Dragon Herder Chapter 485


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The wind is warm in spring, and along the coastline to the Nihai Man City, Zhu Minglang is also rare and relaxing, very interested in overlooking the woods and flowers of this wetland…

At this time, there was a Dragon Rider, and the speed of returning was much faster than before.

Of course, the key to making yourself happy is naturally not the brilliant spring flowers blooming along the coast, but the transformation of the Sword Spirit dragon.

At this time, the Sword Spirit dragon hangs by his side, riding the dragon with the sword, as if returning to the time when he practiced hard for ten years in the remote Mountain Sword sect and then went down to the world. How high-spirited and vigorous, out of the ordinary!

Back to Mancheng, Zhu Minglang immediately went to the auction.

I have also left the big half a month, and the complete Cangluan spiritual resource that I exchanged for the Soul Orb of the Sea Eagle Emperor should also be prepared.

“Your Excellency, take a look at these Luanfeng spiritual objects. If you are not satisfied, we can still find people with higher quality.” Guan Zhou said.

The Guan Clan is the last of the Nihai Nine Clan. At this time, they seem to be determined to take the Soul Orb of the Sea Eagle Emperor, and very frankly offered some long-cherished treasures.

Zhu Minglang checked it out and found that the quality is the best. The lowest year is also 3,000 years. Apart from this, some of the jade leaves that are in high demand by themselves are better than what they can buy on the market.

In terms of things, Zhu Minglang is very satisfied.

He also simply took away these Cangluan spiritual objects, and then handed over the soul orb to the auction and to Guan Zhou of the Guan clan.

“Many thanks, your Excellency, if your Excellency still has a king-level treasure, please also tell us, we will definitely satisfy you.” Guan Zhou said respectfully.

Zhu Minglang has his face covered, and no one can see his age and appearance, but those who can produce soul orbs of this level are definitely kings.

“I will leave in some time.” Zhu Minglang lightly saying.

After hearing this, Guan Zhou bowed, but his face was surprised.

The meaning of this sentence is that he still has king-level items on hand, but they don’t have time to collect something that can be exchanged for him?


Leaving the auction, Zhu Minglang returned to How to Train Your Dragon High School.

He does have even better items on hand, and they are two Dragon King soul orbs and an Ancestral Dragon soul orb.

After knowing the value of the Dragon King Soul Orb, how could Zhu Minglang let go of the King Grade Dragon Soul Orbs of the Golden Demon Dragon King and the Holy Candle Dragon King.

The value of Dragon Ball is much higher than that of Holy Spirit Soul Orb. After all, Dragon Qi has some aspects in common.

In terms of value, the dragon balls of the Golden Demon Dragon King and the Holy Candle Dragon King should be about three times higher than the Sea Eagle King…

This is not something that can be obtained by relying on some top-level spiritual resources of the king class. Zhu Minglang has to prepare for his own dragon breakthrough king class anyway!

“The direct value of soul orbs is the increasing cultivation base, but you have to know that there is a hurdle when you reach the king level. If you do not have a high enough life rating, then no matter how many soul orbs you eat Cultivation base will be suppressed to the highest level.” Mr. Koi wandered around Zhu Minglang and said to Zhu Minglang seriously.

“Doesn’t this hurdle exist for all creatures, otherwise, why would it be called Transcending Tribulation from the king level to the king level?” Zhu Minglang said.

“All creatures?? no no no, in this world there are many more creatures than you can see. You have only seen creatures from the Great Court Continent. You have never seen creatures from the other world. Not all life needs She doesn’t need to experience this Transcending Tribulation ascension, such as Nuwa Dragon,” Mr. Koi said.

“Let’s put aside the matter of fate first, from the king level to the king level, you need to meet the three conditions, you first talk about it.” Zhu Minglang said.

“The first is to have a king-level soul orb, and the second is to have the strangeness of heaven and earth, which is similar to the huge power of the outside world like the gods of the earth veins as a booster. You have also seen the ascension of the dragon, it is equal to It is with the help of the seven evil omens.” Mr. Koi said.

Zhu Minglang nodded, these two points are very clear, “What about the third?”

“What third?”

“As you said earlier, there are three conditions for the rise of the king to the king level.” Zhu Minglang raised his eyebrows.

“Oh, did I say that, then I have a wrong memory, just two.”

“…” Zhu Minglang doesn’t know what to say.

Just now I also said with my heart that Mr. Koi’s dementia has improved a lot recently, and there is almost no confusion about the seven-step memory and memory, and the fish is still the same salted fish!

The third one should be related to fate.

Zhu Minglang has heard of Mr. Koi in his memory.

But the matter of fate is a bit mysterious, Zhu Minglang has not come into contact with a few lives with different fate, and it is not too late to learn about it when the time comes.


Started cultivation, now after the reincarnation sting, every dragon is the future Dragon King boss, Zhu Minglang is more and more immersed in the way of animal husbandry.

In the past, with the cultivation sword, I got back pain every day, and the cultivation base rose very slowly.

Although Mulong burns money, he can chew melon seeds while urging him. It is not too comfortable.

The most important thing is that the cultivation base of the Sword Spirit dragon is his own cultivation base. I feel that even if I did not abandon the sword cultivation, because of that insurmountable hurdle, my current sword cultivation cultivation base is top of the sky and is down. King class.

It is similar to the Sword Spirit dragon.

But now in addition to the Sword Spirit dragon, there are also the Heavenly Fiend Dragon, Azure Phoenix-Dragon, the Nuwa Dragon, the Black Dragon of Refining Cinder, and the Little Bai Qi that has not yet awakened…

Azure Phoenix-Dragon, Linjin Black Dragon, and Nuwa Dragon all have the potential to be promoted to kings, and their bloodlines are extremely high.


The cultivation of Azure Phoenix-Dragon is very smooth, and the cultivation base has been raised from the middle-rank to the upper rank.

Next, as long as you bring more Azure Phoenix-Dragon for some battles, Azure Phoenix-Dragon cultivation base will naturally reach the top king, and many of its skills have the effect of crushing the same level Dragon Beast… …

In the end, stay for a few days and Zhu Minglang can pack his bags.

The road back to Lichuan is relatively long, and naturally there will be some dangerous places on this road. When the time comes, there is a chance to sharpen the claws of Azure Phoenix-Dragon, and the same is true for the Cinder Black Dragon. It eats every day. It is also painful to be full without a suitable opponent.

“While you haven’t reached the Jun level, let’s go to the Academy to play a round, earn some credits and buy some spiritual object for the little Jiao to increase the cultivation base.” Zhu Minglang said to the Lianjin Black Dragon.

Little Black Dragon’s fat is about to grow. It is still no effect to exercise in the air all day, and it has to be a real fight!

“Oh!!!” Big Hei Ya was willing, and screamed in excitement.

“Academy has a ranking, just in the spring, let me see how many places you can reach.” Zhu Minglang said.

“Oh, oh, oh!”

I want to fight ten, big Hei Ya howling wildly!

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