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1777. Chapter 1775 spiritual arteries

1777.第1774章 只卖不送

Chapter 1775 spiritual arteries

    第1774章 只卖不送

“Is there baby here?”


Paul looked around and shrugged and said: “Respected boss, except for the original jungle, there is only the bare mine that has been abandoned… Hey!”


The flash of his mind flashed, suddenly thought of something, pointing to the bare mine not far away and said: “What do you mean, that abandoned mine?”


“Not bad.”


Ling Yun smiled and patted Paul’s shoulder and said with satisfaction: “You haven’t been with me for so long.”


The location of the ghost poison is the northeastern part of the Burmese country. It is less than two hundred kilometers away from the border with Myanmar.


In the northern part of the country, it is rich in jade and jade. This is a world-famous thing.


When Ling Yun annihilated the ghost poisonous sect, due to the infinite Yin Energy and maleevolent aura near the altar of the ghost poison, these Baleful Yin were too strong, and the almost completely shielded the other heavens from the spiritual energy. I almost ignored this.


But who makes him physique and Cultivation Technique heaven-defying? When he absorbed all the breath of Baleful Yin in the disorder of disorder, the world around the ghost poison was clear, and he immediately felt that a large amount of jade spiritual energy continued to flow from the north, Ling Yun habitually used Spiritual Thought swept and immediately found the source of the spiritual energy.


It is the bare mine outside the 100 miles north.


But such a thing, Ling Yun will tell Kunlunwei, so he sent him directly back, brought the owner of the Blood Clan slave Paul.


“But our goal is not just that little mine, but…”


Ling Yun’s eyes flashed and he was full of confidence. He stopped talking, but vacated: “Let’s go!”




Half a minute later, Ling Yun and Paul came to the abandoned mine and felt the surrounding spiritual energy, which was much richer than immediately.


“follow me!”




Ling Yun let go of the knowledge and directly covered the entire mine. He carefully judged the most intense place in the mine, and then locked the position and took it one step at a time.


“It’s here!”


After landing, Ling Yun mobilized Yin-Yang Energy Secret Art, running Yin-Yang Divine Eyes, towards the surrounding rocky mountains, quickly glanced at the same time, raising his hand, vacant!




Now Ling Yun has reached the peak of Qi Practicing 8-layer. It is no longer the time to pick up the spirit stone in the jade shop of Jade King.


Now, whether it is tyrannical knowledge, or more and more powerful Yin-Yang Divine Eyes, or Tianyantong, you can easily see through the inside of the stone, and you can directly pick out the real jade in countless stones. jade.


And it is the eye, the hand arrives.


Of course, due to the relationship between Yin-Yang Energy Secret Art, for Yin Yun, his Yin-Yang Divine Eyes is the most powerful and most reassuring.


Oh la la la…




Under the pressure of Spiritual Thought, various kinds of jade raw stones of different sizes flew around him from Ling Yun. There were even many stones, which were “drilled” from the abandoned stone piles, and soon in Ling. Yun is surrounded by a rock mountain.




A few minutes later, Ling Yun stopped and glanced at his feet. He randomly selected a gray stone with a small size and irregular shape to make it float up, hovering in front of him, and then use his mind to sacrifice the Flying Sword.


The stone skin fell, and the green fluorescence quickly appeared. The rays of light became more and more popular. When Ling Yun was completely cut, a large piece of jade finally revealed its true content.


This is a piece of old quality glass jadeite with best quality. It is green and green. The texture is fine and pure without flaws. The color is pure and bright, and it is rich and uniform. It is already a high-grade in jade.


“Oh… With these jadeites, in the future, Yu Wangye and Song Zhengyang, they no longer have to worry about out of stock.”


Ling Yun smiled and talked to himself, and then grabbed it and took the piece of jade to the Universe Ring. Then, with the intention of moving, the “stone mountain” at the foot was all in the bag.


So many jade raw stones, of course, are not all high-grade or best quality, but they are of great use to Ling Yun, at least in the future to make bottles for Medicine Pill or spirit liquid. With the cans, he doesn’t need to waste his own Monarch Emerald jade.


Otherwise, every time you send Medicine Pill, you need to catch a Monarch Emerald jade bottle. Even if the family is big, Ling Yun is also distressed!


“Respected boss, you really have a lot of shots, and you have harvested so many jadeites at once.”


Paul stood by and looked at it with relish. He couldn’t help but say: “I just don’t know, the mine owner who discarded these raw stones, after seeing this scene, what would happen.”


“Whatever he thinks is useless!”


Ling Yun smiled and glanced at him and said the truth of the matter: “The distance from the ghost altar of ghost poison is too close, just within the scope of the activities of the Spirit Cultivation people. He should be Suffering from fright, in desperation, I had to give up the mine, so we can afford to be cheap.”


“It turned out to be.”


As soon as Paul heard it, suddenly realized: “So what are we now?”


Ling Yun laughed: “Of course it is going on!”


He raised his hand and pointed forward: “I don’t see the mine hole in front, the real baby, just inside, come with me!”


The entrance to the mine is huge, and it looks like a tunnel entrance, black and white, but it is dark, and for Ling Yun and Paul, it is no different from the day.


The two people flew into the mine hole. After three hundred meters, the mine began to tilt and extended below the ground. After another two hundred meters, everything stopped.


“It’s really a jade vein!”


Ling Yun runs his eyes and sees through the front wall. Even if it is separated by thick stone walls, he can see the inside of the rock wall, and there are green sparkling everywhere. I can’t help but admire it.




The Qingying Flying Sword is not going forward, but backwards. Within 100 meters behind the two people, there is a quick cut around the towards mine!




At the top of the mine, a huge rock was cut off and collapsed, just blocking the entire mine hole tightly and tightly.


“Haha, Paul, now, the whole vein here is ours.”


“Congratulations to the boss.”


The road was broken, but Paul didn’t worry at all, because in the middle of the night, he followed Ling Yun to intercept the Dragon Veins. The two people had been walking through the ground for more than 100 kilometers, but they were just the mine’s veins.


But Paul still underestimated the difficulty of this matter, because in front of Dragon Veins, Ling Yun only walks through the ground, only need to absorb Dragon Veins spiritual energy, but now, he is going to the entire vein of the mountain jade jade After all the collection, the difficulty is more than doubled?




Ling Yun exhibited Underworld Earth Emperor Cultivation. The rock wall in front of him rushed. He took Paul and silently fell into the rock wall.


(End of this chapter)



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