Dragon Blood Demon Soldier Chapter 1327

Could it be the 12 Winged Demon Sovereign who fought with Long Bufan a month ago? !

Hearing this name, the complexion of the people in the main hall slightly changed, and then, one after another surprised eyes were projected away, but at the gate of the main hall, one was wearing a dark golden dragon Robe’s young man walked in with great aura.

Although this young man looks like a human, all those present are Martial Dao experts. At a glance, he can see the young man’s body, which is covered with a layer of energy fluctuations, obviously using the Illusion Technique.

Yes, this young man is undoubtedly Fourth Prince Mo Chen. In order to participate in the wedding banquet without causing any disturbance, he deliberately cultivated an Illusion Technique and changed it into a human appearance instead of ten. Two Winged Dragon blood Demon Sovereign image.

Seeing the arrival of Mo Chen, the big sect lords who saw that it was Illusion Technique, the smiles on their faces immediately diminished, and their expressions seemed a little tense and fearful.

At this moment, a silhouette appeared in the main hall out of thin air, standing in front of Mo Chen.

This silhouette is Long Bufan. At this time, he is wearing a red suit and a golden red cloak, exuding soft rays of light, which looks extremely festive And eye-catching, as soon as he appeared, he attracted everyone’s attention.

Obviously, as the groom today, he is undoubtedly the most dazzling one on the scene.

Chapter 2625 The tie is tied

“Sir Long, he is coming!”

“Sir Long is really the Martial that we have never encountered in the sky continent for thousands of years Dao is a genius, just a piece of clothing can make him dazzling and extraordinary.”

Seeing the appearance of Long Bufan, everyone eyes shined, and my heart is very solid. What I said about Mo Chen earlier The meaning of fear was also suddenly wiped out, and then flattery was patted one by one, and even the title became a respect.

There is no doubt that since what happened a month ago, Long Bufan has become the spiritual pillar of everyone.

“You look so pleasing to the eye.” Long Bufan squinted his eyes and looked at the human appearance of Mo Chen, jokingly.

“You are good too.” Mo Chen and Long Bufan smiled similarly, and then asked: “You seem a little tired?”

“It’s okay.”

Long Bufan barely squeezed a smile on his face. Because of the many people attending the wedding banquet, hundreds of palaces were densely covered. As the groom, he walked through the scenes one by one out of etiquette, but it was also It’s choking, I feel more tired than fighting.

“Why? What gift did you prepare for my brother-in-law today.” Then, Long Bufan turned off the topic, raised his eyebrows, and asked with a smile.

Mo Chen smiled faintly, stretched out his palm, and between the rays of light flashing, a delicate dark golden brocade box appeared in his palm.

Long Bufan took it unceremoniously and opened it to see that it was a Dragon Talisman built by Chen Jin, a talisman that can command the Demon Territory army.

“Now that you have the strength of this realm, it feels unremarkable to give everything. This soldier symbol is my gift to you.” Mo Chen said with a smile, with a sincere face.

hearing this, Long Bufan was slightly startled, and naturally understood that Mo Chen’s actions were showing allegiance, so he was a little surprised at the latter’s actions.

Mo Chen saw Long Bufan’s surprised look, but his face solemnly said: “Accept it, my self-esteem is very strong, but you are the first person to let me let go of my self-esteem.”

Hearing Mo Chen’s remarks, Long Bufan did not pretend to be polite, flipped his palms lightly, and directly put the soldier talisman into the storage ring, then smiled and said, “In that case, I So I accepted it.”

Mo Chen smiled nodded, and then stopped talking with Long Bufan. He sat down at a meeting table alone and drank some wine, while those who were at the same table with him The cultivator was a little restless as his expressions changed. Obviously, in the fierce battle with Long Bufan before, his terrifying power already gave them a kind of horror from the heart.

The wedding venue was held in the square of the main peak. With soft music reverberating throughout the island, it meant that auspicious hour was about to come. At that time, countless guests flocked to it.

I saw that every step and aisle on the square were full of silhouettes, while the martial artists who had no open space to stand on could only float in the air, gathering around the square into an oval, so many The huge Martial Dao powerhouse, at this moment, witness the wedding of a generation of Legendary characters.

On the high platform of the square, the deacon Changbai Weng, who is the master of marriage, showed his deity in front of everyone for the first time. He gaze as if a torch, shooting at the crowd around him, and his voice was abnormal. A strong resounding resounded:

“Presumably everyone can come here today, knowing that Long Bufan of our temple pavilion is going to hold the most important grand wedding in his life in this square. Such an exciting time is approaching. Please welcome the bridegroom and the two brides to the high stage with the warmest applause, and get married together.”

As the whiteweed voice fell, the atmosphere was suddenly It was rendered, and the deafening applause went straight into the sky.

At the same time, a melodious sound of music echoed under the increase of Formation, and it clearly reached everyone’s ears.

Then, three silhouettes, each from a different direction, moved towards the high platform of the square flying from above. The situation is like three different lives at the beginning, now moving towards a common life. go with.

The best ending of Chapter 2626 (end)

Looking at this scene, the applause of the square stopped abruptly and became abnormally quiet, and everyone involuntarily held their breath. , His eyes burning witnessed this beautiful moment.

“The two brides are so beautiful, they feel like a fairy descended from the earth.”

At this time, everyone’s eyes are all paying attention to the two who can marry Long Bufan. Woman, when seeing those gorgeous costumes and elegant temperament Lin Shuang’er and Princess Ziluo, one after another praises suddenly sounded one after another.

Seeing this, Long Bufan’s eyes also lit up. At this time, they were all wearing the same bridal costumes, with a golden red silk scarf over their heads. The faintly discernible silk scarf appeared Two beautiful faces and a slightly shy expression appeared.

On the round high platform, the three silhouettes stood opposite each other, and then walked away, slowly approaching the center of the round platform.

In addition to excitement at this moment, Long Bufan’s head is blank, as if he has forgotten everything. In his sight, there are only two shadows walking slowly towards him.

As for Lin Shuang’er and Princess Ziluo, the two of them are equally nervous at this time, but they are extremely looking forward to it, looking forward to walking by Long Bufan and completing the most important moment in their lives. .

After a while, Long Bufan their three people, under the gaze of countless line of sight, finally came together and stood at the red center of the round table.

Long Bufan immediately stretched out his hands, like holding up two rare treasures, gently holding the hands of the two of them.

Perhaps it was too nervous, Long Bufan obviously felt that their jade hands were a little cold, and the palms were covered with fragrant sweat.

“The auspicious time has come, and I start to make a bow.” Bai Weng walked over and said with a faint smile.

The knot hair ceremony is a unique wedding ceremony on the continent of the sky. When a man and a woman get married, they cut off a handful of their respective hair and tie them together. meaning.

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