Dragon Herder Chapter 750


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Ice and rocks filled Zhu Minglang’s sight, cold and fierce.

The stars are one after another, as huge as a moon, and like a pair of colorful pupils, gazing at this desolate, primordial, savage area.


Suddenly a majestic Blade of Chaos whirled down from a high altitude, fiercely flattened all the bulging mountains in front of Zhu Minglang, Zhu Minglang hurriedly evaded, there is no danger with this brutal chaotic wind blade Pass by.

At this height, the gravitational force generated between the stars and the stars has been quite chaotic. The strong winds that pervade the high sky are often “collected”, and then released at once, and then there is no A sign of the chaotic wind blade, Zhu Minglang witnessed a little god being cut off directly…

At that time, Zhu Minglang was terrified and accepted the little god’s spiritual and Spirit Fruit heritage in tears. At the same time, he told himself in his heart that he must be more careful, the higher he climbs, the faster he will die!

The earth is completely invisible. Sometimes when I wake up on the edge of a mountain, when my eyes are opened, I can’t even tell which is the sky and which is the earth. It even feels that Heaven and Earth are one!

As time goes by, Heaven and Earth are getting closer.

Meteorites have now become frequent visitors to the sky. As long as you look up, you can see one after another spinning boulder, and the aggressive impact is on this vast world……

From time to time, a round of extremely dazzling stars like the sun first dominates the sky, then slowly slides down to somewhere on the earth, and then there is a huge destruction mushroom dust, big enough to overlook the gods of the mainland I can’t ignore it, let alone how many souls have died in such misfortune!

God looks like a stubborn child. The little beings moved towards a box world threw stones, smashing them to blood and blood!

“It’s you again!” A man wearing red-clothed and a strange tree behind his back stood at the narrow mountain pass, his bright red eyes staring at Zhu Minglang strangely.

“The man carrying the tree?” Zhu Minglang was also a little surprised.

This is the third time Zhu Minglang has encountered this god with a strange tree on his back.

The strange tree is three or four meters high. Its rhizomes and roots are exposed, but the trunk is very thick, close to a bucket, and the strange tree is flourishing without being planted in the soil!

When I saw it for the first time, Zhu Minglang thought that a strange green tree was moving towards himself. Upon closer inspection, he discovered that there was a short figure carrying it!

Who came to dragon gate to consecrate the gods and return the tree on his mother’s back? Isn’t it emerald green on top of his head?

“I’m not interested in fighting you, get out of the way.” The god carrying the tree doesn’t seem to be a big grade.

However, the lifespan of gods is very long. Generally, when you become a god at any age, your appearance will remain at that stage.

Like Zhu Minglang, who is in the mid-20s, after becoming a god, his appearance will be fixed in the Mood for Love. After one or two hundred years, he will not change much.

“I can leave you first, and divide the fruit into me.” Zhu Minglang said.

“Don’t think about it!”

“Then fight again!”


“Stop talking nonsense, I don’t like to bargain with others, if I defeat you, the fruit on your tree is mine!” Zhu Minglang put on a godlike attitude.

Step by step, step by step.

Mr. Koi is right, Dragon Herder is the master.

In the dragon gate, Zhu Minglang, the Dragon Herder, has a lot of advantages. Now it is the “Worry of ghosts” of this Tianfeng. Many famous gods in other Stars Continent see Zhu Minglang. Go around!

“Two, there can be no more.” The young man behind the tree was very reluctant, but he couldn’t stand the fierce dragon gods of Zhu Minglang!

“Don’t fool me, I just saw that there are three more fruits growing on your tree. I will take three and you will keep two.” Zhu Minglang said.

“You wait, when my cultivation base is up, I must chop you off as the fertilizer for my companion tree!” The young man behind the tree gritted his teeth with anger.

“Also stupid, don’t run if you have the ability, and share the victory with me. I will give you all my cultivation base.” Zhu Minglang disdainfully said.

“Fine, I can’t beat you, naturally someone will take care of you!”


Three tree fruits were confiscated, and Zhu Minglang can wander around this high-level mountain for a while, but this time the tree man did not leave. He stared at Zhu Minglang with a hesitant look.

“Why, not reconciled?” Zhu Minglang asked, raising his eyebrows.

“I am not going to be frustrated with someone like you. I guess you also need the Divine Grade spiritual book, otherwise you will not dare to climb higher!” said the young man with the tree back.

“Hehe, it sounds like someone has continued to go up. I dare not go. Few people on this dragon gate dare to go.” Zhu Minglang said confidently.

“The cultivation base of dragon gate is all false. In the end, it’s hard to say who becomes a righteous god. You just got lucky for a while. But let me tell you the truth, since you have auspicious air, it should not be that kind. A perfidious, cruel and ignorant god, I found a Divine Tree, the dragon fruit that it produces is extraordinary, so I may make you the realm of the gods,” said the young man behind the tree.

