Dragon Herder Chapter 748


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“hmph, without these helpers, what would you use to fight me!” The god Yangbing’s eyes were already angry.

“I am Dragon Herder. There are many dragons, and good breeding is my ability!” Zhu Minglang responded.

After that, Zhu Minglang stepped forward again.

He took a total of four steps, and each step was much faster than before, as if he was at the limit of his own speed in a breakthrough!


When the Fourth Step stepped out, Zhu Minglang seemed to have broken something. The space was like a mirror and cracks appeared. In the flash step where time is stagnant, Zhu Minglang is displayed from bottom to top. The violent sword pick of Phoenix Dance of Nine Heavens! !

The god Ming Yangbing hurriedly retreated after seeing this.

Also Dragon Herder……

Is there such a domineering Dragon Herder who fights meekly with the gods of bloodline! !

The other party’s Spirit Sword is the dragon of Sword Spirit, which is understandable, but it shouldn’t be the Dragon Herder hiding in the distance, like the Flying Sword swordmaster, controlling the Sword Spirit, why this Dragon Herder Sword Art, Sword Realm so good? ?

The god Ming Yangbing was blasted into the air by Feng Jian Tianwu and almost fell off the cliff.

At this moment, a palm suddenly appeared in the sky. The palm profile was no different from a mountain. It appeared on the head of the god Yangbing without warning, and then fiercely pressed him with an extremely terrifying weight. Shoot on the hard mountain!

Before the god Yang Bing screamed in pain, one palm after another appeared in the sky, thirty-six palms in a row, all blasted down in just one breath! !

High on the mountain, Fengyue Yingchen White Dragon also raised his head again, enough time for it to accumulate a stronger breath of Ice Dragon, and then serve it together!

“Vermilion Bird sword!”

Zhu Minglang this time not at all dancing swords, but throwing the Sword Spirit dragon in his hand towards the heights.

The Sword Spirit Dragon now also masters the essence of Sword Art. It whizzes into the sky, and the moment the sword body disappears, the sword fires in the sky in the sky!

These gorgeous sword fires finally formed a picture of the mythical Vermilion Bird, waving the wings of Vermilion Bird, and then falling magnificently! !

The palm profile of the thirty-six paths that fell from the sky is exactly the spell of the Nuwa dragon. Its lethality is not great, but it has a strong suppressing power, making this brutal god impossible to move even a little bit, tight Followed by repeated violent bombings, the advantage of encirclement and beating is vividly and thoroughly reflected at this moment!

Finally, this multi-armed savage god was blasted beyond recognition, and he no longer had the strength to fight.

His physique is indeed amazingly strong, and it feels that some physique gods who are almost physique have been directly rotten into a pool, but he still has a complete shape.

“Go back to cultivation, not only to refine your Divine Ability, but also to learn how to be a humble and polite god.” Zhu Minglang waved his sword.

The many-armed savage god is also clambering with bones, and replaced by the previous Demi-Gods and quasi-gods. He has been begging for mercy a long time ago, but this savage god only stared at Zhu Minglang with those ferocious eyes.

“The years are long, you and I are both gods, and a momentary victory or defeat means nothing!” said the god unwillingly.

“Have spirit, respect you as a man god, treat me as a god, if you meet you in a certain star and land, you must personally thank you for today’s head iron, after all, not every god on this mountain is like you. Yes!” Zhu Minglang said.

“What did you say!”

“A momentary victory or defeat, what you said is quite reasonable.” Zhu Minglang said.

The opponents I met before were all crazy and evil curses. Even if they were defeated, they seemed to be desperate for revenge, to find themselves in the outside world, and to smash themselves into pieces.

This is a pretty god, with a big temper and a big temper, but he didn’t put down those ridiculous cruel words, and he has already planned to re-cultivation and fight himself again in the future!

“You mean, you haven’t become a god? You are not a god?” The multi-armed Shen Yangbing couldn’t believe it.

“Yes, it was only Demi-God when I came in… Hey, why didn’t you talk anymore, didn’t you have a backbone just now?” Zhu Minglang said.

The many-armed gods and all the ferocious expressions are gone.

At this moment, there is a bit of doubt in his eyes, and there is also a kind of depression that he can’t resist after being humiliated!

“Go ahead.”

Ban Shen finally spit out these three words.

“Good Le!”

Zhu Minglang swings the sword again, giving this wild god a joy.

But when it just fell to his neck, Zhu Minglang couldn’t help but curiosity, and asked again: “Could it be that you are an orthodox god in a certain territory, the kind of divine splendor hanging high in the sky?”

“I’ll let you do it!!” Man Shenyang Bing furiously said.

“In fact, we can have a good relationship. Anyway, you are not the only one on this mountain. I can hunt down other gods… Huh, you are too temperamental-bite your tongue and kill yourself!”

Zhu Minglang glanced at this lifeless wandering body shell.

Even if I know that the body will not die if the body is destroyed, it is also the cultivation base dissipated, and there is no struggle.

In desperation, Zhu Minglang had no choice but to accept the opposing party’s hard-earned spiritual book.

This guy is not a quasi-god, but a son of god. After absorbing his spirit, Zhu Minglang also has the strength of a son of god!


“There is plenty of spiritual resources here. If you know what to say, you can maintain your cultivation base, and you can even make progress slowly. No wonder this multi-armed monster is not willing to give up here.”

Zhu Minglang fed some Spirit Fruit to the Dragon, and the broken tail of the Dragon quickly grew out.

In this dragon gate, as long as the body is not destroyed, no matter how severe the injury is, it can quickly recover.

Unfortunately, Zhu Minglang doesn’t have any special methods of vomiting. At most, he uses his Dragon Herder’s spiritual gathering technique to concentrate the spiritual books around him to achieve a nourishing effect. This is actually only Can slow down the rate of decline of one’s own cultivation base.

Incorporating the spirits of the wild gods into the body of the Sword Spirit dragon, so, Zhu Minglang can be regarded as a real god. After mastering the other two kinds of Sword Art, I believe that you will encounter such a wild god again. There is no need to use collective power.

Walking to the place where the barbaric god was visualized, Zhu Minglang stared at the sky and the earth.

The distance between the sky and the earth can only be judged by one feeling.

At a high place below, Zhu Minglang has already noticed the obvious sense of “narrowness”, and at the height of this visualization cliff, this feeling is even stronger…

Even, in the process of climbing towards a high place, the sky seems to sink a lot!

This sky curtain is not a cloud curtain, it is the height of the sky, and the stars in the sky seem to be hanging above my head, within reach!

“It shouldn’t be an illusion, this dragon gate’s Heaven and Earth really has a problem.” Zhu Minglang muttered to himself.

“At the top, you will definitely understand.” Mr. Koi said.

If Zhitianfeng really supports the sky, there must be something special on the pinnacle of that peak. Climb up will know when you see it.

“What will happen if the sky is suppressed?” Zhu Minglang asked blankly.

“It’s not that the sky is falling down, but Heaven and Earth are closing!” Mr. Koi corrected Zhu Minglang’s statement.

“In other words, in the First Layer of the dragon gate, what God wants to convey is that Heaven and Earth is first opened?” Zhu Minglang said.

“It’s probably that God wants to tell you that something is bonding Heaven and Earth.” Mr. Koi said.

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