Dragon Herder Chapter 676


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The wind and clouds change suddenly, and the earth turns into terrifying quicksand, even though the sand flows very slowly, it is swallowing millions of people like a gluttonous monster…

As Feng Bolong’s gust of wind spit out, this vast land of quicksand has even rolled up the yellow curtain of sand, and the sharp wind is lashing at everything and destroying everything. Exhausted!

Zhu Minglang used this kind of wind disaster drawing scroll for the first time. At first, it was not easy to control the direction of the wind disaster. After it noticed that the vast and huge Feng Bolong in the thick cloud had a spiritual bond with itself, Zhu Minglang immediately adjusted the angle!

The wind was raging and the sand was full of the sky. When the terrible wind disasters all moved towards the Sparrow Wolf Temple fell, Zhu Minglang instilled spirit strength on the Zhenhai Bell in his palm.

Previously, Zhu Minglang had some doubts as to why Zhenhailing’s formidable power was far stronger than his previous experiments when he was dealing with the people of Hongtianfeng.

After using this typhoon scroll, Zhu Minglang feels that this is largely because his personality has improved, and the chosen person can unlock the more powerful restrictions, which also shows that Zhenhailing is indeed possible It is a tool for gods!

Zhenhai bell shook, a huge gap between Heaven and Earth appear out of thin air, the rushing tide rushed out of thin air frantically, and the other head I felt was connected to a fierce sea, endless surging tide Roll over, moved towards this land!

The wind and the tide are complementary to each other. The wind disaster is raging, which originally caused a great impact on the exotic animals in the Sparrow Wolf Temple. When the voodoo tide blessed Feng Bo’s power, it suddenly evolved into The turmoil, the formidable power is extremely terrifying, and all the temple beasts arranged in a square array are swept away, all of them are like birds and beasts washed down by the flood!

Shang Hanxu stood on top of his golden beast, and when he saw this terrifying scene sweeping over, he himself couldn’t believe it…

His golden beast beast was also washed down, soaked in the voodoo tide, on the verge of collapse, on the verge of collapse, he almost fell into the vicious tide several times!

The besieged temple camp was suddenly opened up by Zhu Minglang’s typhoon scroll and Zhenhailing. Pang Kai, Baitou Dashou, Dean He, and the others all looked at Zhu Minglang in surprise In this direction, I don’t know how Zhu Minglang used such terrifying power to disperse the huge array of alien beasts in the temple in one breath. Fiercely frustrated their spirit!

“Damn it, which god this guy borrowed from!” Shang Hanxu was rushed back several li by the voodoo tide, and his face was covered with sand that was shot by the wind.

The voodoo tides are toxic. They make the skins of the alien beasts soaked in erosion, and some alien beasts died directly in the storm. The alien beast army in the Sparrow Wolf Temple has suffered great losses .

Shang Hanxu doesn’t have many tools of the gods on hand. After all, their sparrow wolf god has been in a situation for so many years, and what he can do in person is this hundred miles of quicksand.

Now that the opponent is hit by such a tide and wind disaster, the previous imposing manner of kill without mercy is completely absent, and the group of people who followed Zhu Minglang is really not weak. If meet force with force, it may not be perfect. win.

Shang Hanxu is not a brainless person.

They have gods who came down this hundred miles of quicksand personally. Since the other party cannot crack it, all they have to do is delay. There is no need to fight either the fish dies or the net splits with these people.

“Retreat back, huh, I want to see how they can get this city-state out of the quicksand!” Shang Hanxu said.

Abandoning hunting outside the city, this is tantamount to giving the Li people a way to survive in the city.

The people in the Sparrow Wolf Temple retreated. There is no reason for the idle forces to resist stubbornly. They also evacuated back, afraid to continue hunting those who left the city.

There are still some people leaving the city one after another. The military and guards in the city can only control the enemy from entering the city. They have no time to take care of these people who fled the city-state in different ways. The city-state has now begun to sink for half a meter. The streets, houses, and the roots of the city wall were all submerged in the sand. People in the city began to move things to higher places as if they were facing a flood. But if the sinking process doesn’t stop, no matter how much you move, it doesn’t make any sense.

Nowadays, many people in Ancestral Dragon City know the terrifying of the night.

Most people in the city are unwilling to migrate and flee. Once they fall to the point of fleeing, it will be more difficult to survive in such a terrifying environment. They don’t want to be refugees… …

So the battle outside the city is also very important to them. They hope that Li Yunzi and Zhu Minglang can guard the city, and they hope to have a peaceful habitat!

“How is the situation, will we really all die here?”

“Someone saw Zhu Minglang call out Feng Bolong and powerful tides, and cooperated with those experts to repel those who hunted us as animals.”

“So Zhu Minglang is our Guardian God!”

“The quicksand does not stop, we…Ah, are we really a group of people abandoned by God?”

In the city, people are panicking. Baili Quicksand is an unavoidable disaster for them. Now they are helpless and helpless. Millions of people can only wait for the death sentence, small and sad.


After tearing open the array of Divine City Alien Beasts, Zhu Minglang had no plans to return to the city like this.

The city-state is impossible. It is even more impossible to turn millions of Ancestral Dragon City citizens into fugitives. The most important thing at the moment is Shang Hanxu!

In any case, he must be taken down first, so that he can be sure of dealing with Sparrow Wolf God.

“We have to catch him, and we can’t let him consume with us like this.” Zhu Minglang said to several powerhouses around him.

They clicked nodded and got do it quickly. The speed of swallowing quicksand seemed to be changing.

When discussing how to break through the Great Protector in Divine City, a beautiful silhouette flew towards here with the sword of green and red. Her speed is very fast, and the cultivation base is not low. Some tried to compete with her. Those Tianshu Shenjiang cultivators who played against were all shaken back by her Flying Sword.

“Wen Sect Master?” Baitou Dashou asked a little surprised.

Didn’t Concubine Wen Ling also want to take the Ancestral Dragon City state? She is barely the right one. She has any intentions when she comes now.

“Before I take this city, I won’t allow other people to snatch it. These stinking forces of Tianshu, I will kill as many as they come!” Wen Lingfei said.

When she said this remark, there were a few sharp sword glow behind her. The sword light was like a galloping thunder, sweeping between the powerhouses of the sparrow wolf temple, and it was a short time. !

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