Dragon Blood Demon Soldier Chapter 1324

Hearing this, Long Bufan was slightly startled, but he had a different feeling for Fourth Prince Mo Chen. The killing intent of the latter was also virtually reduced by half.

If Mo Chen showed the appearance of begging for mercy and cowardice, Long Bufan would definitely kill him without the slightest hesitation, because this kind of two-faced person is the most difficult to estimate its psychological changes, if it is released this time He, after recuperating later, is very likely to bite back.

But now, Mo Chen is desperate for death, undoubtedly after he was defeated in this battle, he also wiped out his original arrogance, and did not forget the previous words, there can only be one Demon Sovereign.

In this regard, Long Bufan made a clear decision not at all, but step by step walked over.

“Long Bufan, don’t…”

Seeing Long Bufan walking next to Mo Chen, Princess Ziluo thought that Long Bufan was going to kill, and her face changed drastically, but she Hesitate to speak and stop.

She is a smart woman. Now the battle between Long Bufan and Mo Chen has undoubtedly developed to an irreconcilable level. This is a battle between men, and it is also one of the two worlds that determine the Demon Realm and the Sky Continent. A decisive battle between fate.

So, Princess Ziluo knew very well in her heart that if this time prevents it, and if there is something unexpected in the future, it will inevitably make Long Bufan fall into a state of consigned to eternal damnation. Instead of this, let Long Bufan Make your own choice.

Although she can’t bear to see her younger brother being killed, isn’t this result Mo Chen chose? If Mo Chen didn’t use them to approach Demon Sovereign, and even became an enemy after gaining a powerful force, he would not fall into this situation.

“Sister Ziluo, this is my choice, you don’t have to be embarrassed.” Mo Chen’s mouth constantly seeps blood, but he smiles freely and freely. Not at all blames Princess Ziluo for pleading for him. , On the contrary, the tone was comforting.

Hearing this, Princess Ziluo’s eyelids trembled slightly, and crystal tears flowed down her cheeks.

At this time, Long Bufan has stopped beside Mo Chen. At such a close distance, if Mo Chen suddenly strikes back at the cost of his life, Long Bufan will definitely bode ill rather than well.

In this case, Long Bufan was naturally expecting. His actions were actually intended to test Mo Chen, an action that would allow him to make the final decision.

After all, from start to finish, between him and Mo Chen, there is actually not at all what deep hatred, killing may be simple, but it is meaningless.

Mo Chen raised his eyes slightly and looked at Long Bufan who was close at hand. At a certain moment, he did have an evil thought, and a cold glow flashed in his eyes, intending to detonate the magic crystal, and Long Bufan perish together.

But in the end, when Mo Chen glanced at the silhouette of Princess Ziluo in the distance, he slowly closed his eyes, feeling relieved, waiting for Long Bufan to give him the final break.

Chapter 2620 Martial Dao Peak

Although this obscure detail change is not easy to detect, it is still captured by Long Bufan. It is natural to understand that Mo Chen did not take the opportunity to attack , Undoubtedly it was for Princess Ziluo, if they both died, then Ziluo would be unprotected.

For this, Long Bufan couldn’t help but chuckle in his heart: “Why do you feel that this guy spared his life?”

Then, it seemed that the time waiting to end his life was a bit slow. Mo Chen opened his eyes, looked at Long Bufan, and asked in a cold voice: “Why don’t you kill me, do you want to keep watching my jokes?”

Long Bufan smiled lightly, but said: “You It is said that there can only be one Demon Sovereign in Demon Sovereign, then why should I kill you.”

Hearing this, Mo Chen’s expression was a little dazed, and he stared at Long Bufan in surprise. Unable to guess the meaning of Long Bufan’s words.

For Mo Chen’s doubts, Long Bufan didn’t have too many rounds and corners, and said calmly, “I won’t stay there all the time in a ghost place like the Devil’s Land. The Celestial Continent is my home, since you If you want to be the emperor of the Demon Realm, the royal throne will be treated as a betrothal gift to your sister and presented to you.”

Long Bufan has said everything he wants to express, and Mo Chen is even No matter how stupid he was, he already understood what it meant. He stared at Long Bufan suspiciously, with an unbelievable color flashing across his eyes.

“Don’t look at me like that, when the time comes, the dowry for your sister, you can’t be too shabby.” Long Bufan eyebrow raised, Shen shouted.

Hearing this, Mo Chen’s face was slightly stunned, but Long Bufan couldn’t help showing a smile because of the words behind him. He was nodded and sincerely grateful: “I understand. Thank you.”

So far, the grudge between Long Bufan and Mo Chen has been completely resolved.

However, this behavior of Long Bufan made it difficult for the many warriors present to understand. After all, this kind of let the tiger returns to the mountains is different from the seal of Demon Sovereign to the sky continent. There is no difference at all, it is undoubtedly another invisible bomb planted, and I don’t know when it will ignite again.

But Long Bufan’s powerful strength is there. Even if they are dissatisfied, they dare not say anything. Instead, they cast their eyes on the deacon of the temple pavilion, Chang Bai Weng, and want them to stand up and say Two sentences.

How could Bai Weng fail to see this? He saw his gaze sweeping everyone, and finally fell on Long Bufan, with a calm expression: “This seat respects Long Bufan’s decision. From now on, Any of his wishes will be the decision of the Temple Pavilion. If anyone is dissatisfied with Long Bufan, he is dissatisfied with the entire Temple Pavilion.”

hearing this, everyone present was slightly stunned, and their faces were all revealed. The color of shock, the meaning of Lord Bai Weng’s words, is not to hand over the power of the temple to Long Bufan? !

Long Bufan ignored all the suspicious sounds around him. He body flashed and suddenly appeared in front of Princess Ziluo, said with a slight smile: “Go, I will take you to meet someone. “

hearing this, Princess Ziluo is slightly nodded, she naturally knows who Long Bufan is talking about is Lin Shuang’er, who will serve her in the future.


Behind him, a large number of silhouettes of Xiao Bai, Fire Phoenix, Twelve Blood Guards, Bai Weng and Xing Palace Lord flew away.

Staring at Long Bufan’s sturdy figure, there is a touch of emotion in Fire Phoenix’s eyes. It can be said that it is watching Long Bufan grow from a small sect disciple and step by step to its lofty status today. , Became the most powerful man in the entire Martial Dao world on the sky continent.

He really did it!

Chapter 2621 Lin Shuang’er’s Missing

The Temple Pavilion, Water Spirit Mansion.

As a pavilion that only female disciple can recruit, the environment here is undoubtedly verdant hills and limpid water, pink and willow green.

Because the array shield of the temple pavilion is extremely powerful, not at all here is affected by the battle.

At this time, in front of a well-decorated attic, a little boy with milky milky scent was playing eagerly, sometimes chasing flying butterflies, sometimes picking a flower The charming flowers were cheerful and had a great time.

The little boy’s immature face looks just over a year old. If you look closely at the facial features, it looks similar to Long Bufan’s appearance has several points of, a pair of big black eyes , Spiritual Qi is full.

Not far away, Ren stood with a pale blue shadow, and his tender eyes kept watching the little boy’s every move, for fear that he would accidentally fall while having fun.

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