Dragon Herder Chapter 675


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If Shangzhuang hadn’t killed himself, he wouldn’t have won it so easily. However, Shangzhuang really took himself seriously. Knowing that the stars and land borders and the gift of time, Zhu Minglang is considered a pioneer. The speed of his improvement is far beyond the tyrannically abused power of Shang Zhuang.

“I’m very curious that people like us are only stronger among ants in front of the Sparrow Wolf God. Just now he appeared to interfere in this dispute, so why not reappear and slap us here. People are shot to death. Isn’t this more convenient for your temple to dominate and conquer?” Zhu Minglang provokes while directing his dragon pet to kill those obstructive animals.

“I am the next choice of God. This is a test of God that’s all for me.” Shang Hanxu said.

“That was indeed the Sparrow Wolf God just now. It turns out that the Divine Law he exerted with all his strength seems to have affected a city-state that’s all. His skills are the same as that of the Hua feud that crushed the land of the Holy Que continent. It’s more than one or two levels worse than that.” Zhu Minglang continued.

Shang Hanxu’s face was blue.

This bastard is just talking about himself!

In any case, he will not reveal any information about the Sparrow Wolf God. After all, the Sparrow Wolf God is in really bad condition at this time. He actually showed a bit of difficulty in displaying this Baili Quicksand.

If the Sparrow Wolf God can slap all the people here to death, he will naturally do so without the slightest hesitation, but after using the Baili Quicksand divine technique, the Sparrow Wolf God is only more than the top king People at the level are stronger.

In this state, it is absolutely impossible for the Sparrow and Wolf God to stay in this place. In case the God of Rain and the other quasi gods know about it, they will at all costs God of Hunting, so as to seize the position of his righteous god!

“This Zhu Minglang, don’t have a purpose, so I can’t say a word of nonsense with him.” Shang Hanxu secretly thought in the heart.

Never let the other party know that the divine force of Sparrow Wolf is blocked and Divine Spark has not recovered.

“roar roar!!!”

The wild dragon on which Shang Hanxu was riding stood up high. It was full of golden brilliance, and those special rosary beads seemed to accumulate energy. When this wild dragon was raised When the forefoot, countless golden thunder rings appeared, and they stepped forward to form a terrifying golden thunderstorm! ! !

Thunderstorms appeared between the sky and the earth where Zhu Minglang was, violently ravaging Zhu Minglang and Fengyue Baichen Dragon. Fengyue Baichen Dragon could only fly low and escaped the terrifying golden thunderstorm that was trampled by this alien beast! !

After a certain distance, Zhu Minglang didn’t dare to venture in like before, after seeing a huge golden thunder field around Shang Hanxu.

This Shang Hanxu should also be a Dragon Herder. The wild dragon is his Dragon Beast, but the golden rosary is not what it is. It can be arranged into a curtain for him to resist attacks, and it can be transformed The Battle Armor, who is the wild dragon of this strange animal, has soared in strength, and it is a little difficult to deal with!

“roar roar roar! !!!!!!”

Shang Hanxu has three identical wild dragons, each with three angry horns.

Angry horns are like bronze wares, more like three bronze bells standing on the heads of wild dragons.

As Zhu Minglang retreated, the three strange beasts and wild dragons simultaneously raised their heads and collided the angry horns together. Suddenly, the sound of the huge bronze slamming sounded, moved towards Baili Quicksand Spread in the earth!

The three alien beasts and wild dragons constantly collide with each other. Their physique is huge, and the impact power is very exaggerated. In the end, this force is all displayed on the horns of the chimes that collided. For a time, these horns and horns sounded together. It resounded into a smashing sound wave, moved towards the chaotic battlefield surrounding it! !

This kind of angry horn sound wave not at all directly overturns people and Dragon Beast, but blows it like a strong wind, but soon those dragons that are swept by this angry horn sound wave will have hard dragons on their bodies. The scales are all broken!

Not only this area, but also the idle forces and the wyvern army of the wyvern battalion, they are all affected by this frightening horn sound wave, as long as it is a hard object, such as dragon scales, metal dragon horn, armor, Serious cracks appeared in battle armour and even some weapons!

Zhu Minglang looked back and found that the Dragon Herders of the Holy Que continent who followed him were all affected. Their Dragon Beast dragon scales were all shattered and they lost the most important defensive ability…

And these strange wild dragons in the Sparrow Wolf Temple are not at all dragon scales, but grow thick dragon skins. The power generated by the three-headed angry horned wild dragon of Shang Hanxu is a silhouette of themselves Not much.

“This formidable power is too terrifying. I’m afraid it’s a god’s tool. Then it relies on the power of the three angry Horned Dragon to activate it.” Pang Kai said to Zhu Minglang behind Zhu Minglang.

Zhu Minglang is naturally prepared for this aspect. The power of the subordinate organization is not their cultivation base, but they have mastered a variety of divine gifts that can make them stronger than ordinary cultivators. ability.

In other words, if Shang Hanxu is closer to the city-state, as long as he displays this power, Li Yunzi’s armor of hundreds of thousands of soldiers will be shattered by it, which will have a devastating blow to the army. It’s no wonder that even if the number of the organization under the gods is small, it never fears a million masters!

