Dragon Herder Chapter 491


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The Eternal Frost Dragon has indeed undergone condensing and strengthening, and it can be felt that it is much stronger than the unused Yaksha Dragon in terms of breath.

Sure enough, it is much easier to find an opponent suitable for Little Black Dragon to fight in the Academy. It can be seen that Little Black Dragon is also full of energy, and it has begun to rub its teeth!

The two dragons clash, and the powerful breath of frost of the Eternal Frost Dragon is constantly becoming stronger. As the battle continues, the body of the Black Dragon is covered with a thin layer of frost. Frost was extremely cold, as if putting a layer of restraint on Lianjin Black Dragon, causing it to move more and more slowly.

The Eternal Frost Dragon gradually gains the upper hand, and the Lianjin Black Dragon has a lot of wounds on his body…

“I am far inferior to you in terms of cultivation base and capital, but I still have the confidence to defeat you for the main dragon.” Fan Zhi smiled.

Fan Zhi maximized the refinement of the Dragon’s Breath of the Eternal Frost Dragon. Its dragon’s breath was even close to some monarch-level creatures, and there were no opponents in the main-level battle!

Eternal Frost Dragon is impossible!

“My dragon may not have much other bells and whistles, but this endurance is unusual, let your Yongshuanglong be more cautious.” Zhu Minglang was not worried.

Like a peaceful game, no matter how fierce and violent the fight on the chessboard, the chess players will maintain their own demeanor and elegance.

The competition between Dragon Tamer Academy itself is about this kind of atmosphere, but in the eyes of some people who pursue interests too much, it has become an occasion to trample on others and flatter themselves!

The stupid Zhu Minglang encountered in Dragon Tamer Academy is not too small. It is rare to have someone who is frank and very willing to communicate his dragon herding skills.

Playing with such opponents, just click and stop, there is no excessive hostility, just mutual learning and mutual improvement.

Zhu Minglang has a good impression of Fan Zhi, and he can see that he is a very right-minded person. I believe that such a person will not be in the realm he is in in the future.

Although the cultivation base is far inferior to himself, Zhu Minglang also respects such opponents.


Everfrost begins to possess the terrifying power of freezing, this kind of cold will invade Dragon Beast’s body within the body and affect its internal organs.

Fan Zhi didn’t want to cause too heavy trauma to Zhu Minglang’s Black Dragon, so he also persuaded him and told Zhu Minglang about the power of this deadly frost.

“Many thanks for reminding, but do you think it looks like it is about to admit defeat?” Zhu Minglang pointed to Lianjin Black Dragon.

The Black Dragon will not admit defeat. Its within the body contains the Black Dragon flame that can burn all enemies to ashes. The heat of this dragon flame can resist the erosion of a part of the force of eternal frost and death.

Of course, there is not much time given to Lianjin Black Dragon to continue fighting, because even within the body Black Dragon flame can only hold for another five minutes at most. Over time, its within the body also Will be frozen, then there will be a mortal danger.

I have to admit that the opponent’s breath of eternal frost and death is very powerful. I remember that Little Bai Qi is also capable of frost. At that time, the sky ice he obtained in the Dragon Kingdom of Cloud was already extremely terrifying dragon breath. The breath of eternal frost and death is somewhat close to Little Bai Qi’s level at the time……

Relying on this dragon’s breath, this Eternal Frost Dragon can indeed be invincible, and even if other Dragon Monarch responds head-on, this dragon’s breath can pose a great threat to king-level creatures!

How to train the Dragon High Court is indeed a crouching tiger hidden dragon. Zhu Minglang thought that the Little Black Dragon’s reincarnation stinged state could basically crush all the Dragon Lords. He didn’t expect the first opponent to be so difficult!

Five minutes is actually very short, after all, from the very beginning Black Dragon is fighting endurance…

The winner is about to be determined. Everyone in the room can see that the body of the black dragon covered with thick eternal frost has become stiff, and the imposing manner is far less fierce than at first.

Lianjin Black Dragon stepped forward, and the pedaling movements were a bit weak. It swayed, completely struggling.

Eternal Frost Dragon has a pair of flexible wings, and it flies with a large amount of frost, like a snow storm.

It approached the Black Dragon, intending to give the Black Dragon the final blow and knock it down completely.

However, when the Eternal Frost Dragon entered in front of the Black Dragon, the weak Black Dragon suddenly raised his head, and a pair of dragon eyes seemed to have fierce flames burning! ! !

The pupil fire seemed to be permeating, and it instantly enveloped the surroundings. The condensed frost and covered snow showed no signs of being melted by this flame. Only the Eternal Frost Dragon, which seemed to be dragged into a furnace purgatory , The Nether Fire burned, making it caught off guard, and wanted to keep fanning the breath of frost to extinguish these hellfires, but found that these flames were burning more and more!

“Pupil domain!!”

Fan Zhi was shocked and couldn’t help but exhale.

And many people in the Academy were surprised. Not all dragons possess the ability of the pupil domain. The dragons with high bloodline at the monarch level only have a small chance to understand!

As the main level dragon, this pupil domain is too arrogant and powerful.

The Eternal Frost Dragon, which had always had the upper hand, seemed to be driven into the Hell of Fire. The body and soul were tortured by the scorching fire, and if the Willpower was not strong enough, it would simply be impossible to get rid of this dragon pupil purgatory! !

Tong Huisheng, Song Lu, Han Ke, and the others are also stupefied one by one. The pupils are afraid that even their Quasi-Monarch dragons may not be able to resist and endure them. In other words, if one is not careful, they even Zhu Minglang’s Black Dragon is no match!

Fan Zhi showed a bit of distress, seeing his Yongshuanglong bear the fire, he finally couldn’t bear to shook the head.

“I admit defeat.” Fan Zhi sighed and said to Zhu Minglang.

“you let me win” Zhu Minglang said.

“From the very beginning, you know that my Eternal Frost Dragon pressed you to refine the Black Dragon, so you have been letting the Black Dragon show weakness. Only when Eternal Frost Dragon and I think we will win. Counterattack…I was careless, I was careless.” Fan Zhi said with a bitter smile.

In fact, even if the opponent has the pupil domain, as long as the Yongshuanglong keeps a certain distance and has a certain alertness, if he flies away before the dragon pupil purgatory is fully reflected, it will not be instantly as it is now. Countering…

It’s still careless.

The stamina of Lianjin Black Dragon is extremely strong. As an Ancient Dragon, the body is extremely strong and brave. Eternal Frost Dragon can’t make any mistakes in the process of fighting against it.

Unfortunately, I was still seized by the opponent.

Moreover, the other party is too calm.

His pupil field ability is not inferior to the breath of eternal frost and death. At the beginning of the battle, the opponent has not used this pupil field, as if he had already thought of this strategy from the very beginning!

Lianjin Black Dragon, as a violent Ancient Dragon, is as patient and forbearing as the owner.

Fan Zhi is a bit distressed, but he also knows to blame himself for being reckless.

Obviously both sides have skills beyond this level, at most it is a tie, but in the end they lose…

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