Dragon Herder Chapter 747


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Zhu Minglang now thoroughly understands.

When Nuwa dragon arranged the array, he let go of the little hand of Ye Empress and stayed near the position where the god of arms was visualized.

In the evening, you can use Ye Empress’s little hands to suppress the opponent’s Divine Ability!

“Well, let’s go and meet him in the evening!” Zhu Minglang nodded.


The god Ming Yangbing sat in the corner of the telescope, his breathing movement was very obvious.

First, the chest rises and falls, and then the abdomen tightens, and then breathes out.

It seems that he doesn’t need those spiritual plants, he can also rely on this way of vomiting to maintain his cultivation base, and even to supplement his own battle consumption just now.

“I vomited here before, and Mingming quickly recovered. How come I recuperate so slowly this time?” God Yangbing opened his eyes, his face showing a bit of confusion.

His other four arms have been retracted, and the savage aura on his body has disappeared a lot.

Maybe I feel that I am facing the wrong way.

The god Yang Bing stood up, and he moved towards the other side.

When he turned around, his back was exposed, and a pale hand was lying on his back against his shoulders!

This little hand is weak and boneless, resting on the opponent’s back, the other party can’t feel its existence at all, and even this little hand crawling around his back slowly like a water spider, the god is not aware of it.

“Is it the White Dragon of Ice Attribute’s cold invasion? Why don’t you feel that you can’t warm up?” Yang Bing changed his direction and muttered to himself.

The sky began to darken, and the god Ming Yang Bing continued for a while, but his injuries still did not heal.

The most important thing is that he felt more and more that his back was cold and his whole body began to ache. Many times he felt that there was someone behind him. Every time he turned his head to examine it carefully, he saw nothing.

Yang Bing probably won’t think that there is a slender, pale hand on his back. It is the eerie ghostly cold air that makes it difficult for him to breathe out and heal the wound!

His original Qi of Yang is slowly being sucked away by Ye Empress’s hand.


As night fell, Yang Bing began to have a trace of worry in his heart.

He hasn’t fully recovered from his injury. If the Dragon Herder who was able to play swords was killed just now, I’m afraid he would not be able to deal with it so well.

Give him this rich place for visualization?

Yangbing shook the head.

As a god arm Vajra, retreating against his fighting intent will violate his fighting intent. If he chooses this time, his cultivation base and realm do not know how long it will take to increase.

“Dobby, I’m here again.” Sure enough, a humble voice came out.

The god Yangbing is coldly snorted, with a bit fierce expression in his eyes!

“You come to courting death!” Yang Bing is addicted to war, and at the same time he disdains Zhu Minglang, a person who just runs away and runs away!

“I’m curious, how many arms can you have at most?” Zhu Minglang asked.

“Ten arms!” Shen Ming Yangbing is not shy, confident and arrogant, “but to deal with you, only six arms!”

“It’s so nice, everyone has been suppressed from the cultivation base. According to my opinion, your current cultivation base can only use six arms at most.” Zhu Minglang said.

While saying these words, Zhu Minglang saw the shoulder of the god Ming Yangbing, a slender small hand climbed up, and he flexed his knuckles to greet Zhu Minglang!

The god Yangbing still didn’t notice this process.

Zhu Minglang has goose bumps all over his body.

The hand of Ye Empress is too naughty.

After it became independent, although its lethality was not strong, it really has a set of tossing people. Zhu Minglang noticed that many injuries on this multi-armed monster have not healed.

In the dragon gate, the injury can be quickly recovered by absorbing the spirit.

Since this multi-armed monster god is visualizing here, he certainly has no shortage of spiritual books. In other words, his failure to recover from his injury is due to Ye Empress’s little hand.

The god Ming Yangbing’s insight is still very keen. He noticed that Zhu Minglang’s eyes are different, so he suddenly turned his head and looked towards his shoulder.

Ye Empress’s little hand reacts even more outrageously. It seems to have a profound understanding of people’s blind spots and know how to play hide-and-seek on others.

I saw her lightly crawling towards the back of the neck of the god Ming Yangbing. Even if the god Yangbing moved towards her shoulders, she still couldn’t see this cute little hand.

While Shen Ming Yang Bing turned his head to one side, Ye Empress’s little hand went around his neck and climbed directly onto Shen Ming Yang Bing’s right shoulder, and then he stood up like a dance, using his slender little finger. Gently stroke towards Yang Bing’s neck!

This gesture…

I am clearly telling Zhu Minglang, do it! !

Zhu Minglang also raised his gaze at this moment, and gave Bai Qi a wink at the height of the mountain.

Bai Qi walked along the rugged rock to the edge. It slowly stretched out the White Dragon’s head, and a pair of ice moon eyes were looking down at the god Yang ice below!

