Dragon Herder Chapter 496


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The cultivation speed suddenly increased so much, I believe it will not take too long to consolidate the cultivation base of Azure Phoenix-Dragon and Lianjin Black Dragon to the top.

When the cultivation base is at the top, and then perfect and condensed, you can really achieve the small goal of invincible king.

Of course, this is just a small goal for the growth period. All of this is ultimately prepared for the final completion period. When the completion period is reached, two Dragon Kings are booked again!

“Strange, how does my chest feel hot, like a small flame.”

When Zhu Minglang was planning his life in Mulong, he suddenly felt a little different.

“What little flame, that’s Dragon Herder’s key, have you read the books I gave you?” Mr. Koi said angrily.

“Spirit key!” Zhu Minglang was happy.

This thing is really good.

I think Zhu Minglang felt a very special power when he was in the Hei Ya Dragon Transformation, like opening a door of his own Dragon Herder. There are many special Dragon Herder skills in the door for himself Choose…

At that time, Zhu Minglang chose to collect souls and brew beads. After that, when he felt the same way, Zhu Minglang consolidated the soul collection and brewing beads and made his ability stronger.

If we hadn’t done this, Zhu Minglang would really not be able to take away the dragon balls of the Golden Devil Dragon King and the Holy Candle Dragon King at the same time, and naturally it would not be able to take away the fire dragon…

Dragon Herder makes a fortune by relying on this ability, which is not possessed by the mortal.

And Dragon Herder’s abilities are far more than these, but unfortunately there are not many opportunities to obtain this kind of key.

“Mr. Koi has any good suggestions. This key seems to be able to activate a certain kind of animal husbandry.” Zhu Minglang asked.

Zhu Minglang can feel that this small flame in his chest can be pulled as he pleases, and where it is pulled is also related to the type of animal husbandry he is about to acquire.

For example, by bringing this small flame to the palm of your hand, you can obtain the pastoral technique of collecting souls and brewing beads.

Zhu Minglang didn’t know much about animal husbandry, and he didn’t know that the small flame in his chest could be like a key to unlock the Spirit Sect of Dragon Herder.

“Does this still need to be asked? Of course it is to increase the spiritual covenant. Your spiritual covenant is too small. This is the problem of your lack of solid foundation!” Mr. Koi said.

Zhu Minglang became Dragon Herder for too short a time. Others who have been taking the Dragon Herder road since they were young have at least ten covenants in Zhu Minglang this realm. Zhu Minglang relies on this covenant ring. There are a total of six spirit appointments. Someday Xiaoyingling and Ono Flood Dragon will change to Dragon, and Zhu Minglang will not be able to make room for them!

“This precious key is just to get one more spiritual appointment? If it is not equal to me and cultivation cultivation, it may grow naturally.” Zhu Minglang said distressedly.

Actually, he wants to open the eyes of seeking spirits, which is also a way to make a fortune. In some deep mountains and old forests, where there are Spirit Fruit, where there are spiritual grass, and where there are spiritual veins, you can pass this eye of seeking spirits. Find it quickly.

“Two more spiritual appointments, less nonsense, hurry up and bring the fire of the spirit key to your forehead, how can a successful Dragon Herder not reserve the spiritual appointment, in case there is another time like Nuwa Dragon Yes, you don’t have the spirit to repent on a date!” Mr. Koi said in an angry voice.

“Two? That’s quite a bargain. Then start the medium of spiritual appointment.” Zhu Minglang said.

Bringing the fire of the key to his forehead, Zhu Minglang could immediately clearly feel that there were two more soul bonds in his soul, but the other end was it’s empty.

This is equivalent to reserved places for Xiaoyingling and Xiaoye Jiao, even if their Dragon Transformation is slower, it doesn’t matter. Spirit dating naturally grows with time and cultivation, or there are other ways to increase spirit Approximate number.

“Mr. Koi, what pastoral skills this spirit key can enable, tell me why you never told me about this before.” Zhu Minglang asked.

“If I don’t tell you, I’m afraid you will take a detour and be attracted by some animal husbandry techniques that can only bring short-term benefits but are not practical, and waste the most precious spirit key of Dragon Herder, the spirit obtained during the process of Dragon Herder cultivation The key is limited. According to one’s own condition and the condition of one’s dragon pet, one has to choose the most suitable herding technique for oneself. A wrong step will have a great impact on the future, and even regret it.” Mr. Koi is very sorry. Seriously.

“Mr. Koi has a good intention!” Zhu Minglang sighed, and then said, “So what other pastoral techniques are there?”

“A lot, the wisdom of knowing the dragon, this is a kind of ability that allows you to perceive the potential of the young spirit, and the ability of the young spirit to hide the characteristics of the dragon.”

“The common technique is that you can use a certain ability of the dragon of Lingyin. Take the pupil domain, did you accidentally obtain the pupil domain ability of the big Hei Ya?”

“Dragon Herder will accidentally acquire some furs with similar abilities on the path of cultivation growth. The ability to perceive clearly understood increases, the spirituality increases naturally, the accidental mastery of a certain dragon technique, the keen sense of smell for Spiritual Qi… but with The key can become more specialized in this direction.”

“There is also Qi Gathering and Animal Husbandry, which is to make your spirit domain Spiritual Qi more abundant. You don’t need this very much. You have Little Yingyingling and Nuwa Dragon. Their talents in this area are better than yours. More than a hundred times.”

“There is also the taming power, which is which wild dragon you are trying to tame. This taming power will greatly increase your success rate. Of course, there is also a dragon language affinity, allowing you to interact with strange dragons. Have some deeper exchanges to increase its favorability for you, the human Dragon Herder, and it is also a way to get wild dragons.”

“The spiritual chain you said before is also one of the advanced animal husbandry techniques. In the future, there will be more dragons, and teamwork will be needed after all. Do you remember those bat-winged dragons whose cultivation base is not high? You pose a great threat, and the spiritual chain can have a similar effect.”

Mr. Koi said a lot in one breath, and the sky is full of flowers. I have to say that there are a few things that make Zhu Minglang more heart-warming.

But there is no way, I have not been on the path of Dragon Herder for a long time, and the key fire is not much, so I really need to use it very carefully.

“In animal husbandry, there are many things that can be made up by the day after tomorrow. For example, if you are very rich, there is no need to learn how to collect souls and make beads…”

“Money is not too much for me.”

“Soul Orbs are good things, and there is really no problem in this regard.” Mr. Koi said.

“Common art seems to be good, otherwise Dragon Herder will be like a recorder on the battlefield a lot of time.” Zhu Minglang said casually.

“You have a Sword Spirit dragon, there is no need to activate this common technique.”

“Oh, that’s right.”

“Zilong, hurry up and find a purple dragon! The animal husbandry technique that fits the spirit chain is quite powerful, don’t you like skipping grades to challenge? This is using the weak to defeat the strong, playing the pig to eat the tiger Must-have animal husbandry!!!”

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