Dragon Herder Chapter 492


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“Leave it to you, I tried my best.” Fan Zhi said to the other students.

The other few looked at each other in blank dismay. They watched this contest throughout the whole process. Is it still clear to them whether their Dragon Lord has the strength to compete?

“His dragon has suffered a lot of injuries, and his physical strength is no longer good. Some of us should be able to take it.”

The first ten days of proud and arrogant stood together, and they have begun to lose their confidence.

“Come on, then, although I may not be able to win, but someone has to go up, and I have to save a little face.” Chu Hua said.

Chu Clan is a member of the Chu Clan of the Nihai Nine Clan. Although he has family support behind him, he still wants to give his clan a long face in this situation!

Since the battle of the master of the city, the winner is of course glorious.

Chu Hua came on the field. He knew in his heart that the opponent’s Dragon Lord was extremely strong, and he wouldn’t be able to win it without the Dragon Monarch cultivation base.

Chu Hua didn’t care too much, and directly summoned the three Dragon Lords, intending to win this fight by relying on Dragon’s tactics.

Lian Jin Black Dragon did suffer some injuries before, and his physical strength was also consumed a lot, but Chu Hua not at all noticed that the whole body of Lian Jin Black Dragon was actually surrounded by a red air!

That’s a predator’s frenzy!

After defeating a strong opponent, the blood of Ancient Dragon will boil, and the predator’s frenzy will be emitted from this boiling blood, and it will continue to linger on the body of the black dragon, which will make the black dragon. Black Dragon is even more violent and brave! !

Chu Hua obviously didn’t know this. It thought that the Black Dragon of Zhu Minglang had already overdrawn his physical strength and was already in a weak state…

Zhu Minglang and Da Hei Ya are both old drama bones.

Even if the predator’s frantic breath has increased the strength of the Black Dragon, Zhu Minglang looks like he is in trouble. Hei Ya deliberately shakes his body, like a tired posture about to blow down by a strong wind.

Sure enough, Chu Hua was fooled!

He asked a superior Dragon Lord to take the lead and wanted to defeat the Black Dragon head-on, but the Black Dragon grabbed his body and threw the Tyrant Dragon hard, almost smashing the neck bone of the superior Dragon Lord directly. Broke…

One was solved cleanly, Lianjin Black Dragon took the initiative to attack, blasting the dragon’s horns, and knocking the giant dragon one size bigger than the Black Dragon directly into the air for hundreds of meters away! !

When Chu Hua saw this scene, the whole person was not good!

How could this black dragon, who was still sick just now, be so tyrannical? As a courageous Ancient Dragon, how cunning and treacherous! !

Lieyong, can make Black Dragon the more fights the more brave is, and the physical strength is continuously.

And the predator’s frenzy breath can make it soar after defeating and killing an opponent.

The explosion just now made the Black Dragon predator frantic breath superimpose another layer, becoming stronger, and the next battle will make the big Hei Ya beating a child like he beats the other two. Dragon Lord is so decent and perfect!

This battle was solved so neatly that the students in the audience couldn’t come back to his senses…

What’s the situation with this Black Dragon?

Obviously, I narrowly defeated the Yongshuang Dragon just now, and I was exhausted. How could this be like changing to a dragon, and the start was too heavy, which made Chu Hua, who was in the previous life, stand alone in the field. How embarrassing it is!

The defeated Chu Hua wanted to find a hole in it.

When he walked up, he was still a little uncomfortable. After all, even if the battle was won, there was a sense of invincibility.

I don’t know that I not only can’t win, but I’ve been abused by blood.

“It seems to be a predator frenzy…”

“It’s okay, Chu Hua went up to charge others!”

“Then what shall we do, this Black Dragon predator frenzy has almost turned into a physical cyclone, and the lower-level dragons do not even have the courage to fight.”

“Otherwise, let’s wait. Since it’s a major battle, there should be some good players in the lower rankings in the Academy. Let them go up and see the situation first?”

Several Academy influential figures have already begun to retreat, and this is going to go up again, isn’t it like Chu Hua, who has lost all the faces of his clan!

“Ai, blame me, if you took it down just now, there won’t be so much things now.” Fan Zhi said without knowing whether to cry or laugh.

I really shouldn’t care about it.

In a spurt of energy defeated the Black Dragon, it won’t get the predator frenzy, and many Ancient Dragons are the more fights the more brave is, and their physical strength will even be supplemented in the fight. The self-healing ability will be greatly improved, and some abilities that need to be fed by food to be filled will also quickly recover…

If I didn’t defeat it, Black Dragon will only get stronger and stronger in the future. If this continues, few in the courtyard can beat Zhu Minglang!

Everyone has let the invincible Dragon Monarch, and the result is still the demon who rules this big battle arena, everyone is Dragon Herder, keep a little face! !

“I suggest that everyone don’t care about the problem of face and face, hurry up and join the group. If a few more are abused, the courage breaks out, the predator’s breath is strong, it is Black Dragon and even Dragon Monarch Dare to step on it!!” Fan Zhi sincerely said to the other students who can still play.

The situation is very wrong!

If you continue to fight, this Black Dragon will have the strength of a king-level creature. To have no shame is better than no dignity. Everyone must work with a common purpose to fight against this evil man and evil dragon! !

Fan Zhidian woke up a lot of students, so the audience finally stopped going up one by one…

A group of challengers appeared, refining the Black Dragon and one dragon, facing a group of Dragon Lords. This scene made everyone see that the powerful and powerful people of the Nihai Nine Clan shook their heads and sighed.

No way, if you don’t rely on the crowd tactics, this shame will be imprinted in their hearts for a long time!

The Black Dragon refining is fighting among the dragons. Compared with the Eternal Frost Dragon, the strength of these Dragon Lords is much inferior. It is just that the strength of these Dragon Lords is much inferior. The signs of dragon overwhelming.

“cough cough, big Hei Ya, I don’t let you use the dragon armor to hone you when I usually experience combat, but it’s still okay in this case.” Zhu Minglang said to Lianjin Black Dragon.


Lianjin Black Dragon understood all of a sudden, it roared, and the whole body suddenly glowed with molten radiance. You can see that red light gradually appeared on its black dragon scales. These rays of light are solid. In the end it turned into a molten heavy armor, and the Black Dragon was armed with molten armor! !

The dragon armor was summoned, and the black dragon body of the refining cinder seemed to be one size bigger. The fangs and sharp claws of those Dragon Lords gnawed on the molten fire armor, and their claws and fangs almost broke …

Unless it is some special Profound Technique, spell, or condensed heavy claws and dragon teeth, there is no difference between those Dragon Lord attacks and tickling!

“Student Zhu Minglang, you give us a way to survive…” Fan Zhi said with a sad expression.

Those students who entered the battlefield were almost crying.

How come there are dragon armors!

It’s still such a high-quality armor!

Does your house sell armor? Dragon Monarch can’t even wear this kind of dragon armor. If you wear it to Dragon Lord, don’t you can’t afford it? !

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