“Okay, didn’t you just take your three fruits and they couldn’t grow out. As for digging holes like this to make me jump?” Zhu Minglang said.

“You love believing or not.” The young man rolled his eyes.

“Then you continue.” Zhu Minglang said.

“You find another god who has the same strength as you and keeps your promise. The three of us work together to carry the Divine Tree, and the cultivation base dragon tire fruit is divided together!” said the young man behind the tree.

“Why suddenly want to work with me?” Zhu Minglang asked with a smile.

“Everyone dare not go up, they are afraid of being cut by the Chaos Wind Blade, and even more afraid of Chaos Energy at a high place. Instead of being trapped here, it is better to work together and be a lone wolf, and you will only continue here. A waste of time, I have already seen several other alliances of gods…” The young man with the tree behind said seriously, his jealous eyes were a little frank.

The young man with the tree back is really fine.

The more you climb higher, the more terrifying the climate produced by the bonding of Heaven and Earth, not just the problems of chaotic wind blades and meteorites flying across.

If you haven’t reached the cultivation base of the gods, you simply can’t hold back those terrifying powers.

At this height, most of the spiritual books that appear are difficult to pick. Those ancient beasts and divine objects are equally terrifying, not to mention the ferocious and brutal wild dragon gods who chase after others!

“I can find people.” Zhu Minglang nodded.

Regardless of whether there is fraud or not, you have to take this step of cooperation, otherwise you will soon fall behind other gods.

Zhu Minglang met Hua Qiu three days ago.

Hua Chou’s cultivation base is already higher than himself. If he hadn’t seen himself as a White Dragon in addition to the Sword Spirit dragon, Hua Chou would definitely have targeted himself.

In the dragon gate, he hopes to suppress these seven Star God Huaqi, waiting for the outside world, he can step on himself with one thumb.

We have to break the deadlock.

“Look for someone who is reliable, I don’t want to cooperate with that kind of treacherous people. My companion Nianshu hates the guys who don’t have the spirit of contract!” said the young man with the back tree.

“Don’t worry, she has always had a good reputation. Then the three tree fruits I got from you will be used as a deposit.” Zhu Minglang said.

“hmph, I don’t understand how people like you are so auspicious!”

“I have the whole world in my heart, and I walked with great kindness and goodness. Even if I do God’s things that benefit myself and others, I won’t be blamed. It understands that I will never make any mistakes in the big things.” Zhu Minglang said.

The young man with the back tree can’t talk about Zhu Minglang, so he doesn’t bother to talk more with Zhu Minglang.

In his world, everyone else pays tribute to him. At this dragon gate, he actually has to pay tribute to a guy of the same grade!


Many gods are untrustworthy.

They may be respected and respected gods in their world, accepting the worship of millions and millions of creatures, and enjoying the worship of faith, but in this dragon gate, they are not much different from wild beasts. .

The tree-backed youth is a little more reliable. His cultivation way seems to revolve around his companion tree. In fact, his strength is very strong, but he can’t stand Zhu Minglang’s “sword and fierce dragon”.

The other reliable partner Zhu Minglang is looking for is Linghuling of Yuheng Star Palace.

Everyone has been trapped at this height for some days. Zhu Minglang also knows in which cave Linghuling was repaired.

“Linghu Fairy, we naturally value your prestige and beliefs. In this universe, there are a few people who don’t know your name as Yuhengxian. You are the Direct Disciple of Yuhengxian. Of course we hope that You join forces to fight against those treacherous and cunning people!” At the cave house, several well-dressed male gods and selected gods stood in a row and said modestly and politely.

“Yeah, that person is really hateful, and I don’t know what Demon evil way he is cultivating. He is obviously a sword cultivator, but he can summon out the dragon. He clearly has a spirit domain, but he can kill people with the sword. One of our companions. He was beheaded accidentally, and the spirit was taken away!” said a Loose Immortal holding a fairy fan.

Linghu Fairy raised his gaze and looked at Zhu Minglang, indifferently said: “Is that man with long eyebrows, jade face, and black pupils?”

“Yes, yes, that’s what Fairy looked like. Even though he has an upright gentleman’s face, his heart is darker than the black charcoal!” Loose Immortal holding a fairy fan was excited. Said.

“Here, he is behind you, you face him.” Linghuling said.

Several Loose Cultivators united together immediately froze, and slowly turned around and saw Zhu Minglang’s jade face smiling. The kid is no different from seeing Yama.

“Zhengchou has no place to make a tooth sacrifice, many thanks. I have no mental burdens, and I am worthy of being auspicious!” Zhu Minglang didn’t say more, just started!

“Fairy, help, Fairy!” A few Loose Cultivator covered head and sneaked away like a rat, and it didn’t take long to escape.

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