Baili quicksand paralyzed hundreds of thousands of elite soldiers and guards, and could only shrink in the city like other ordinary citizens waiting to be buried alive.

The sound waves of the angry horns caused the Dragon Beast army to lose the defense of dragon scales, and the situation became more severe for a while.

“Pang Kai, you come to protect the law for me, and I will provoke them cruelty!” Zhu Minglang said to Pang Kai.

Pang Kai, nodded, stood in front of Zhu Minglang.

Zhu Minglang fell into the quicksand and stepped on the sand. Zhu Minglang could feel a soft enveloping force and was slowly pulling his feet down. If you didn’t keep it fast enough Moving, it won’t take too long for your feet to sink into the quicksand, and it becomes quite difficult to struggle out.

Zhu Minglang took out the confiscated typhoon scroll and began to inject his spirit strength.

Spirit strength flows in the scroll, and you can see that the scroll is quickly enveloped by a special layer of brilliance, followed by a beam of aurora rushing into the sky, like a wind master in Celestial Court God prayed and asked him to help himself!

The brilliance of the gods is so obvious, especially for these gods organizations, they will never fail to notice.

Shang Hanxu glanced at Zhu Minglang, who had fled to the distance, and saw the typhoon scroll in his hand, his face immediately became ugly!

The picture scroll is theirs! !

It was originally handed over to a few people from the rivers and lakes, hoping that they could destroy the entire Ancestral Dragon City defense line first during their own conquest, but they never thought that these wine skin and rice bags would be captured. Treasure also In the hands of others!

“Stop it, don’t let it invite Feng Bo to help!” Shang Hanxu naturally knew the formidable power of this typhoon picture scroll, and hurriedly said to the guardians of the gods.

There are three guardians of the gods, wearing black, blue, and yellow animal robes. They are the mainstays of the Sparrow Wolf Temple. They have reached the top not to mention the great Great Divine Ability.

The black beast-robed guardian showed a terrifying suppressive power. Vice-President He and Bai Tou Da Shou combined their efforts, but they were unable to gain the upper hand. You must know the difference between He and Bai Tou Da Shou. It is a well-known figure of Dragon Tamer Academy and Haruka Mountain Sword sect……

The guardian of the blue beast robe is for Venerable Xinglong. Venerable Xinglong knows that he is not as strong as the opponent, so he uses various types of dragon pets to make roundabout moves. Basically, he does not fight to death, but he does not let the opponent. Do other things.

And it was the yellow robe who came to stop Zhu Minglang, the Great Protector, who led three python-patterned beast robes powerhouse to kill Zhu Minglang.

Pang Kai fought against this Great Protector, but he had no time to protect Zhu Minglang. Zhu Minglang could only let Bai Qi, Mo Xie, and Qingzhuo three dragons to hold the enemy’s offensive for him!

The three python-patterned powerhouses all have a high-level cultivation base. Originally Zhu Minglang thought that the Sword Spirit dragon and the Cangluan and Qinghuanglong might be a bit difficult to deal with, but he never thought that Little Bai Qi would fly to the three. One dragon fights three people, and still constantly takes offensive suppression!

It is also a high-ranking king, but Fengyue Yingchen’s White Dragon is extremely strong, and its true strength is no less than those of the top King Level existence. This made Zhu Minglang feel that there should be some part of Little Bai Qi’s body. It’s Divine Dragon level, how else can you beat any king level at will?

Furthermore, after the last battle with the 90,000-year-old dragon, Fengyue Yingchen White Dragon seems to have grown a bit, everyday all is getting stronger!

The Sword Spirit Dragon and the Cangluan Blue Phoenix Dragon simply accompany Zhu Minglang to deal with some fish in troubled waters enemies, mainly the bravery shown by Fengyue Yingchen’s White Dragon, making their guarding tasks easy A lot.

“If you hold on for a while, you can invite the typhoon.” Zhu Minglang said.

There will be restrictions and bans on some of the tools of the gods, and they are only allowed to be used by people who believe in them, and they must be gods.

But the typhoon scroll is obviously universal, even ordinary people can use it with a pinch in their hands, but if people of higher personality use it, the generated formidable power will be stronger!

Zhu Minglang is a chosen person, and his personality is still above the overwhelming majority goddess. When he injects his spirit strength into it, a trace of god’s bud power hidden in his spirit strength will let him Picture scroll releases the highest level of wind disaster!

So, soon a large thick cloud appeared in the sky of Ancestral Dragon City State. It was black and compact, squeezing the plain land to a narrow and depressed state, and at the quicksand where Zhu Minglang stood, it rose to the sky. The painted scroll aurora becomes stronger and stronger, like the morning light of the Tianshu, radiating auspicious purple light……

A majestic silhouette is slowly emerging in the thick clouds of the sky, a windy dragon, like a cloud and mist, and it seems to be summoned in this heaven.

It slowly poked its head out, looking down at the earth, then opened its dragon mouth, moved towards this world and breathed out a breath of wind! !

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