Dragon Herder Chapter 484


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The Dragon of Heaven became anxious all at once. It didn’t like this kind of intimacy at all. What’s more, it was a dragon that was going to betray sooner or later. The behavior of humans and other dragons made it feel a little sick!

But for some reason, Tianshalong didn’t remove his head.

When the Nuwa Dragon’s small palm touched it, the wounds that it had suffered when fighting with the evil dragon, the Holy Candle Dragon King, and the Golden Devil Dragon King suddenly stopped pain, and the heart calmed down inexplicably, like Back to his most comfortable dragon nest, lying on a pile of gold and silver jewelry.

Zhu Minglang has noticed that the wounds of Tianshalong are healing.

The Immortal Technique of Nuwa Dragon is not similar to the Immortal Technique of Immortal Rabbit Dragon, it is more like a kind of spiritual soothing, more like it is stimulating some potential of Tiansha Dragon, so that its body’s self-healing ability is greatly The promotion.

Zhu Minglang carefully observed the Nüwa Dragon’s abilities. Of course, he did not forget to take this opportunity to exaggerately admire Nüwa Dragon, lest her young mind be hit again and feel that she is a burden.


Leaving this unrest Sea Territory and returning to Qincheng.

Fortunately, I wish Wangxing’s life was saved, otherwise the small inner court of Zhumen might be difficult to recover for a while.

Of the four elders, only Yuan Elder is still alive, but Yuan Elder’s flesh-wing ancient Dragon King died, and the Yuan Dragon King was also seriously injured.

The Elder Great Sword is dead, and Zhu Minglang doesn’t even know his name.

Among the other two elders, one was an internal correspondent of Prince An’s Mansion. He was executed by Yuan Elder himself.

Originally, Zhu Wangxing planned to use the little prince Zhao Yu to elicit the inner response of Prince An’s Mansion lurking in Zhumen, and to catch everything in one net.

In any case, the loss of Prince An’s Mansion is much heavier than that of Zhumen. After all, Zhu Minglang finally brought back a lot of dying people. The people of Prince An’s Mansion will basically be buried in seabed, including An Qingfeng. Can survive.

“The tranquility fire liquid is saved. Elder Fan is dead. I will arrange for all his family members to come to the inner court to take care of them. No matter what, it is a blessing in misfortune.” I wish the president sighed.

“Unfortunately, there is a loyal dog next to the little prince, otherwise he will be escorted back to the imperial capital. The Imperial Family this time will have to pay a high price to redeem people.” Zhu Minglang said.

“I still blame me, I underestimated the ambition and strength of this little prince.” Zhu Wangxing said.

“Uncle Wang Xing, it’s not easy to be in charge of such a clan. It’s better to be cautious in the future. However, I don’t quite understand how Uncle Wang Xing would cooperate with the little prince if there is no guarantee. What?” Zhu Minglang finally asked the question.

The little prince Zhao Yu is one of the heirs of the Imperial Family. Although there are several more capable Imperial Brothers above him, Zhao Yu has never made it clear that he is willing to assist Zhumen.

“It was the recommendation of Princess Zhu.” Zhu Wangxing hesitated for a while and said in a low voice.

“Big aunt?” Zhu Minglang was a little surprised.

The person who recommended Zhao Yu to Zhu Wangxing was actually Zhu Yuzhi.

“Ai, now I don’t know whether this is the imperial concubine’s instruction or the behavior of the little prince Zhao Yu himself.” Zhu Wangxing said.

“You have to discuss this matter with my father. By the way, I haven’t talked much about some things at home, and no one has told me the truth. Is the big aunt my pro aunt?” Zhu Minglang said.

Although Zhu Wangxing is not a real cousin, he should have a better understanding of his family.

“In the early years, your little aunt and big aunt were in trouble, and it was not convenient to reveal their surnames. Your father was taking care of them, and you recognized them as younger sisters, and even named our Zhumen surnames. Surname. Later Zhu Yuzhi became the imperial concubine, and gradually took charge of the seat of the Great Influence… Our Zhumen now has its current status and cannot be separated from the secret support of the imperial concubine Zhu, so she introduced Zhao Yu to me At that time, I didn’t think too much, after all, Prince An’s Mansion has always been our worst enemy.” Zhu Wangxing said.

“Probably the big aunt was also deceived by the little prince Zhao Yu. This guy is hypocritical.” Zhu Minglang said.

“Well, um, I wish Huang Fei never thought that Zhao Yu, a prince who was about to be crowned king, would dare to do such a wild ambition thing…Thanks to your more mindfulness, you also took it for us. Enough tranquil fire liquid, otherwise our small inner courtyard of Qincheng will really collapse.” Zhu Wangxing said.

“We are all our own, so Uncle Wang Xing don’t say such things. It is also one of my duties to guard the gate of Zhu.” Zhu Minglang said.

In Zhu Minglang’s view, this result is not too bad.

In short, it wasn’t that the small inner court defected to the gate of Wang An’s house, it was already a blessing. Zhu Minglang is actually mentally prepared for this.

Of course, what happened this time also gave Zhu Minglang a hint of care for the small inner court. Although Wang An’s Mansion suffered a heavy loss this time, more care will not make it look like this.

This Earth Vein Fire Liquid was taken away by myself.

In exchange for the transformation of the Sword Spirit dragon, but also for the freedom of the Nuwa dragon.

Loss of heart is impossible. Sooner or later, everything in your family will be yours. In the future, if the family is changed, you can protect them with the strength you have now and the realm you can reach in the future.

I don’t have to worry about how weird there are in the inner courtyard of Zhumen’s small inner courtyard. The role of the small inner courtyard is to make fire for Zhumen. My own family has made a great contribution…



“Big brother, are you a fairy dragon, so beautiful.”

After Zhu Rongrong recovered from his injury, he drilled into the yard of Zhu Minglang, saw the floating Nuwa dragon of Immortal Qi at a glance, and came forward to inquire excitedly.

“Pretty…” Nuwalong was learning Zhu Rongrong’s words, and seemed to be trying very hard to understand the meaning of beauty.

“Can speak!” Zhu Rongrong’s eyes lit up.

“I will leave at noon and go back to Mancheng.” Zhu Minglang said to Zhu Rongrong.

Zhuhuo and Wu Peng are also in the yard and have already seen Zhu Minglang off.

“Big brother, really want to go, don’t stay a few more days?” Zhu Rongrong said a little bit sadly.

Previously, Zhu Rongrong admired Zhu Minglang very much. Now, just like Zhu Minglang’s little fan, he will come here whenever he has a chance.

By the strength of oneself, behead the Dragon King, especially when Zhu Minglang’s Fiery Sword wakes up, it looks like a fire Sword God. In Zhu Rongrong’s eyes, all this is too handsome to describe in words.

It turns out that my cousin is still the strongest person, and he is so low-key!

“No, I will stay in Mancheng for a while. I should return to Lichuan without accident.” Zhu Minglang also knows that his cousin cares about his whereabouts.

Without Zhu Rongrong, things didn’t go as smoothly this time.

Maybe Zhu Rongrong understands the whole thing more clearly. Under the innocent and lovely appearance, there is still some wisdom. Zhu Minglang has a very good impression of Zhu Rongrong.

Presumably, with Zhuwangxing’s physical condition after this trauma, it is difficult to steer the small inner court anymore.

In this matter, Zhu Minglang will of course also write a letter to Zhu Tianguan, so that he can train and support Zhu Rongrong and Zhu Huo. The old faction in the small inner court is greatly damaged, and it is just right for the newcomer to take over. It will develop better.

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