Dragon Herder Chapter 495


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“What other special abilities do you have, the kind that can be shown to me?” Zhu Minglang was tired of reading, so he asked Nuwa Dragon.

Nu Walong is happy to show Zhu Minglang that when she first left the ground vein, she cried several times because of her low cultivation base…

“Nah~” Nuwalong always likes to spit out such cute notes. She stretched out a little finger and slowly pointed at Zhu Minglang’s chest, and pointed at Zhu Minglang’s heart.

Zhu Minglang was feeling puzzled, and suddenly felt these little cold fingers, and suddenly the whole person consciously left involuntarily and was thrown into his spirit domain world!

In the Dragon Kingdom of Cloud, after Zhu Minglang learns to gather energy with spirit well, the spirit domain is like a Small World shrouded in aura, where the gentle spirit stream and rain nourishes every dragon baby sleeping soundly They.

Compared with those Demons who live in the open air, eat and drink, drink blood and rid their hair, they are simply too happy. As long as they sleep here, the speed of cultivation progress is a hundred times faster than those of Demon!

But Zhu Minglang didn’t understand. How did he realize that he entered the spirit domain all at once, and it was Nuwa Dragon who brought him in?

Suddenly, under the rain and dew of the spirit stream, a piece of soil appeared in this empty Small World. Every piece of clean mud in the soil Zhu Minglang can be seen clearly, and one after another seedling came from the soil. They grow out of the paint, they are like the colorful ink drawn by the painters. At first, the pen is just a little bit, but a few random drawings make them look alive…

The mud-cleaning seedlings grew into vegetation. Soon afterwards, one more Spirit Tree after another grew at a speed visible to naked eye. They thrived inadvertently, making Zhu Minglang what it was. The spirit domain, which is not there, becomes alive, like a piece of pure holy land!

Zhu Minglang was shocked.

The spirit domain itself is very ethereal, and it basically has nothing more than a comfortable space for the dragon pet.

Without soil, vegetation, and sunlight, it is more like a gentle dream. Everything is empty, just like a piece of rice paper with nothing painted on it. Only the nourishment of Spiritual Qi is the most real… …

Ke Nuwa Dragon seems to be giving vitality to the Zhu Minglang spirit domain! !

With pure mud soil, there will be flowers and trees!

With flowers, plants and trees, there is fragrance and moisture. Even Zhu Minglang saw a Ming creek winding past, passing through the lush Spirit Trees, from the newly grown Flowing through the vegetation and soil!

If it weren’t for a clear realization that this is his spirit domain, Zhu Minglang even thinks that Nuwa Dragon is creating a Small World.

Her hands, like the pen of creation, are depicting the beautiful scenes she has seen these days in Zhu Minglang’s heart and soul, and are creating a small immortal spirit in the spirit domain of Zhu Minglang…

Although everything in the spirit domain Small World looks like a simplified world, Zhu Minglang has been surprised by this ability!

Doesn’t this mean that you have created a small garden deep in your heart? ?

Compared with this garden spirit domain, the spirit stream spirit domain is so rough that it can’t be rougher!


Tian Shalong woke up, it glanced around, and suddenly the night pupils stared greatly, showing a little panic!

For a moment, it thought that it had fallen asleep back to Ancient Vestige, and after experiencing it carefully, it realized that it was still in the spirit domain of Zhu Minglang.

“Hey!!!” Tiansha dragon lifts the head, Xiejun’s dragon face has a questioning attitude!

The dragon breeder, what are you tossing about? This scared the Dragon King!

“Improve your accommodation, improve your accommodation.” Zhu Minglang explained embarrassingly.


Tian Shalong said that the Dragon King must be a single family. It doesn’t like dragons to socialize. It likes quietness. If it lives in this dormitory, it will betray.

“Can I give the Tianshalong private space?” Zhu Minglang asked.

“Nah~~” Nu Walong is very understanding.

She once again demonstrated the spirit domain creation method…

The Tianshalong immediately felt the changes in the flowers and trees around him. After realizing that this was the Great Divine Ability of the Nuwa dragon, the Tianshalong called out several times.


“It said it wants Dragon Cliff, suspended.”


“It said that there will be starry grass growing on Longya.”


“Can you come to the starry sky above the film?”


“Why don’t you want a mother Tianshalong to warm the cliff for you… Oh, I didn’t tell you, Xiaoyu.”


Later, Nuwa dragons built a Divine Tree for Azure Phoenix-Dragon to reach the sky according to each dragon’s preferences. Azure Phoenix-Dragon made a nest on the canopy of the sky, and from time to time I spread my wings and circled my new house a few times…

Big Hei Ya likes dragon’s den. It’s just on the ground. Suddenly, there is a Baoshan with a distinctive rock color rising from the ground, and the whole Baoshan is an empty dragon’s cave, which is full of quartz, Crystal, fancy diamond…

Sword Spirit Dragon, there is no need for living environment.

If it can, it hopes that the spirit domain will return to its original empty and minimalist look, but this vibrant small dragon garden is not rejected, anyway, it will roam freely in the spirit domain world, and when tired Quietly suspended somewhere, even if you fall asleep, there is a solemn killing aura that no one should get near!

“Nah~~” Nu Walong told Zhu Minglang that the things she created in the spirit domain are just virtual objects, and they can’t bring anything to Zhu Minglang’s spirit domain, but if you can find the corresponding earth Shengen, these dragon habitats can increase their cultivation speed by adding Zhu Minglang’s own spirit domain.

“My spirit stream now…Hey, how come it is two hundred times!” Zhu Minglang was surprised.

The cultivation speed of the spirit stream spirit domain is more than one hundred times faster, but after Nuwa Dragon recreated the spirit domain, it suddenly increased to that much, directly reaching 200 times the speed! !

One day of cultivation in the spirit domain, equivalent to the cultivation base of those Demon for more than half a year!

This is also called falsification? ?

The spirit stream spirit domain has become a garden spirit domain. This improvement is too significant!

Sure enough, Nuwa Dragon is a fairy…

This Immortal Technique is outrageous!

Zhu Minglang no longer knows what words to use to describe this surprise!

Don’t say anything else, just because of this superior condition, the idea of ​​the Tianshalong betrayal has been greatly reduced, and it may stay for a while and drive it away, it will rely on its own Dragon Cliff starry sky to not leave! !

“very difficult to deal with, Xiaoyu!” Zhu Minglang praised.

The Nvwa dragon gently swayed the slender dragon body and looked very happy. She told Zhu Minglang that she could also create the outside world, but now the mana is too weak……

Zhu Minglang felt that his heart couldn’t stand it, and even more secretly swears that he must snare all the ancient lanterns and jade in the world!

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