making people unable to see through.


Rolande was stunned by Melulia’s words, and looked towards Ascar and found that she was also in a daze.

I then knew that Melulia had misunderstood her relationship with Ascar. Also, she and Ascar came with a child. Just looking at the picture, it is really easy to misunderstand. Rolande said: “Melulia, you misunderstood Yes, my wife did not come with me.”

“Isn’t this your wife, you think I even have a child.”

Melaria frowned slightly.

Rolande haha ​​laughed, “Of course not, introduce me, this one next to me is my daughter——Ascar, Universe 7 Saiyans Princess, the child she is holding also does not matter to me, but it doesn’t matter to you. Relationship, she is your older sister’s daughter.”

“Hello, my name is Ascar.”

Ascar puffed up his chest, showing the majesty of Saiyan Princess.

The eyes are looking at the beautifully dressed woman in front of you. This is the Queen of Universe 6 Saiyans, with long black hair, slender curves, a smart dress, and two slender, white legs, ah, very beautiful The woman is similar to her mother Sephelia has several points of.

Of course, it also has a bit of charm of its own, Ascar thought triumphantly.

“Ascar Princess…”

Hearing Ascar’s introduction, Melulia uttered “Ah”, knowing that she had misunderstood, and then unfathomable eyes open wide, pointing to Alice who was held by Ascar, cry out in surprise:

“This child is the child of an older sister?”

“Yes, she is the child of Melodys and my Saiyan named Broly.”

“Broly…I remember, it was the one who destroyed the Universe Devil Race!” The old past came to mind, and Mellia’s face suddenly became a little uncomfortable. It was because of her older sister Mei. Lotte suddenly left everything behind and ran away with a man.

Almost brought disaster to Planet Sadala.

“The older sister is true too, she walks smartly, but she throws everything to me, she has no sense of responsibility.” Melulia babbled, her face was upset, but she faced her own niece Alice. At that time, there was a smile on his face.

“Alice, I am your Little Aunt.”

Melaria leaned in front of Alice, stretched out a take action and stroked her head.

Alice looked at Melulia and yelled obediently: “Little Aunt.”

“Ah, what a good child.”

With a cry, Little Aunt called Des Melulia into a heartbeat, with a smile on his flawless cheeks immediately, and he hugged Alice into his arms, creating a kind of bloodline-connected intimacy in his heart.

“How old is Alice this year?”

“I am three and a half years old this year.” Alice raised her head to answer.

“The older sister had a child soon after she left!” Melulia was surprised. She didn’t know that Melody was pregnant before going to Universe 7, otherwise she would only be more surprised.

“That’s right, Melodys’s speed is very fast.”

Rolande nodded in agreement.

Thinking of the scene when Melodys was pregnant when we met for the second time. It just means that once a woman gets serious, she can really do everything. During that time, Broly was squeezed very badly by her. If It’s not a strong body, ordinary people can’t stand it.

“How is she in Universe 7 now?”

“Have a good life, and have grown in strength. By the way, your older sister is already Super Saiyan, and your position in Universe 7 Saiyan is only in Sephelia, and Alice became our Little Princess after she was born. .”

I heard that Meru Tis had a very good time in another Universe. Melulia sighed in relief, “Super Saiyan, it took me so long to reach the threshold.”

“Have you reached Super Saiyan realm?”

Rolande twitched his eyebrows.

“Well, I already have a little eyebrow, but I can’t do any body transformation as I want.” When she talked about her situation, Melula frowned.

But it’s all right now, Rolande is here, and she can ask him again.

Thinking about it this way, Melulia’s mood suddenly became much brighter.

“That is the stage of Initial Super Saiyan. As long as Super Saiyan needs to go through this process, more training can master the skill of body transformation.” Ascar interrupted.

“Ascar Princess is also Super Saiyan?”

“I was able to become Super Saiyan when I was very young.” Ascar’s mouth curled up, very proud.

Melullia immediately showed envious eyes, and then thought that she was just chatting and didn’t entertain a few people. She immediately felt a bit rude.

“Ah, sorry, I forgot to entertain you just by talking…”

Melaria apologized repeatedly, then waved to call in several guards.

“Lulsa, order to go down and let the masterchef of the palace prepare the most abundant food. I will host a banquet in the Imperial Palace to entertain some distinguished guests.”

“As you bid!”

The guard Lulsa came over, and when he saw Rolande, his face had several points of surprise. He recognized that the man in front of him was the one who helped Planet Sadala deal with the invader Dunaru 5 years ago, and he looked respectful immediately. Land leader.

“Rolande, Ascar Princess, and Alice, since they have come here, they have come to their planet. Don’t be polite!”

“I am familiar with you too.” Rolande said with a smile.

“Yes, you have lived here for a few months.”

Melulia’s face of smiles, like an old friend chatting, “You’re here at the right time. A few days later, it’s the Royal Family 3 years selection competition. When the time comes, all younger generations must compete on the same stage. , Your eyesight is good, I hope you can come forward for guidance.”

“Royal Family Great Competition, I have never seen it.”

Rolande readily agreed.

The Imperial Family of Planet Sadala lives in the Imperial Palace uniformly and receives the best care every day. Their task is to promote their strength and constantly compete, and then the previous generation of kings will select suitable people from them as successors.

Competitions such as the Imperial Family Great Competition are held every 3 years and are scored based on personal performance. The winner can add a lot of points to the competition list.

In contrast, Universe 7 Saiyans Royal Family only has a trivial number of people, and the positions are basically predetermined, and there is no basis for selection competition.


The night is quiet, and cicadas scream in the middle of the night.

The white moonlight is like a curtain of veil, hanging softly from the night sky.

After the banquet, Melulia chatted with Rolande and the others for a long time. Then, under the service of the waiter, Rolande and Ascar each lived in the Imperial Palace, while Alice was taken by Melulia to get close.

On the balcony of the Imperial Palace, Ascar folded his arms and looked down at the Royal Family Saiyan who was still training in the square.

These Royal Family Saiyans have lived in the Imperial Palace since they were young, and their task is to promote their strength.

With the sound of light as a feather footsteps, Rolande also walked to the balcony.

Ascar pouted, “I’m thinking about you, you think, they are all Saiyan Queens. Universe 6 and Universe 7 are originally symmetrical universes, and similar characters are prone to appear between the two, maybe Queen Melulia is in contact with mother!”

“It’s just similar.” Rolande said.

“I don’t think it’s that simple. Melulia is the “Sephelia” of Universe 6.” Ascar looking thoughtful said.

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