Dragon Herder Chapter 749


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I have been visualizing for a while on the cliff.

This time Zhu Minglang opened his eyes wide and stared at the sky like that.

He wanted to prove that it was an illusion. After all, there is no reference standard for the sky, there is no line, no facet, and its height actually depends on how far people can see.

For this reason, Zhu Minglang uses the stars as a reference. It wants to know if the stars are getting closer to this World every night.

Although Big Dipper Turns and Stars Move, the distance is impossible. After all, it means that the two worlds will collide together.

Ten days!

Ten days of visualization.

The reference star Zhu Minglang is staring at has really become bigger.

The most important thing is that all the stars densely covered in the sky have their brilliance level increased by a realm. They were originally just the size of a bean, and the area where the brilliance shines is also very limited. Now those stars and stars feel connected. One piece after another, like pebbles glowing in a clear river!

The sky is too bright and dazzling, and it is really easy to get.

At the same time, Zhu Minglang also feels a pulling force, which comes from the countless nearby stars above his head.

There is an adsorption effect between the stars and the stars, and each piece of the star and land is getting closer and closer in the long years…

Now Zhu Minglang feels this attraction!

“Below the gods realm should not feel this kind of attraction to the entire world, and the higher you stand, the more obvious the power you feel…” Mr. Koi said.

“Go, keep going up, I have to see what God does some tricks.” Zhu Minglang said.


Climb and then climb again, the stars Continent, which is all over the sky, is producing a kind of adsorption force to this dragon gate world, but the process of climbing is even more difficult.

It’s also weird to say. The peaks become sharper and smaller as they get higher, but every time they climb a height, they feel that this height spreads out like a rich land, with mountains, grasslands, and long slopes. , There are snow peaks, caves, lakes…

Zhu Minglang is now lying on the back of Fengyue Yingchen’s White Dragon, hiding in its white wings.

I don’t know where it starts from. The wind is like a sharp claw of a heavenly demon, violently destroying and shattering everything that dared to waver between Heaven and Earth. Zhu Minglang once saw a quasi god being thrown When you reach the outside of the mountain system, you will be torn apart by the wind in the process of falling!

At night, Zhu Minglang also saw that the stars are actually unstable. They also generate a kind of pulling force between them, which makes some stars that are too close sway, as if they would fall down at any time.

But in fact, some celestial bodies are already falling.

Just as Zhu Minglang was climbing up the snow-capped peaks, an extremely bright star passed by on the other side of Zhitian Peak!

The huge flame ball layer created by the stars and the air on that day is like a sun when it approaches Zhitianfeng!

It melted all the snow of the Snow Mountain where Zhu Minglang was located, and passed by one of the rugged strange mountains, and then fell to the ground in a catastrophic manner! !

There was a town where lost people gathered at the place of the fall. The town was instantly swallowed by flaming rays of light and energy. The celestial bodies suddenly collided and the earth shattered. What Zhu Minglang could see was the intense burning light. After reaching half of the horizon, I felt the slight trembling of Zhi Tianfeng. When everything calmed down a little, the town of the lost disappeared. The surrounding mountains, forests, and rivers disappeared, and the chaotic veins of the earth interior layer The structure is exposed, and the underground river slopes like a waterfall from the sinking section to the bottom of the bottomless celestial pit…

Before, Zhu Minglang might not be able to figure out what the consequences would be if Heaven and Earth kept getting closer, now he is completely awake! !

Sure enough, in the next few days, the stars in the sky fell one after another. Zhu Minglang even saw dozens of Stars Continents overwhelmed in a sky, and they fell into the embrace of this dragon gate world. In, I don’t know how many lost and chosen ones were tragically killed in this day!

“This is our third month. The distance between Heaven and Earth is getting closer and closer. Obviously, when we entered the dragon gate at first, some small stars were falling one after another, but they were falling. Burning out did not hit us.”

“But now some larger stellar continents are also falling. They are what we know from the outside world—Heavenly Fire meteorites.”

“Next month, the scene may be quite terrifying. There will be giant celestial bodies coming one after another, or even meteors and star showers… Without the sea of ​​nothingness as a buffer, even the gods may scattered ashes and dispersed smoke!”

The higher the climb, the more terrifying the sight.

And through this scenario, you can predict what will happen next!

Zhu Minglang is now at a height far away from the ground. The shocking sight he saw in his eyes, the people on the ground seemed to be just ordinary starlight, and they even looked for With the spirit book, I didn’t realize that Heaven and Earth were closing little by little!

The height of Zhi Tianfeng is being squeezed.

This means that it is not only the sky that is sinking, but the earth is also being lifted by a certain force…

But what God is most teasing about is that the squeeze of Heaven and Earth makes the spiritual book more and more dense, so some people who have not yet climbed up to the heights are more frantically searching for the spirits scattered in the dragon gate world. Ben, want to get rich overnight by the grace of God at this time!

Zhu Minglang is also very upset at this time.

He wanted to be like everyone else, looking around for spiritual books, and raising his life to a very high realm in one breath. However, he clearly understood the secret, and understood that if he could not find a way to stop the closing of Heaven and Earth, There is no blessing to search for more spiritual books.

“There are that many gods here, and it shouldn’t be the only one who explores this heavenly secret. This dragon gate is God World anyway. I can’t let me come as a mortal who hasn’t even stepped into the threshold Take care of this, I am not Pangu!” Zhu Minglang got a headache.

Heaven is a great task!

God is too foolish about the Profound Void. He told everyone about the matter earlier, and let all the gods and gods work together to find a solution. It just made that many people addicted to searching for the spiritual foundation, increasing cultivation base.

“What if the gods in this session are not reliable?”

“But what can I do!” Zhu Minglang said.

“But you are now higher than most gods, and you can see clearly. In the outside world, you are a certain distance from God and Heavenly God, but in this dragon gate, you are the leader of the gods.” Jin Mr. Carp said.

“Too difficult for me to be a newcomer!”

“You should be excited. If you really become a later generation of Pangu, your ascended person is not a little star god!” Mr. Jinli said.

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