Dragon Blood Demon Soldier Chapter 1326

Long Bufan took a deep breath, and things developed to this point, all he could do was try not to harm any party, and he could not hide anything.

Immediately he looked towards the purple princess holding the baby not far away, lightly nodded.

Princess Ziluo knows that when she moved her body, she flew in front of Long Bufan and Lin Shuang’er. Before that, in order not to frighten Lin Shuang’er, Princess Ziluo had already changed into The appearance of a human woman.

Under close contact, Princess Ziluo’s eyes were also looking at Lin Shuang’er, and immediately said with a slight smile: “Hello, Sister Shuang’er, this is the first time you met. You did what Long Bufan usually did. As I said, appearance like a heavenly immortal.”

“Are you?”

When Princess Ziluo was able to call her own name, Lin Shuang’er’s complexion was slightly Doubt, but there was actually a bit of speculation in his heart, especially when he saw the baby in Princess Ziluo’s arms, that speculation became more determined.

“She’s called Ziluo, Princess Demon Race, and as for the little baby, it’s my daughter…”

Long Bufan took Lin Shuang’er’s palm and said At this point, I clearly felt the palm of his hand tremble slightly. In this regard, Long Bufan not at all chose to escape, but he continued to tell how he met Princess Ziluo on the plane of the legacy, and was funny in Martial Saint. Next, forcibly a passage with Princess Ziluo.

Finally, it tells about his various experiences in the Demon Realm, as well as the situation of disguising his identity and mixing into the royal family. After being spotted by Princess Ziluo, she helped him conceal his identity and continue to develop his own power secretly… …

“Without the help of Ziluo, maybe I can’t stand in front of you now, and I’ve even died in the Demon Realm.” Long Bufan held Lin Shuang’er’s jade hand and said: “I I know, this situation is a bit unacceptable for you, and even hurts you, but I still choose not to avoid it and tell the truth.”

Hearing this, Lin Shuang’er fell silent, her eyelids Drooping down, complicated expression flashed in his eyes.

Looking at Lin Shuang’er who was silent, Long Bufan gave a secretly sighed voice in his heart. It seems that this incident really hit Shuang’er a lot. Not only did he have a mistress outside, he also gave birth. I have a daughter and become an ordinary woman. Who can accept it so simply?

But then, Lin Shuang’er unexpectedly shook the head. She looked at Princess Ziluo with a sincere smile on her face, and whispered: “Thank you, I am willing to accept You guys.”

Hearing this, Princess Ziluo’s eyes trembled slightly, staring blankly at Lin Shuang’er. Even though she was as strong as ice, she couldn’t help but shed two lines at this moment. Tears.

In fact, she was ready in her heart. If Lin Shuang’er disagrees, she won’t be embarrassed by Long Bufan. Instead, she chose to take her daughter back to the Demon Realm, but she didn’t expect it, Lin Shuang’er She was more generous and decent than she had imagined, and she was willing to serve her husband together.

“Shuang’er, you…”

Long Bufan was taken aback and looked at Lin Shuang’er in surprise. Obviously he didn’t expect that things will go so smoothly. Is it too simple?

“Although the matter between you and Ziluo was only an accident, as a new mother, I know very well that raising a child alone is not an easy task, so you must be responsible, not for me , Become a cold and ruthless heartless man.”

Lin Shuang’er reached out and put her arm around Long Bufan’s arm, and immediately frowned the willow eyebrows, tenderly snorted and said: “But this does not mean that you will be able to Merry, if there is a second and third one, Zi Luo and I can’t spare you!”

Long Bufan laughed, but the same domineering reply: “If I find you two If you mess up, I can’t spare you two.”

Speaking, Long Bufan stretched out his shoulders, hugged their fragrant shoulders, and then used the car with his arms to embrace the two beauties in a manly manner. In the arms, this feeling of hugging left and right is really a great pleasure in the world, it is extremely refreshing!

Chapter 2624 Wedding

One month later, the temple pavilion.

All the palaces and pavilions of the entire island are decorated with lights and colorful flowers. Various fairy grass Spirit Trees are also under the operation of Formation. At the same time, bright flowers and Spirit Fruit bloom, full of fragrance everywhere.

In the sky above the island, the giant energy barrier that was originally used as a protective shield has been replaced with a colorful glow. The scenery is extremely dreamy and reveals an extremely festive atmosphere.

In this case, it is not a celebration of the Temple Pavilion every 100 years, but a large-scale wedding banquet to be held soon.

There are three protagonists in this wedding banquet, they are Long Bufan, Lin Shuang’er and Princess Ziluo.

With the prestige of Long Bufan now in the Sky Continent, all the sect bosses who received wedding invitations, even those old men who were about to close the Life and Death Trial, immediately put aside all their affairs and came to the temple to participate. wedding.

As for some of the Loose Cultivator powerhouses in Martial Dao that are not well-known or have no sect background, there are also many turn up without being invited. I hope to witness this unprecedented grand wedding in the sky continent. .

Although for the secular, wedding banquets happen everyday all, it is normal, but for Long Bufan, it is no exaggeration to use the four words’unprecedented’ to describe it.

Because in the Martial Dao realm of the Celestial Continent, almost no one can match the strength above the Emperor Realm. Moreover, in the disaster of the Celestial Continent, Long Bufan is undoubtedly everyone in The hero of mind, his name has been written into the historical spectrum. What’s more, some literary scholars included his prototype as the main character in their respective literary books, which was highly praised.

Since the news of Long Bufan half a month ago that Long Bufan was going to get married, the entire sky continent was a sensation. In just a few days, the outer circle area of ​​the temple pavilion gathered early. There are thousands of martial artists, and this huge number continues to rise sharply every day.

Under these circumstances, even the deacon Changbaiwang, who did not need to use his deity to suppress the Demon Sovereign and restore his freedom, was dispatched in person to preside over the whole process of Long Bufan’s wedding by the temple’s pavilion. The wedding banquet is regarded as the first-class major event of the temple pavilion.

As for the Loose Cultivator and low-level martial artists who turn up without being invited, the temple pavilion is also made in a very generous layout, and almost all visitors are not rejected, and several buildings with a radius of 10 li have been specially built The Jubin Pavilion can accommodate tens of thousands of people drinking and having fun here, without the slightest crowding.

It can be seen that for the grand wedding of Long Bufan, the Temple Pavilion is absolutely dedicated to their efforts, which can be called the past and present!

On January 1, 9688, the Gregorian calendar of the Cangqi Continent, with the arrival of this day, the long-awaited Long Bufan wedding day was held on this day!

In the early morning, the upper and lower pavilions of the temple are already very lively, and now all the facilities of the wedding banquet have been completed, only waiting for the arrival of Ji Chen.

At this time, in the hall of the Pavilion Lord Peak, the gates are full of cities, and great characters come one after another and present their own gifts. The dazzling array of gifts are some usual rumors. It is a rare treasure that has never been seen before.

Countless heavenly materials, earthly treasures, and the Twelve Blood Guards, who are in charge of entertaining guests, almost received soft hands. In just one hour, they have piled up in the back hall.

“Heavenly Sword Sect, Sect Master Wang is here!”

“Heavenly Sword Sect, Sect Master Wang is here!”

“Fire Spirit Palace, Murong The lord of the palace is here!”

“The emperor of the emperor…er…Mo Chen is here!”

At the wedding banquet, the dragon tooth in charge of the emcee, according to the invitations of the visiting guests, kept reading When he read the name of the emperor of the Demon Territory, Longya’s voice obviously paused, he was a little surprised at the arrival of this guy.

Emperor of the Demon Domain? Mo Chen?

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