Dragon Blood Demon Soldier Chapter 1323

In an
instant, the dark black scales on Long Bufan’s body turned into a sparkling chaotic color, and an extremely surging, vast chaotic energy aura burst out of his body.

As the strength of Primal Chaos surged out, this world actually became a little dark at this moment, and the surrounding black waves were also shaken away instantly, forming a confrontation situation.

Long Bufan and Mo Chen have been in a fierce battle until this moment, undoubtedly they have used their trump card last move, no longer have any reservations, life and death will win or lose!

“Chaos Spear Art, 3rd Style: Human and Spear Unity, Dragon Howl of the Sky!”

Long Bufan’s face shrank, and immediately coldly shouted out, actually mobilizing within the body The Primordial Spirit of Chaos is directly integrated into the keel scale gun in the hand.


For a time, the whole rod long spear in this brief moment violently vibrated, and then, suddenly burst out an extremely dazzling chaotic luster, the whole piece The Origin Force of heaven and earth seems to have been mobilized and gathered frantically.

Immediately after the rays of light condensed, Long Bufan, just like Human and Spear Unity, formed a huge spear glow with a thousand zhang. If you look closely, you can notice that in the spear glow , There is a giant dragon of baring fangs and brandishing claws, with a terrifying power, it makes a sound like a dragon roaring through the sky.


Among the spear glow, the ferocious giant dragon rushed out, carrying an extremely violent and fierce energy fluctuation, directly with Mo The black storm formed by Chen fiercely collided fiercely.

Suddenly, the energy whistled and the world trembled!

Chapter 2618 The Last Battle

“Bang peng~ peng~!!”

in midair, with Long Bufan and Mo Chen they two The offensive slammed together, and for a while, the astonishing sound of explosions became one piece, like a firecracker, and the terrifying energy storm swept away at this moment.

The original Space Cracks that were only several ten zhang long were forcibly torn apart again and spread to the width of several hundred zhang. That terrifying scene looks like the end of the world, as if the whole world They were all fragmented into pieces.


Long Bufan, Human and Spear Unity’s gun, directly pierced the black storm and broke through Mo Chen’s heavenly blade. Finally, with the momentum of crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, it stabbed In front of Mo Chen.

Four Mo Chen, and three of them are spatial mirror images. Regardless of the martial skill and energy breath, they are exactly the same as the deity, almost indistinguishable from reality.

However, for Long Bufan, one of Mo Chen was firmly locked. The domain space of Primal Chaos Law plus the ancient formation of Yin and Yang was shrouded. The three spatial mirror images of Mo Chen were undoubtedly slightly affected. Exhibited suppression, although unable to break them apart, it was enough for Long Bufan to distinguish Mo Chen’s deity in an instant.


It contains the tip of the chaotic Source Law, as if piercing the void and piercing Mo Chen’s heart.

Mo Chen eyes slightly shrink, although it was able to capture the trajectory of Long Bufan’s attack, but found it could not be avoided, even the teleportation could not be displayed under the suppression of Primal Chaos Law, and he was immediately shocked!

There is no way to avoid it. Mo Chen flashed a stern light in his eyes. He directly raised his knife and cut at Long Bufan, obviously intending to force Long Bufan back by perish together.

However, how could his hasty offensive at this time be able to withstand Long Bufan!

Long Bufan flicked the keel scale spear in his hand, and millions of yuan vibrated. The violent earthquake opened Mo Chen’s last blade, and immediately the spear remained unchanged, and it pierced Mo Chen’s protective shield. on!


The body defense cover is like a thin piece of paper, which is instantly torn by the tip of the gun, and then carries violent power. The moment the tip of the gun pierces the chest, it rushes into Mo Chen within like a tide. the body, shattering his muscles and veins, skeleton…


Under the impact of such terrifying energy, Mo Chen’s body did not burst. It was shocked and shot out, and fell heavily into the island forest a few thousand zhang away. It shattered many giant trees along the way, and finally smashed a mountain before it stopped.

“Pu chi!”

Mo Chen lay on his back on top of the piles of gravel, breathing heavily, and immediately a mouthful of blood spurted out, and blood spilled on his clothes .

At this time, he is complexion pale, his body is severely injured, and the blood in his chest is horrible to see. There is no battle strength to continue fighting with Long Bufan. This time, he has lost his body!

in midair, Long Bufan took a deep breath and adjusted its breath within the body. The last style of Spear Art in Chaos also consumes a lot of energy. If you come again Once, you can only use Life Source Blood Essence to burn.

Fortunately, he won this competition!

In the distant sky, the warriors who have been staring at this Demon Sovereign Level duel are already in such battles as destroying heaven extinguishing earth, and they are terrified of absolute silence, even The whiteweed, who has always had a calm mind like water, is also surprised at this moment.

“We won! Long Bufan won!!”

“The old war defeated Nayi Demon Sovereign!!”

And in after a brief silence, The whole world suddenly burst into deafening cheers, and everyone’s faces were full of uncontrollable ecstasy, and there was a feeling of avoided a catastrophe.

Chapter 2619, this is my choice

The cheers around, not at all aroused Long Bufan’s sense of accomplishment, not even the slightest joy after victory.

Because climbing Martial Dao Peak is actually growing in the constant killing, stepping on corpses until they reach the top.

Maybe one day, he will become a stepping stone for others in Martial Dao.

Immediately, Long Bufan body moved and appeared in the island where Mo Chen smashed down, his eyes flatly looking at the blood-covered Mo Chen lying on his back in the ruins, but he was silent No words.

“I said before that there can only be one Demon Sovereign in the Demon Domain…”

Aware of the arrival of Long Bufan, Mo Chen’s mouth has a bitter smile, weak The voice was absolutely and cold: “You do it, you can die in your hands, I die without complaint!”

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