Dragon Herder Chapter 489


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Han Ke and other Academy geniuses did not dare to disobey the Academy’s senior management, but their eyes were already filled with strong contempt and disgust.

In their opinion, this Zhu Minglang must have a deep background, otherwise how could he let the deputy dean change the rules for him!

“It’s too hateful, so can’t we prove ourselves?”

“Yes, the upper Dragon Monarch is actually not as strong as we imagined. As long as we find a way to suppress, how can we not be able to beat him, this person must be scared, seeing us join hands.”

“The main level is the main level, and it can also defeat him.”

Han Ke was also very annoyed at the moment. He got onto the stage and felt disdainful and disgusted with Zhu Minglang’s arrogant and despotic behavior.

He glanced at the main dragon from Zhu Minglang summon.

“This is your main level dragon, but it’s Black Dragon that’s all with a higher bloodline. In our eyes, this kind of dragon is a waste of our own spiritual covenants for cultivation!” Said.

“Then what extraordinary dragon do you have, let me see and see.” Zhu Minglang looked at the proud and proud challenger and asked.

“Do you know bamboo?” Han Ke asked suddenly.

“What?” Zhu Minglang did not understand.

“Bamboo grows very fast, it may be one meter high overnight, and it can be much higher than some trees in a short time, but everyone knows the center of bamboo it’s empty, and it’s always It is impossible to become a towering tree! Your cultivation base is like a hollow tall bamboo, and we are the future green pine!” Han Ke pointed at Zhu Minglang and criticized.

Zhu Minglang scratched his head.

Looking at people’s unpleasantness, they have to be so literary.

It’s better to point directly to the person’s nose and say, you are just a rubbish.

After talking about this remark, Han Ke has already started. When he came up just now, a piece of orange light appeared on the place where his foot was stepped on. These orange light marks are connected together and become a long narrow Print!

A Yaksha dragon flew out from the print, and its body like a giant earthworm was squirming on the ground. Two dragons with three meters long beards were glowing with yellow lightning. As long as they touched any object, It will immediately cause a small-scale thunder explosion!

The face of the Yaksha dragon is like the Yaksha in folk mythology, the face is like indigo azure, the hair is fiery red, and it has a huge mouth and fangs like a porcupine!

The head is huge, and the body is like a giant loach. Such a Yaksha dragon has several points of ghosts, charms and evils!


Lianjin Black Dragon saw his opponent appear and roared to show Dragon’s Might.

Yaksha dragon body is squirming back and forth like an earthworm. This kind of squirming is not only fast, but also can set off layer after layer of earth waves. These earth waves block the black dragon spit out. Dragon’s breath.

When I approached the Black Dragon, the red beard of the Yaksha dragon slapped around wildly, and the yellow lightning crackled, and the Black Dragon stood among these intertwined thunder and lightning. Hitomi stared very wide, letting these lightning spur her body…

“Thunder and lightning are invalid?” Han Ke frowned.

These Yaksha lightnings have been superimposed to the extreme, and the more powerful thunder blasts swept through. You can see the rock and the earth have been blasted to pieces. However, the Black Dragon of Cinder is standing in the center of these Yaksha lightnings, in a sharp When the lightning hit its abdomen, Lianjin Black Dragon stretched out his fat claws and claws his dragon belly…

Recently, Hei Ya’s food is very good. Its belly is so big that it is no different from some giant dragons.

The honest Black Dragon withstood a whole set of magnificent attacks by the Yaksha dragon, but he scratched his belly just like that. A dragon face covered with a brilliant helmet looked at the Yaksha dragon with some doubts.

This is it? ?

Yaksha Dragon’s ferocious-looking face also has a terrified look!

How could it be unscathed? What level is the scales of Jinjin Black Dragon! !


Lianjin Black Dragon suddenly raised its head, and a burst of red energy was accumulating in its abdomen, making its skin and scales reflected red!

Through the reddish scales and muscles, you can see this energy from the abdomen to the chest, and then from the chest to the deep throat.

It’s Long Yan! ! !

You can see that the dragon flame becomes more fierce and exuberant in its throat, making the entire mouth of the black dragon like a small volcanic crater!


Finally, Black Dragon spit out a horrible flame column. The flame spreading around the flame column ignited the air and spread into an extremely exaggerated flame wave. The flame column at the center was even more terrifying. It blasted the Yaksha dragon directly out, and blasted it on the rocky mountain barrier on the edge of the Arena!

The rocky mountain barrier is very thick, it is used to prevent too strong energy from pouring out of the field.

The Yan Zhu almost blasted through the rock barrier, and the flame wave continued to swept through the impact. The Yaksha dragon body was sunk deep in the rock barrier but had to withstand the continuous rushing fireworks!

Everyone inside and outside the field is stared wide-eyed. Why is the dragon flame of the Black Dragon so terrifying? Yaksha Dragon is also a dragon with high bloodline. If you attack the opponent, you can’t stand the Black Dragon. Dragon’s Dragon Flame!

Han Ke dumbstruck.

He was originally recommended by everyone to fight against this big wicked man. He also firmly believes that if this battle is won, he can rise to a wave of fame.

Han Ke is indeed unsure of winning the battle of the strength of the monarch level, but how can he lose to the person in front of him when the dragon of the main level is fighting…

Yaksha dragon is like an earthworm in front of Lianjin Black Dragon. The opponent allows his Yaksha dragon to attack, but his Yaksha dragon can’t resist the opponent’s random breath! !

It is also the main level dragon, why is the gap so exaggerated!

Han Ke can’t see anything special about the Black Dragon!

“Don’t be the first bird next time, go with your companions, and mix in the crowd so that you are not so weak.” Zhu Minglang lightly saying.

Han Ke glanced behind him, and the Academy experts behind him also laughed secretly.

Although the cultivation bases are all main levels, they can still show a huge gap. Dragons have many key parts, such as dragon scales, dragon claw, dragon horn, dragon flames, dragon teeth, dragon wings…

Each part can be strengthened.

Zhu Minglang’s Black Dragon has obviously strengthened the dragon scales, and its defensive power has exceeded the general Dragon Lord level. Without the more powerful dragon claw and spell, it would basically be impossible to hurt the Black Dragon.

Han Ke’s Yaksha dragon, although the bloodline is good, it is obviously very rough in terms of strengthening and refining. Even in order to pursue a higher cultivation base, the Yaksha dragon at the main level does not have the Yaksha film. Grow out.

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