Dragon Blood Demon Soldier Chapter 1328

Immediately, Murong Yin of the Twelve Blood Guards, holding a golden disc, appeared on the high platform, and saw three red scissors and a red string in the disc.

Long Bufan decisively picked up the scissors and cut out a handful of black hair, as did Lin Shuang’er and Princess Ziluo.

Murongyin tied the hair of Long Bufan their three people cautiously with a red string, and then said with a slight smile: “Li Cheng, bless you.”

Hearing this, Long Bufan, Lin Shuang’er and Princess Zi Luo, the three smiled at each other, their eyes flashing with joy and warmth.

As for the two mothers and daughters, the tears of happiness in their eyes have already flowed uncontrollably.

“Congratulations to Long Bufan and the two brides to formally form a husband and wife, and it’s courtesy!” Bai Weng’s strong voice sounded again.

In the next instant, the whole square burst into enthusiastic applause, and at the same time shouted: “I wish you all the same heart, hundreds of children and thousands of grandchildren.”

It sounded, more than one million Martial Dao powerhouse blessed Long Bufan and them! What a grand scene! !

The festive atmosphere, in this brief moment, is undoubtedly pushed to the highest point! ! !


Bai Weng suddenly raised his hand, with a sound of’咻’, on the high platform, a red flame arrow shot into the sky, carrying a kind of The penetrating sharp howling sound suddenly exploded in midair, suddenly like fireworks, bursting out extremely gorgeous rays of light.

bang bang bang bang!! !

At the same time, the impact sound of the Yuanjing Cannon, accompanied by multi-colored light bullets soaring into the sky, is constantly exploding in the sky, the dazzling colorful rain, like a dream Fantasy, in the sun, shining bright radiance, even in the daytime, it is still clear and dazzling.

With such a huge momentum, everyone in this brief moment is completely immersed in the beautiful rain…

Everyone has a different ending in their hearts, but in this brief moment Long Bufan, such a happy moment is the best ending.

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