Dragon Herder Chapter 677


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Zhu Minglang looked at it carefully, and then discovered that the sword glow of these swords are old sword aunts, their cultivation base is very high, and the Sword Art is even more exquisite. It is obviously the cultivator of Tianshu Shenjiang who has mastered more The complete and powerful cultivation technique, on the contrary, was restrained in front of the aunts of Ling Jian Jian, and was suppressed so that there was no force to fight back.

Zhu Minglang has never seen this kind of Flying Sword Sword Art. Almost people and swords are completely fuse together, sweeping through the battlefield like thunder. These sword aunts must be the mainstay of the Mountain Sword Sect and the realm. The top flying Sword swordsmen!

Baotou Dashoufeng couldn’t help but fall on the three peerless female swordsmen at this time. He secretly surprised that the mountain Sword sect was so profound, it was just the three who came with Concubine Wen Ling. Ming Jian Gu has such a cultivation base and realm. Isn’t the Meng Sect Master who has always been transcendent position even more terrifying? ?

“Our Mountain Sword sect advocates universal life. I am here only for the citizens of this Ancestral Dragon City state. Zhu Minglang, you are under house arrest for this Princess. I will settle with you in the future!” Wen Lingfei He said to Zhu Minglang, full of resentment.

These three powerful sword aunts should have been invited by Concubine Wen Ling back to the station of the sword army temporarily. Obviously, she wanted to seize the power of Ancestral Dragon City State not just casually.

It’s just that Zhu Minglang has some doubts in his mind.

Did the Mountain Sword Sect always hide this kind of sword sovereign with a very high cultivation base and realm?

Still, at this time, with the arrival of the dragon gate and the time wave, their overall strength has soared in vain, just like the city-state of the Great Mountains…

If it’s the latter, it means that they have some knowledge of the world dragon gate, and they have grasped the information of the time wave in advance, so they jumped up in the great changes of the world and became the true supreme Supreme Existence of the Supreme Court. ? ?

There is a god behind them, who is that god among the thirty-three gods of Tianshu?

With the addition of these female swordsmen from the Mountain Sword Sect, the three guardians of the Sparrow Wolf Temple will not be so difficult to deal with.

Zhu Minglang jumped past the three guardians and once again faced Shang Hanxu head-on.

Wen Lingfei also followed, and I don’t know if it was intended for Li Yunzi, who was leading the wyvern camp and the Tianshu cultivator behind him, to see, or he really wanted to help Zhu Minglang defeat the sparrow wolf temple.

Shang Hanxu’s cultivation base is not low. Even if there is no guardian around, his three angry horned monsters and wild dragons are extremely difficult to deal with. When Zhu Minglang approached Shang Hanxu, he once again received the golden azure rosary Blocking, the rosary doesn’t know what it is, it is difficult to destroy, and it can change all kinds of things, so that Zhu Minglang can’t directly attack Shang Hanxu.

Shang Hanxu’s three-headed angry horned barren dragon is very tacit, and the tremors produced when they trample at the same time make Fengyue Yingchen’s White Dragon unbearable, and can only maintain a long distance from it. Yue Yingchen’s White Dragon’s offensive was always absorbed and blocked by the weird rosary, unable to hurt Shang Hanxu and its three Dragon Beast.

“What is that rosary, do you know?” Wen Lingfei also tried several swords, but found that it had no effect at all, so she turned her head and asked Zhu Minglang.

Zhu Minglang shook the head, if you can break Shang Hanxu’s rosary, it will be easier to take him down.

He glanced at Concubine Wen Ling, who was indeed fighting seriously, and said: “According to my observations, this rosary can change into several forms, the bead curtain for defense, the bead armor of alien beasts, I’m afraid there are still attacks. The method is just that Shang Hanxu did not use it, but its transformation process takes time…”

“We are constantly changing the offensive, and have to change faster than this rosary?” Wen Lingfei roughly understood what Zhu Minglang meant.

“Do you know the Sword Art used by those senior Mianshan Seniors?” Zhu Minglang asked.

“Are you talking about Thunderbolt Sword?” Wen Lingfei asked.

“Yes, you use Thunderbolt Sword to attack the wild dragon on the far left, let those rosaries fly to it as much as possible, and when the rosary protects the angry horned wild dragon, you immediately change the target of your attack. Cut the wild dragon at the farthest point, and force the rosary to move between the two wild dragons. At this time, I will start to Shang Hanxu again.” Zhu Minglang said to Wen Lingfei.

“You can give it a try!”

Wen Lingfei stepped on the Flying Sword, and she was surrounded by the other two Flying Swords, the other two Qinghui and Qingbi. As she leaned forward, her three Flying Swords accompanied her to speed. And gradually merged with the three Flying Swords, and turned into three Dao Idol entangled Thunder! !

Thunderbolt Sword!

Rapidly, Zhu Minglang is actually very interested in this Sword Art, but there is no time to learn it.

The three concubine Thunderbolt Sword realm displayed by Concubine Wen Ling is higher than the previous female sword aunts, but her cultivation base is not as strong as them, and the formidable power is slightly inferior.

Shang Hanxu controlled the number of rosary beads. At the same time, only one Battle Armor could be formed to guard the angry horned beast. When Concubine Wen Ling suddenly changed her target, those rosary beads quickly changed from The wild dragon with angry horns on the left flew towards the back end…

Wen Lingfei’s Thunderbolt Sword is quite fast, almost surpassing the speed at which those rosary beads condense into a dragon armor, but the rosary is still formed, and the strong light that comes out completely blocks the power of Thunderbolt Sword.

Zhu Minglang has actually taken action. He first controlled the Sword Spirit dragon by himself and attacked with Swimming Dragon Sword. Unfortunately, Swimming Dragon Sword was fighting Sword Sect Sword Art and forced to use Flying Sword to display it. Formidable power naturally required Many inferior.

Sword Spirit Long Yinred’s sword flicked past and pointed directly at Shang Hanxu.

Shang Hanxu stood there disdainfully, staring at Zhu Minglang, as if he didn’t take the attack of the Sword Spirit Dragon, which was only a mid-level cultivation base, in his eyes. The few rosary beads appeared in Shang without any accident. In front of Han Xu, a ring shield was formed and the Sword Spirit dragon was ejected.

“Bai Qi!”

Zhu Minglang pointed his hand, Fengyue Yingchen White Dragon also swiftly attacked. It swooped from a height in the form of a white shooting star, but the three-headed angry horned barren dragon was not a statue. They saw the White Dragon swooping. Immediately use the angry horn moved towards the sky!

This collision caused a horrible to see crack in the sky. The crack was extremely terrifying. If it weren’t for Fengyue Yingchen’s White Dragon, the White Dragon could use the auxiliary feathers to dodge flexibly in the air. I’m afraid it’s all split up and in pieces!

Dodge to avoid, the crack is criss-crossed, the position where the crack appeared is more like a kind of space barrier, it can’t be approached at all, Fengyue Yingchen White Dragon has to spread its wings and flap its wings to eliminate the approaching idea.

“Tianshalong, bite its throat.” Zhu Minglang said.

With the heart of Divine Dragon, Tiansha Dragon gained some more powerful abilities, such as hiding and invisibility under the shadow.

The thick clouds of the previous wind disaster did not dissipate at all, Heaven and Earth was still dim, and the Heavenly Fiend Dragon quietly approached the foremost wild dragon with its gloomy feathers, and focused on dealing with Feng Yueying. When Chen White Dragon was born, the Heavenly Fiend Dragon had already entangled the neck of this huge wild dragon……

The deadly fangs, the bite of the broken throat!

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