The pupil light suddenly shined, and Fengyue White Dragon produced a crushing force wherever he could see, those unevenly distributed rocks, those tall pines and cypresses, those giant towers hanging down the cliffs , All of them were crushed into powder by this pupil light in an instant!

Annihilate the dragon pupil!

It seems that I am dissatisfied with the last match, so Bai Qi used a brutal move!

Shen Ming Yangbing hurriedly covered his head with his arms, but the skin on his arms and his body were cracked, the cracks were very small, close to the texture of the skin, and blood penetrated from it.

For a time, Shen Ming Yangbing’s body was blood red, and the blood turned into hot steam in the air.

“roar! !!!!!!”

Fengyue White Dragon just rushed down at this time, its dragon claw heavily pressed the god Yang ice on the solid ground, slightly raised its head, accumulating a dragon’s breath, Bai Qi directly moved the dragon’s breath Toward the face of Yang Bing!

Ice Dragon’s breath, which is hundreds of times stronger than the frost of the ice sky, vomited out, and the god Yang Bing forcibly twisted his head without letting himself be immediately frozen.

While the ice breath was not spreading, the god Yang Bing suddenly burned all over his body. It was a scarlet fire. After contact with the god’s divine blood, it immediately released even more powerful energy. ! !

“bang! !!!!!!”

The scarlet fire forced Bai Qi back, but Bai Qi’s claws had already fallen into this guy’s shoulders, fiercely grabbed a large piece of meat, and the god’s shoulder blades were exposed.

The god Yang Bing doesn’t care about this kind of injury. He has a pretty Divine Physique, and even his pain is much weaker than others.

He moved a few steps back and started to catalyze his third and fourth arms!

However, a sense of icy cold came from his back, which made God Yangbing shiver uncontrollably. For some reason he felt a piece of extremely cold ice on his back, which made him stimulate his Divine Ability process. Was inexplicably hindered.

The arm of the god did not appear.

At this time, Zhu Minglang and Tianshalong had launched an offensive at the same time.

Zhu Minglang approached with the Rushing Thunder Sword, and the round was full of sword moons. The thick moon blasting cut that was used by a large sword directly moved towards the face of the god Yangbing and cut it down! !


The god Sun Ice can be described as Steel Muscles Iron Bones. The Sword Spirit dragon should have cut iron like mud after absorbing the divine blood, but it can only leave very shallow trauma on the body of this multi-armed god.

The god Ming Yangbing used his elbow to block Zhu Minglang’s sword, and his other hand turned into a bloody fist with the blood of his god and brute force, moving towards Zhu Minglang’s heart. Past.

Zhu Minglang put his other hand on the back of the sword and used the blade to parry the opponent’s fist, but his brutality was really terrifying. Zhu Minglang only felt that he was bearing the collision of a mountain, not It was this small fist, and the whole person slid backwards, hitting the mountain wall before stopping.

It doesn’t matter if you are forced to retreat, the Tianshalong has appeared above the Dobby God, and its tail quietly hangs on the Dobby God’s neck, and hangs him!

With a heavy tugging, the god Yang Bing lifted off the ground directly and was hanged by the Tianshalong!

At the end of the tail, the light of the dark is also blooming at the same time, that can directly scorch the flesh of a living person. The light of the dark can be more powerful at night!

The god Ming Yangbing was both hanged and exposed to the dark lamp. His whole body was rotten this time, and his blood was madly vaporizing, and Tianshalong couldn’t help spreading his bloody scale feathers and executed it , While absorbing the divine blood of the god Yang Bing.

What about the blood of Holy Spirit that is more than 50,000 years old, from now on it will only drink divine blood!

divine blood is the most mellow and delicious! !

“Ah ah!!!!!!”

Shen Ming Yang Bing struggled desperately, he still did not admit his fate in this situation, and his skeleton was making a sound like firecrackers, and I don’t know what power was given to him, the god Yang Bing actually grew strange. bone!

These strange bones emerged from the position of his back, shaped like a bloodless python. It was swift and fierce. It opened the mouth of the bones and teeth, and bit on the tail of the dragon. The tail snapped off!

The underworld dissipated, and the Celestial Dragon waved its wings and fled with its tail docked. After flying to a safe distance, the Celestial Dragon stared at the weird god in anger, and made a low roar! p>

The back bone arm seemed to be a symbiosis. When it twisted, it finally found the pale little hand lying behind the god Yangbing!

The back bones and arms are like pythons, and they also reveal a terrifying anger!

The Strange Bone Arm immediately moved towards the fibrous hand and threw it at him, wanting to swallow it directly.

The hand of Ye Empress was so scared that he used his five fingers together, and fled like a small sandworm in the desert. The speed of escape was unexpectedly fast. Although the strange bone arm can be extended to chase, it obviously has one more important thing. Mission-protect its owner.

“Also claiming to be a god arm Vajra, it turned out to find a strange python symbiosis.” Zhu Minglang laughed at the god.

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